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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#8926 IE: Unnecessary horizontal scrollbar appears when inserting table with width set to 100% confirmed Bug Normal
#8942 Deleting a list item (numbered and item list) splits the list confirmed Bug Normal
#9013 Formatting IE9 selected text fails confirmed Bug Normal
#9030 IE9: select text + open link dialog - link creation fails if text contains linebreak <br /> tag. confirmed Bug Normal
#9104 IE Compat view: Cursor missing when we apply Right alignment with out focus in editor body confirmed Bug Normal
#9130 Selection is wrong when using collapsed styles confirmed Bug Normal
#9153 IE8 - crash when replace text with textfield, text area, and radio button. confirmed Bug Normal
#9394 IE9/IE10: [regression?] table cell selection lost when clicking outside the editor confirmed Bug Normal
#9513 IE10: some cursor problems while working with tables. confirmed Bug Normal
#9937 [iOS] CKEditor 3.6.3 (revision 7474) - iOS6 iPad - CK editor textarea lost the focus new Bug Normal
#10559 Deactivating list tool for empty list gives script error confirmed Bug Normal
#10636 Error thrown when in/outdenting inside of a list element (caret in a paragraph) confirmed Bug Normal
#11346 Formatting lost when applied to highlighted section, cursor placed at end of line, then the same formatting option toggled again confirmed Bug Normal
#12502 CKEditor ordered list messed up (re-ordered) when deleting an existing bullet confirmed Bug Normal
#12539 Two CKEditors within the same fieldset will overflow on resize in Chrome/Safari. confirmed Bug Normal
#14828 Copy and paste from word or excel in ckeditor, the formating is losing pending Bug Normal
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