22:42 Ticket #2563 (HTML Entities in a link text: &lang=de => 〈=de) created by dos@…
The editor does not correctly handle strings like &lang=de. This …
22:06 Ticket #2562 (IsDirty() is incorrectly set when there is content but no paragraphs on ...) created by dseagrav
It seems that IsDirty is always set if there is no paragraph tags in your …
15:50 Ticket #2121 (problem on category) closed by arczi
fixed: Fixed with ticket #2482
11:07 Changeset [2470] by martinkou
Fixed the issue where default values of radio groups don't work.
10:49 Changeset [2469] by martinkou
Modified the hbox to use <table>. Added radio group and checkboxes. …
03:25 Ticket #2561 (Converted fckeditor.pl into PERL module) created by dbierer


22:37 Ticket #2440 (Dutch language file updates) closed by RealDesign
19:15 Ticket #2537 (font size should be translateable) closed by arczi
fixed: It has been already fixed and it works well with the latest SVN
16:48 Ticket #2560 (Background color applied to Text in IE when I select all) created by murray5
If I have a background color set in my css, then I go Select All, and then …
10:38 Ticket #1409 (Updated finnish language file) closed by fredck
fixed: @Juhani, please open a new ticket for your file. This ticket has already …
10:16 Ticket #1837 (Can not input <references /> - button missing) closed by arczi
fixed: Fixed with [2468]
10:14 Ticket #1881 (Toolbar shows reference button even if citations are not enabled) closed by arczi
fixed: Fixed with ticket #1837
10:14 Changeset [2468] by arczi
#1837 Added references button, #1881 citations integration
07:04 Ticket #1409 (Updated finnish language file) reopened by Juhani
Proposal of finnish language file update to FCKeditor version 2.6.3 as new …
01:13 Ticket #2559 (Capability to tab within editor) created by sean.mcclowry
Capability to tab within editor to go move text left or right, indenting. …
01:04 Ticket #2558 (Improved handling of special characters for formatting) created by sean.mcclowry
When using mediawiki in fckeditor, heavy use of special characters for …
01:00 Ticket #2557 (Performance issues in mediawiki when using fckeditor) created by sean.mcclowry
Found that in some cases, editing a page could cause dozens of queries to …


16:50 Ticket #2556 (Two paragraph elements added on a single Enter keystroke) created by Xitch13
When hitting the enter key, two paragraph elements are inserted into the …
15:34 Ticket #2370 (MediaWiki 1.13 + FCKeditor - Image button search and preview not working) closed by arczi
fixed: Fixed with [2467]
15:20 Changeset [2467] by arczi
#2370 Fixed image and link search
14:41 Ticket #2223 (Unnecessary link piping) closed by arczi
fixed: Fixed with [2466]
14:30 Changeset [2466] by arczi
#2223 Fixed problem with unnecessary pipelines
13:24 Changeset [2465] by martinkou
Added demo and CSS declarations for hbox.
12:33 Changeset [2464] by martinkou
Added dialogui plugin.
11:49 Ticket #1719 (Can't do unbold / unitalicize) closed by fredck
fixed: I'm not able to reproduce this problem. I'm closing this ticket as the …
10:24 Ticket #2555 (Invalid link conversion) created by wwalc
When working with this patch applied: #2223 the following link: …


19:11 Ticket #2554 (Select All using Ctrl-A does not work in modal dialog) created by tcarden
The 'Select All' toolbar button can be used to select all content in the …
09:44 Ticket #1569 (MediaWiki plugin localization) closed by arczi
fixed: Fixed with [2458]


22:32 Changeset [2463] by mosipov
Addressing more TODOs and FIXMEs
20:07 Changeset [2462] by mosipov
Addressing TODOs and FIXMEs
15:41 Changeset [2461] by mosipov
TODOs added
15:39 Changeset [2460] by mosipov
TODOs added


01:28 Ticket #2553 (Safari: Text Format Buttons not Selectable) created by henrylyne
In Safari the text formatting buttons Bold, Underline, Italic, Color etc. …


19:19 Ticket #2552 (PHP code on top of page) created by connectcase
Apologies if this is a dup, but I couldn't find anything similar when …
17:35 Ticket #2506 (sort the tags in the pull-down menu of the "Special Tag Properties" popup ...) closed by wwalc
fixed: Fixed with [2459].
17:35 Changeset [2459] by wwalc
Fix for #2506 (sort special tags)
15:22 Changeset [2458] by arczi
#1569 Added MediaWiki plugin localization
14:51 Ticket #2551 (Text and background color popups incorrectly positioned) created by highjinx
The text and background color popups are incorrectly positioned vertically …
13:34 Ticket #1541 (Disable auto tag closing in Mediawiki fckeditor extension) closed by arczi
fixed: Fixed with [2457]
13:33 Changeset [2457] by arczi
#1541 Fixed auto tag closing
09:51 Changeset [2456] by martinkou
Changed the root UI element of a dialog page to a vbox.
09:33 Changeset [2455] by martinkou
Changed dialog UI elements to use a class-based construction method.


20:04 Changeset [2454] by th-schwarz
solved a todo
19:55 Changeset [2453] by th-schwarz
19:44 Changeset [2452] by th-schwarz
cleaned up some exceptions
19:28 Changeset [2451] by th-schwarz
18:35 Changeset [2450] by fredck
Fixed false negative tests.
18:20 Changeset [2449] by fredck
Fixed a false negative test.
18:13 Changeset [2448] by fredck
Enhanced the documentation and coding style for getViewPaneSize and …
14:43 Ticket #2550 (Bold content pasted from Outlook not converted to <strong>) created by tcarden
Since version 2.6, the editor generates <strong> tags rather than <b>'s. …
13:08 Ticket #2549 (Create an information protocol to automate checks for FCKeditor updates) created by wwalc
FCKeditor may be installed as a third party software in a CMS (like Drupal …
10:54 Ticket #2548 (Support multiple languages in spell checker) created by wwalc
At this moment $lang is hardcoded in spellchecker.php. On multilingual …
10:47 Ticket #2547 (Mediawiki and <pre> tags with FCKeditor) created by CKL
Hi It seems that there is again a bug with <pre> tag in mediawiki Test …
10:38 Ticket #1229 (<pre> should be merged when applied to multiple paragraphs) closed by fredck
fixed: @CKL, This is an old ticket that has already been fixed and released. …


10:46 Ticket #1229 (<pre> should be merged when applied to multiple paragraphs) reopened by CKL
Hi It seems that there is again a bug with <pre> tag in mediawiki Test on …
08:33 Ticket #2546 (List is broken when pressing enter in empty sublist item) created by jonhg
Following scenario creates a broken list: 1. Create a simple list with 2 …


21:29 Ticket #2545 (add write rights to tgz archiv) created by lordlamer
please add write permission for user to file in tgz archiv. after unpack …
17:37 Ticket #2544 (&amp; links converting to &amp;amp;) created by ckool
Creating a link as follows: www.aaa.com?var=1&var=2&var=3 generates the …
17:24 Ticket #2543 (Namespaces excluded from using the FCKeditor) created by cwdillon
Old version (version by Mafs?) of the MW extension to integrate the …
17:17 Ticket #2542 (User link issue in multilingual mediawiki) created by arczi
FCKeditor in polish mediawiki automatically changes […] to […] …
11:53 Changeset [2447] by martinkou
Moved the dialogDefinitions dictionary to private and fixed JavaScript …
10:42 Changeset [2446] by martinkou
Added implementation for dialog.addUIElement() and the 'hbox' dialog UI …
09:57 Changeset [2445] by th-schwarz
07:14 Ticket #2541 (Radio,CheckBox and ComboBox in FireFox with MacBook 10.5) created by mgdhayal
1.I have placed checkBox,Radio Button, ComboBox and Textarea in the …


22:47 Ticket #2540 (Comments stripped from wiki text upon edit) created by cwdillon
Running MW 1.13 SMW 1.2.2 FCKed nightly build (2.6.3?) Internal comments, …
20:49 Changeset [2444] by th-schwarz
introducted the new exception handling of the Dispatcher / changed the …
16:19 Ticket #2481 (<html> tag is improperly processed in 2.5 SVN for MediaWiki) closed by arczi
fixed: Fixed with [2442]
16:12 Changeset [2443] by arczi
#2481 Added HTML icon
16:08 Changeset [2442] by arczi
#2481 Fixed HTML tag processing
09:43 Ticket #2539 (pdf-Uploads are denied) created by Erde
How do I upload a pdf over FCKeditor into my Wiki it always says invalid …
09:39 Ticket #2538 (paste from word is always greyed out) created by Erde
paste from word is always greyed out in FCKEditor latest, but the demo …
09:27 Ticket #2537 (font size should be translateable) created by Erde
the font sizes in the editor aren't translateable. A table how they could …
09:25 Ticket #2536 (no linebreak after pictures) created by Erde
When I use the imagefunction the editor fails to linebreak after the …
09:23 Ticket #2535 (translation in germany language) created by Erde
Hi Folkz, I have translated the language file to the end. Also the …
07:38 Changeset [2441] by martinkou
Fixed the tabs in IE6 and IE7.
07:27 Ticket #2534 (FCKEditor not working in Portlet (WSRP Specification)) created by shikhar
My Application is on a portal . It follows WSRP specification . The …


16:48 Changeset [2440] by th-schwarz
cleaned up UtilsResponse#constructResponseUrl
01:09 Changeset [2439] by mosipov
Moved JavaDoc to jar modules


10:08 Ticket #2533 (PageBreak code is different in Gecko and IE) created by mayhem
I use PageBreak when edit my topics to divide text on topic summary and …


17:51 Ticket #2532 (Add syntax highlighting in HTML (source) mode) created by dricks2222
Hi, It would be great if you could add HTML syntax highlighting in the …
16:43 Ticket #2531 (Scroll Into View Bug When Breaking Large Content (FF)) created by dshafik
If you paste a large amount into the editor, where you end up with: <p> …
13:07 Changeset [2438] by martinkou
Fixed dialog tab row layout in IE6.
12:59 Changeset [2437] by martinkou
Added tabbed page system under dialog plugin. Added getTarget() function …
12:50 Changeset [2436] by th-schwarz
fixed #getUniqueFile
12:31 Ticket #2509 (HTML Comments inside of templates are lost) closed by arczi
fixed: Fixed with [2435]
12:30 Changeset [2435] by arczi
#2509 Fixed problem with HTML Comments inside of templates and links
12:17 Ticket #2530 (Create file conector against a Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0) created by ac931274
Instead of saving files to a file store, saving them in to a WSS3.0 …
10:31 Changeset [2434] by th-schwarz
fixed path bug in fileUpload


16:51 Changeset [2433] by th-schwarz
delete obsolete fixme
16:49 Changeset [2432] by th-schwarz
delete obsolete fixme
15:36 Ticket #2529 (Fix applied in Ticket #1907 can cause problems on FF 3.0.1 Mac/Win with ...) created by sog_hadgraft
I have the same problem described in ticket #1907 on FF 3.0.1, but the …
09:42 Ticket #2528 (Clarify the FCKeditor configuration settings in MediaWiki) created by ParanoidMike
The current configuration settings for the "rich editor" (in the Misc tab …
09:12 Ticket #2527 (Configuration settings in MediaWiki should be listed under Editing tab, ...) created by ParanoidMike
It's very confusing to look for the MediaWiki+FCKeditor integration's …
09:09 Changeset [2431] by martinkou
Finished basic layout of dialogs. Added support for IE6 for dialogs, …


23:28 Ticket #2526 (InsertHTML Problem) created by simshaun
This occurs when I try to use the InsertHtml method. 1. Enter the source …
22:33 Ticket #2525 (Chrome: error if FCKConfig.StartupShowBlocks = true) created by fournaise
Hello, If you execute FCKEditor on Google Chrome on the latest trunk (seem …
17:28 Ticket #2075 (Link conversion bug FCKEditor extension 2.5.1 MediaWiki 1.12) closed by arczi
fixed: Fixed with [2430]
17:27 Ticket #2524 (CKFinder Right click is not disabled in Ubuntu.) closed by alfonsoml
wontfix: For any issues with CKFinder, please use its forum: …
15:40 Changeset [2430] by arczi
#2075 Fixed link conversion bug
13:59 Changeset [2429] by th-schwarz
added an important FIXME comment
12:22 Changeset [2428] by th-schwarz
moved permission check to the right place, because of bug getting wrong …
11:36 Changeset [2427] by th-schwarz
11:24 Changeset [2426] by th-schwarz
obsolete, replaced by GetResponse
11:23 Changeset [2425] by th-schwarz
cleanup ResourceType stuff / adapted tests
11:04 Changeset [2424] by th-schwarz
worked on exception handling
10:44 Changeset [2423] by th-schwarz
adapted UtilsResponse.constructResponseUrl to the new request-cycle
09:44 Changeset [2422] by th-schwarz
added: check isEmpty for newFolder parameter
09:20 Ticket #2523 (FCKEditor 2.2 not working with new Google Chrome) closed by alfonsoml
invalid: If you test the current version you'll see that it works (just as Safari …
09:04 Ticket #2223 (Unnecessary link piping) reopened by wwalc
Ooops, it still doesn't work with links that contain underscore: …
06:18 Ticket #2524 (CKFinder Right click is not disabled in Ubuntu.) created by fck101
The right click menu in firefox 3 on Ubuntu (and possibly other linux …
00:58 Ticket #2523 (FCKEditor 2.2 not working with new Google Chrome) created by JasonSpradlin82
This might be just because we're using version 2.2 and FCKEditor didn't …
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