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04/07/11 15:14:42 (4 years ago)

Changelog for CKEditor 3.5.3 supplied with some missing tickets.

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    r6653 r6654  
    9595                <li><a href="">#6658</a> : [IE] Pasting text from Microsoft Word with one or more tabs between list items was failing.</li>
    9696                <li><a href="">#7433</a> : [IE9] <code>ENTER_BR</code> at the end of a block breaks due to an IE9 regression.</li>
    97                 <li><a href="">#7432</a> : [Webkit] Unable to create a new list in an empty document.</li>
     97                <li><a href="">#7432</a> : [WebKit] Unable to create a new list in an empty document.</li>
     98                <li><a href="">#4880</a> : CKEditor changes tag style inside HTML comment with <code>cke_protected</code>.</li>
     99                <li><a href="">#7023</a> : [IE] JavaScript error when a Selection Field is inserted into a page.</li>
     100                <li><a href="">#7034</a> : Inserting special characters into styled text.</li>
     101                <li><a href="">#7132</a> : Paste toolbar buttons are becoming disabled.</li>
     102                <li><a href="">#7138</a> : The <code>api.html</code> sample in Opera does not work as expected.</li>
     103                <li><a href="">#7160</a> : Cannot paste the form element on top of the page.</li>
     104                <li><a href="">#7171</a> : Double-clicking an image in non-editable content opens the editing dialog window.</li>
     105                <li><a href="">#7455</a> : Extra line break is added automatically to the preformatted element.</li>
     106                <li><a href="">#7467</a> : [Firefox] Extra <code>br</code> element is added in a nested list.</li>
    98107                <li>Updated the following language files:<ul>
    99108                        <li><a href="">#7124</a> : Czech;</li>
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