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#12940 Unable to paste text on new line after line with <o:p> MSWord formatting Core : Pasting confirmed 02/16/15
#12936 suggestion for translation - pt-br UI : Language confirmed 02/16/15
#12934 Plugin bbcode: type error + unexpected result General confirmed 02/15/15
#12915 Edit cell properties inside editable scrolls to top General confirmed 02/10/15
#12910 Problems entering korean text in IE 11 General confirmed 02/09/15
#12895 allowedContent for form elements can be improved General confirmed 02/04/15
#12891 Inline mode + Widgets( codeSnippet or formula ): CheckDirty() always returns "true" after page is loaded General confirmed 02/03/15
#12888 Inline editor loses focus/toolbar when dialog with file input on primary tab shown UI : Dialogs confirmed 02/02/15
#12876 required TYPE attribute is missing in <style> General confirmed 01/30/15
#12864 Toggling bulleted list insert line breaks when enterMode is configured as CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR General confirmed 01/28/15
#12863 Enter key issue with multi-byte character General confirmed 01/28/15
#12854 Changing widget elements inner tag's attributes does not seem to work UI : Widgets new 01/23/15
#12853 Removing HTML comment nodes with dataProcessor.htmlFilter removes script nodes too Core : Output Data confirmed 01/22/15
#12839 Link is not available for ACF-custom mode live demonstration in documentation Documentation & Samples confirmed 01/21/15
#12838 Saving undo images does not account for changes done when firing the 'change' event. Core : Undo & Redo new 01/21/15
#12813 Cannot select widget on readonly editor in IE11 Core : Selection confirmed 01/13/15
#12800 Horizontal overflow on iOS General new 01/07/15
#12797 [FF, OSX] After dragging text or images within the editor the arrow keys are focused on the browser and not the editor. General new 01/06/15
#12794 SCRIPT5022: IndexSizeError on table caption change in IE9-11 Core : Tables confirmed 01/05/15
#12784 Issue when copy from MS Word Plugin : Paste from Word confirmed 12/30/14
#12783 Backspace and delete keys do not function properly when working with lists that have sublist Core : Lists confirmed 12/30/14
#12774 Image is inserted with styles even when disallowed by ACF General new 12/22/14
#12772 [IE] disableObjectResizing doesn't work General confirmed 12/18/14
#12768 Suggested Modification to jQuery Adaptor to better support jQuery UI Documentation & Samples confirmed 12/17/14
#12767 this.win.getFrame() cross domain security exception (lineutils plugin) General new 12/16/14
#12762 pasting Chinese character from Word error! General new 12/16/14
#12760 Match whole word option does not find words adjacent to special characters General new 12/15/14
#12756 Ctrl+Shift+Down does not scroll the selection into view in IE General new 12/12/14
#12749 iOS 8 iPad screen scrolls back to top when typing into CKEditor Performance new 12/11/14
#12741 The table in a list item gets deleted when clicking enter Core : Lists confirmed 12/09/14
#12740 Pastefromword terminates with error message if word markup contains style prop "mso-list: none;" Plugin : Paste from Word confirmed 12/09/14
#12739 Link loses inline styles when edited without dialogadvtab General confirmed 12/09/14
#12733 Radio button onChange doesn't work in IE9+ UI : Dialogs confirmed 12/05/14
#12727 IndexSizeError on using plugins 'Div Editing Area' and 'Content Templates' General confirmed 12/04/14
#12723 Menu plugin hides disabled command-assigned items General confirmed 12/03/14
#12718 Error on destroying editor, detached from DOM. General pending 12/01/14
#12717 setReadOnly() does not work well with the Shared Space plugin General confirmed 12/01/14
#12707 Table CAPTION output below THEAD Core : Tables confirmed 11/25/14
#12704 span tags are replicating in certain contexts General new 11/24/14
#12695 [IE8] Ampersand and last character is lost when &amp; is the before last character of a textarea General new 11/21/14
#12684 Styles removed when cursor is placed at the beginning of a new line General confirmed 11/20/14
#12678 fail access toolbar button list using JAWS General new 11/18/14
#12677 [Google Chrome] Triple-clicking a heading and then pressing backspace forces the text below to inherit the deleted heading styles General new 11/18/14
#12673 Pasting a single whitespace besides an existing one in firefox has no effect General confirmed 11/17/14
#12666 Double Byte White Space disappear when pasting from Firefox General confirmed 11/14/14
#12654 Once Paste from Word - always Paste from Word Plugin : Paste from Word confirmed 11/12/14
#12653 Shortcode General pending 11/11/14
#12649 FF makes wrong selection of text Core : Selection confirmed 11/11/14
#12643 Bulleted lists copy incorrectly in OSX Chrome General pending 11/07/14
#12641 Firefox merges paragraphs with wrong style Core : Editable confirmed 11/07/14
#12638 BBCode plugin does not process URL's General confirmed 11/06/14
#12624 meta-tags protection General confirmed 11/04/14
#12611 Table plugin allows to delete a table that belongs to protected widget code UI : Widgets new 10/31/14
#12610 checkElementMatch always return false for color style in IE11 Core : Styles confirmed 10/31/14
#12604 Unit dropdown (px, %) in cell properties layer does not fire an event Core : Tables confirmed 10/29/14
#12602 Enter key at the end of block is broken General new 10/28/14
#12595 [iOS 7 Safari] Selection issue in inline editor Core : Selection new 10/27/14
#12588 MathJax Plugin: Tex input textarea should have spellcheck="false" General new 10/23/14
#12584 Paste table within CK-Editor looses formattings (FF 33) Core : Tables confirmed 10/22/14
#12583 Certain edit operations destroy the protected structure of a widget General new 10/22/14
#12574 baseHref option is ignored on inline editors Documentation & Samples confirmed 10/21/14
#12572 Problem when I typing Korean In IE, Chrome. General pending 10/21/14
#12570 Inline Editing: browser crash in Right to Left mode General confirmed 10/20/14
#12568 Docprops dialog color "choose" buttons behave strangely if colorpicker dialog is cancelled General confirmed 10/20/14
#12567 Dialogs are incorrectly sized on iOS UI : Dialogs new 10/18/14
#12563 Font names containing spaces and numbers are not handled well. General new 10/17/14
#12557 Magicline not shown before or after elements with alignment or float General confirmed 10/15/14
#12555 Dialog blind is left behind when editor is destroyed UI : Dialogs confirmed 10/15/14
#12547 Changes in docprops dialog do not make the editor "dirty" General confirmed 10/14/14
#12544 [IE] Percentage margin of the first element breaks autogrowing General confirmed 10/11/14
#12542 Entire page scrolls down briefly if entire editor is not visible in Chrome General confirmed 10/11/14
#12539 Two CKEditors within the same fieldset will overflow on resize in Chrome/Safari. General confirmed 10/09/14
#12537 [Android] Styles do not work on KitKat word suggest General confirmed 10/09/14
#12535 Unable to select a table in IE after merging cells General confirmed 10/09/14
#12530 Right click on a text input in a widget stops working after moving a widget UI : Widgets confirmed 10/08/14
#12527 Dragging widget does not scroll the editor General confirmed 10/07/14
#12525 IE: Drop-downs closed immediately after show in a Bootstrap Modal Documentation & Samples confirmed 10/06/14
#12521 Language plugin: behavior on block level elements General confirmed 10/04/14
#12520 Language plugin: frustrating <span> expansion General confirmed 10/04/14
#12519 Having labels shown for menus includes "(Selected)" when the menu is open UI : Toolbar confirmed 10/03/14
#12508 divearea form General confirmed 10/01/14
#12502 CKEditor ordered list messed up (re-ordered) when deleting an existing bullet Core : Lists confirmed 09/30/14
#12497 HC Mode: HTML Tags inside dotted lines not shown when Show Blocks enableded Accessibility confirmed 09/29/14
#12496 Charset in docprops plugin is not recognized General confirmed 09/28/14
#12492 CKE include style font-family with lowercase General pending 09/26/14
#12490 Bug of MathJax plugin General confirmed 09/26/14
#12479 selection bug with widgets UI : Widgets confirmed 09/24/14
#12463 System hangs when using Image upload on IOS 8 (iPhone, iPad) General confirmed 09/21/14
#12459 Exception occurs after using Replace All and closing Find and Replace dialog in IE11 General confirmed 09/17/14
#12458 CSS style attribute values with semicolons converted to lowercase in IE Core : Output Data confirmed 09/17/14
#12457 [iOS 8 Safari] Selection issues while typing General confirmed 09/17/14
#12446 Editor is silently disabled when using CKEDITOR.replace and no wysiwygarea or divarea plugin is available General confirmed 09/15/14
#12419 Not possible to change title for Table in Text and Table Template General confirmed 09/09/14
#12415 Problem writing Korean in IE11 with auto grow plug in General confirmed 09/08/14
#12410 [Blink, Webkit] Pasting plain text into styles text is causing text formatting lost. Core : Pasting confirmed 09/06/14
#12390 When an asynchronous post back happens really quickly after loading a CKEditor, a script error occurs General pending 09/03/14
#12388 Conflict when system uses data-widget attributes for other purposes than the Widget system UI : Widgets confirmed 09/02/14
#12378 IE Quirks Mode: Unspecified Error when making a selection in the editor General new 09/01/14
#12373 Magicline is sometimes difficult to use with widgets UI : Widgets confirmed 08/29/14
#12359 Editor blur event is triggered when opening dialog with file element General confirmed 08/26/14
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