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Fixed #1307 : Added more missing descriptions on fixed FCKeditor 2.5 tickets.

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    r960 r972  
    6868                                        the &quot;Remove All&quot; button, by using the &quot;<b>RemoveFormatTags</b>&quot; 
    6969                                        setting.</li> 
    70                                 <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#1231</a>] Paragraph 
     70                                <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#1231</a>]  
     71                                        [<a target="_blank" href="">#160</a>] Paragraph 
    7172                                        <b>indentation</b> and <b>justification</b> now uses style attributes and don't 
    7273                                        create unnecessary elements, and &lt;blockquote&gt; is not anymore used for it. 
    7374                                        Now, even CSS classes can be used to indent or align text.</li> 
    7475                                <li>All paragraph formatting features work well when EnterMode=br.</li> 
     76                                <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#172</a>] 
     77                                        All paragraph formatting features work well when list items too.</li> 
    7578                        </ul> 
    7679                </li> 
    77                 <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#1197</a>] The toolbar 
     80                <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#1197</a>]  
     81                        [<a target="_blank" href="">#132</a>] The toolbar 
    7882                        now presents a <strong>new button for Blockquote</strong>. The indentation button 
    7983                        will not anymore be used for that.</li> 
    144148                <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#1060</a>] Compatibility 
    145149                        checks with Firefox 3.0 Alpha. </li> 
    146                 <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#817</a>] New "Merge 
     150                <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#817</a>]  
     151                        [<a target="_blank" href="">#1077</a>] New "Merge 
    147152                        Down/Right" commands for merging tables cells in non-Gecko browsers.</li> 
    148153                <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#1288</a>] The "More 
    151156                <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#356</a>] The <strong> 
    152157                        Find and Replace</strong> dialogs are now unified into a single dialog with tabs.</li> 
     158                <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#549</a>] Added a 'None' 
     159                        option tothe FCKConfig.ToolbarLocation option to allow for hidden toolbars. 
     160                        </li> 
     161                <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#1313</a>] An XHTML 1.1 target 
     162                        editor sample has been created as sample14.html. </li> 
    153163                <li>The ASP, ColdFusion and PHP integration have been aligned to our standards.</li> 
    154164        </ul> 
    394404                <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#923</a>] Font colors 
    395405                        are now properly applied on links.</li> 
     406                <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#1316</a>] Fixed the issue 
     407                        where the image dialog expands to a size too big in Safari.</li> 
     408                <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#1306</a>]  
     409                        [<a target="_blank" href="">#894</a>] 
     410                        The undo system can now undo text formatting steps like setting fonts to bold and italic.</li> 
     411                <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#95</a>] Fixed the issue where 
     412                        FCKeditor breaks &lt;meta&gt; tags in full page mode in some circumstances.</li> 
     413                <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#175</a>] Fixed the issue 
     414                        where entering an email address with a '%' sign in the insert link dialog wouldc ause 
     415                        JavaScript error.</li> 
     416                <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#180</a>] Improved backward 
     417                        compatibility with older PHP versions. FCKeditor can now work with PHP versions down to  
     418                        4.0.</li> 
     419                <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#192</a>] Document modifying 
     420                        actions from the FCKeditor JavaScript API will now save undo steps.</li> 
     421                <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#246</a>] Using text formatting 
     422                        commands in EnterMode=div will no longer cause tags to randomly disappear.</li> 
     423                <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#327</a>] It is no longer  
     424                        possible for the browser's back action to misfire when a user presses backspace while an 
     425                        image is being selected in FCKeditor.</li> 
     426                <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#362</a>] Ctrl-Backspace now 
     427                        works in FCKeditor.</li> 
     428                <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#390</a>] Text alignment and 
     429                        justification commands now respects EnterMode=br paragraph rules.</li> 
     430                <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#534</a>] Pressing Ctrl-End 
     431                        while the document contains a list towards the end will no longer make the cursor 
     432                        disappear.</li> 
     433                <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#906</a>] It is now possible 
     434                        to have XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant output from a document pasted from Word.</li> 
     435                <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#929</a>] Pressing the Enter 
     436                        key will now produce an undo step.</li> 
     437                <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#934</a>] Fixed the "Cannot  
     438                        execute code from a freed script" error in IE from editor dialogs.</li> 
     439                <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#942</a>] Server based spell 
     440                        checking with ColdFusion integration no longer breaks fir non en_US languages.</li> 
     441                <li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#1056</a>] Deleting everything 
     442                        in the editor document and moving the cursor around will no longer leave the cursor hanging 
     443                        beyond the top of the editor document.</li> 
    396444        </ul> 
    397445        <p> 
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