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Ticket Summary Keywords Status Owner Type Priority
#10383 IE10 crashes after deleting certain content IE10 oracle CantFix VendorFix assigned pjasiun Bug Normal
#3624 JAWS should announce dialog titles when dialogs are opened Oracle IBM confirmed New Feature Normal
#5669 [IE] JAWS doesn't recognize the 'application' role on editor chrome Oracle confirmed Bug Normal
#6581 Invalid background color triggers js error in IE and erratic behavior in others oracle confirmed Bug Normal
#6672 Cannot "cut" the form element on top of the page Oracle IE confirmed Bug Normal
#7290 Issue with Number/Bulleted list - Stack overflow at line: 27 IE7 Oracle confirmed Bug Normal
#8386 IE: When copying and pasting a table, an empty <p> is appended on output IE Oracle HasPatch confirmed Bug Normal
#9637 Scripts can be executed from ckeditor using preview plugin Oracle confirmed Bug Normal
#9797 Align buttons' states not refreshed after changing image alignment Oracle confirmed Bug Normal
#10214 Find/Raplace doesn't match everything. Oracle confirmed Bug Normal
#10319 Link Properties Dialog should search both Encoded and UTF-8 values Oracle confirmed Bug Normal
#10431 BR tag replacement seems to be to agressive. Oracle confirmed Bug Normal
#10445 IE8 - JS error is thrown when you right-click on Magic Line IE8 Oracle confirmed Bug Normal
#10448 BIDI: Horizontal scrollbar is missing in RTL mode IBM Oracle confirmed Bug Normal
#10553 CANNOT FIND/REPLACE MULTIPLE SPACES oracle IBM confirmed Bug Normal
#10554 SELECTION IS MODIFIED IN A SPECIAL CASES IE7 IE8 oracle confirmed Bug Normal
#10559 Deactivating list tool for empty list gives script error IE oracle confirmed Bug Normal
#10650 CANNOT APPLY NESTED BACKGROUND COLORS IE oracle confirmed Bug Normal
#10702 Image dialog gives script errpr when focus in all of a link. oracle IE9 IE10 confirmed Bug Normal
#10752 IE10 crashes using custom bullets oracle IE10 confirmed Bug Normal
#10821 Scrollbars cannot be used with big pictures in certain cases. Oracle IE confirmed Bug Normal
#10979 Undo does not work for resizing elements such as table, image, horizontal line oracle confirmed Bug Normal
#11248 [FF] Permission denied is thrown when preview is used for page with document.domain Firefox Oracle confirmed Bug Normal
#11255 split merged cell vertically command transposes the cells oracle confirmed Bug Normal
#11604 [IE] Unable to indent list selected by Element Path Oracle confirmed Bug Normal
#11696 undo link scrolls to top of page IE Oracle confirmed Bug Normal
#11773 Hierarchy request script error IE Oracle confirmed Bug Normal
#12194 Title tag is messed up using special characters. Oracle confirmed Bug Normal
#12563 Font names containing spaces and numbers are not handled well. Oracle new Bug Normal
#5049 Form Field list in JAWS lists Rich Text editor field wrongly. Oracle reopened garry.yao Bug Normal
#3318 There should be some guarantee at plugin loading order Oracle review garry.yao New Feature Normal
#7646 Paste with CKEDITOR.config.pasteFromWordRemoveFontStyles = false Oracle review garry.yao Bug Normal
#10378 IE: empty lines removed from list on copy/paste IE Opera Oracle review_failed pjasiun Bug Normal
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