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  • FCKeditor.Java/branches/2.5-test

  • FCKeditor.Java/branches/2.5-test/build.xml

    r2178 r2554  
    2626                description="Creates a clean FCKeditor distribution"> 
    2727                <property name="fckeditor-tmp" location="fckeditor-tmp" /> 
    28                 <property name="fckeditor-basename" value="FCKeditor_2.6.2" /> 
     28                <property name="fckeditor-basename" value="FCKeditor_2.6.3" /> 
    2929                <property name="fckeditor-destfile" 
    3030                          value="${fckeditor-basename}" 
  • FCKeditor.Java/branches/2.5-test/java-core/src/main/java/net/fckeditor/

    r2454 r2554  
    4444        private FCKeditorConfig config; 
    4545        private String instanceName; 
    46         private String value; 
     46        private String value = new String(); 
    4747        private HttpServletRequest request; 
    8989                if (Utils.isNotBlank(toolbarSet)) 
    9090                        this.toolbarSet = toolbarSet; 
    91                 if (Utils.isNotEmpty(value)) // value shouldn't be null but could contains whitespaces! 
     91                if (Utils.isNotBlank(value)) 
    9292                        this.value = value; 
    93                 else 
    94                         this.value = new String(); 
    9593                if (Utils.isNotBlank(basePath)) 
    9694                        this.basePath = request.getContextPath().concat(basePath); 
  • FCKeditor.Java/branches/2.5-test/pom.xml

    r2508 r2554  
    2323                <slf4jVersion>${slf4j.version}</slf4jVersion> 
    2424                <currentVersion>${version}</currentVersion> 
     25                <FCKeditorVersion>2.6.3</FCKeditorVersion> 
    2526        </properties> 
    2627        <build> 
  • FCKeditor.Java/branches/2.5-test/src/changes/changes.xml

    r2478 r2554  
    77        <body> 
    8                 <release version="2.5" date="in SVN" 
    9                         description="Introduced path abstraction and locale resolver, minor bugfixes and enhancements."> 
     8                <release version="2.5" date="in SVN" description="Decoupling of the server-side storage, localization of user responses and other minor enhancements."> 
     9                        <action dev="th-schwarz" type="add" issue="28">Implement Interface for File Browser Connector and Quick Uploader</action> 
     10                        <action dev="mosipov" type="add" issue="2361">Provide interface for locale resolution</action> 
     11                        <action dev="mosipov" type="add" issue="2382">add method isEnabledForFolderCreation to UserAction interface</action> 
     12                        <action dev="mosipov" type="add" issue="2383">set defaults in for all interfaces</action> 
     13                        <action type="remove" issue="2580">Deprecate UserActionImpl in favor of EnabledUserAction</action> 
     14                        <action type="update" issue="2581">Rename UserPathBuilder interface to something more appropriate</action> 
     15                        <action type="update" issue="2582">Rework *Path and fullUrl properties</action> 
     16                        <action type="update" issue="2583">ConnectorServlet#init fails on some application servers</action> 
     17                        <action type="add" issue="2592">Add more logging statements</action> 
     20                </release> 
     21                <release version="2.4.1" date="2008-10-15" 
     22                        description="Minor bugfixes and enhancements."> 
    1023                        <action dev="mosipov" type="fix" issue="2355">FCK:editor output is not XHTML 1.0 compliant</action> 
     24                        <action dev="mosipov" type="fix" issue="2357">PropertiesLoader Exception when undeploying a webapp using FCKeditor.Java Integration</action> 
    1125                        <action dev="mosipov" type="fix" issue="2359">fckeditor-java-demo fails in Glassfish</action> 
    1226                        <action dev="mosipov" type="fix" issue="2372">Empty/non-set FCK:editor value causes NullPointerException</action> 
  • FCKeditor.Java/branches/2.5-test/src/site/apt/connector.apt

    r2522 r2554  
    6767  [] 
    69   The Connector is now enabled. 
     69  The Connector is now <<enabled>>. 
  • FCKeditor.Java/branches/2.5-test/src/site/apt/demo.apt.vm

    r2507 r2554  
    2929  The demo is intended for novices, beginners, and for everyone who wants to see 
    30   the FCKeditor (version 2.6.4) in action right out of the box. It's also a good 
    31   reference for you to see how all integral parts work together. 
     30  the FCKeditor (version ${FCKeditorVersion}) in action right out of the box. 
     31  It's also a good reference for you to see how all integral parts work together. 
    3333  It takes three simple steps to see the demo in action: 
  • FCKeditor.Java/branches/2.5-test/src/site/apt/localization.apt

    r2522 r2554  
    3535  contains only one method: 
    37   * <<<Locale resolveLocale(final HttpServletRequest)>>>: On every request it will 
    38     passed the current <<<HttpServletRequest>>> instance. It resolves the user 
    39     locale according to the underlying system or returns <<<null>>> if it can't 
    40     resolve the locale. 
     37  * <<<Locale resolveLocale(final HttpServletRequest request)>>>: On every request 
     38    it will passed the current <<<HttpServletRequest>>> instance. It resolves the 
     39    user locale according to the underlying system or returns <<<null>>> if it  
     40    can't resolve the locale. 
    4242  [] 
  • FCKeditor.Java/branches/2.5-test/src/site/apt/velocity_freemarker.apt

    r2213 r2554  
    3737  (usually <<<WEB-INF/lib>>>). 
    39   The main class that builds the html for the editor is {{{java-core/apidocs/net/fckeditor/FCKeditor.html}<<<net.fckeditor.FCKeditor>>>}}. 
     39  The main class that builds the HTML for the editor is {{{java-core/apidocs/net/fckeditor/FCKeditor.html}<<<net.fckeditor.FCKeditor>>>}}. 
    4040  We propose to write a wrapper object to initialize the FCKeditor object.\ 
    4141  Take a look at this very simple example: 
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