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    r6380 r6387  
    4040                        New features:</p> 
    4141        <ul> 
     42                <li><a href="">#6107</a> : It's now possible to remove block styles.</li> 
    4243                <li><a href="">#5590</a> : Remove format command works in collapsed selections.</li> 
    43                 <li><a href="">#6641</a> : The <a href="">dialog_buttonsOrder</a> now works on IE.</li> 
     44                <li><a href="">#5755</a> : The <a href="">dialog_buttonsOrder</a> now works on IE.</li> 
    4445                <li><a href="">#6869</a> : The "data-cke-nostyle" attribute (which was introduced for escaping element from been touched by the style system since 3.5) is deprecated in favor of  the new one <strong>"data-nostyle"</strong>.</li> 
    45                 <li><a href="">#6107</a> : It's now possible to remove block styles.</li> 
    4646        </ul> 
    4747        <p> 
    5151                <li><a href="">#6166</a> : Error on maximize command when the toolbar button is not shown.</li> 
    5252                <li><a href="">#6607</a> : Table cell "merge down" and "merge right" commands works only once.</li> 
     53                <li><a href="">#6228</a> : Merge down doesn't work with Javascript error.</li> 
    5354                <li><a href="">#6625</a> : BIDI: Mixed LRT/RLT direction causes incorrect behaviour.</li> 
    5455                <li><a href="">#6881</a> : IFrame capitalization is now consistent throughout labels.</li> 
    6667                <li><a href="">#6610</a> : [BIDI] enterBr change direction in one line out of multiple.</li> 
    6768                <li><a href="">#6872</a> : [IE] Link target field is not populated properly when no target is set.</li> 
    68                 <li><a href="">#6880</a> : Better error handling for servers without PHP support</li> 
    69                 <li><a href="">#6628</a> : Setting config.enterMode from PHP fails</li> 
     69                <li><a href="">#6880</a> : Added in samples a user friendly message for users on servers without PHP support.</li> 
     70                <li><a href="">#6628</a> : Setting config.enterMode from PHP fails.</li> 
    7071                <li><a href="">#6278</a> : Comments were moving on top of BR tags.</li> 
     72                <li><a href="">#6687</a> : Empty tag should be removed on inline-style format.</li> 
    7173                <li><a href="">#6645</a> : Allow to configure if &quot; (double quotes) should be encoded in the contents.</li> 
    7274                <li><a href="">#6336</a> : IE: clicking in an input type="submit" button submitted the form.</li> 
    102104                <li><a href="">#6438</a> : [IE] Performance enhancement when typing inside an element with many child nodes.</li> 
    103105                <li><a href="">#6970</a> : [IE] Dialog shadows were inaccurately presented.</li> 
    104                 <li><a href="">#7041</a> : [FF] Unable to move cursor out of link at the end of block.</li> 
    105106                <li><a href="">#6672</a> : [IE] Unnecessary line-break filler was been used.</li> 
    106107                <li>Updated the following language files:<ul> 
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