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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#9192 Link Plugin and emailProtection='encode' problem Tomasz Jakut Bug Normal 3.1 fixed
#12189 Link plugin dialog does not display subject of email links if subject parameter is not lowercase Tomasz Jakut Bug Normal 3.0 fixed
#12848 Opening "Find and Replace" dialog cause error in console in read only mode. Tomasz Jakut Bug Normal 4.4.6 fixed
#13771 contents.css not built into ckeditor.js Tomasz Jakut Bug Normal fixed
#13782 CKEDITOR.warn/error logs are not clear Szymon Kupś Bug Normal 4.5.4 fixed
#13785 [IE8] Removeformat plugin test is not passing in IE8 after changes made to wysiwygarea plugin. Tomasz Jakut Bug Normal 4.5.4 fixed
#13790 Allow for the iframe having been removed already Szymon Kupś Bug Normal 4.5.3 fixed
#13803 Allow the editor to be destroyed before being fully initialized Szymon Kupś Bug Normal 4.5.3 fixed
#13850 [IE] Destroying editor without iframe test fails Szymon Kupś Bug Normal 4.5.5 fixed
#13859 createTestsForEditors should provide editor bot as a second argument Tomasz Jakut Task Normal 4.5.4 fixed
#13867 CKEditor fails to load on IE8/9 when a polyfill for classList is included Marek Lewandowski Bug Normal 4.5.4 fixed
#13872 Read-only mode allows cut Tomasz Jakut Bug Normal 4.5.0 fixed
#13879 It is not possible to prevent text from dropping. Tomasz Jakut Bug Normal 4.5.0 fixed
#13883 Copying table using context menu strips off styles. Piotr Jasiun Bug Normal 4.5.0 fixed
#13913 [FF] failing test in widget/nestededitables Marek Lewandowski Bug Normal 4.5.5 fixed
#13915 Broken #13771 tests in build version Tomasz Jakut Bug Normal 4.5.5 fixed
#13919 [Edge] CKEDITOR.dom.node#isReadOnly crashes window when in the context of an input Marek Lewandowski Bug Normal 4.5.5 fixed
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