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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#5637 "<head> must be a child of <html>". Webkit warning Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Bug Normal 3.2.1 fixed
#5759 [IE] Clicking on the scrollbar and then on the host page causes a JS error Bug Normal 3.3 fixed
#5782 FF: 0xc1f30001 (NS_ERROR_NOT_INITIALIZED) [nsIDOMNSHTMLDocument.designMode] Garry Yao Bug Normal 3.3 fixed
#5787 liststyle plugin isn't packed Bug Normal 3.3 fixed
#5794 Second search with no result leads to a JS error Garry Yao Bug Normal 3.2.2 fixed
#5801 contentEditable=false on inline-elements Garry Yao Bug Normal 3.3 fixed
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