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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#2507 PasteFromWord doesn't detect pasting part of paragraph Bug Normal fixed
#3336 Extra blank row added top of the content copied from Microsoft Word Garry Yao Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.6.4 fixed
#6115 BIDI: when we apply RTL direction to a pasted Table, Borders are missing on one side. Bug Normal 3.4 Beta fixed
#6342 Paste from Word fails to transform into a custom style with an attribute Bug Normal 3.1 fixed
#6457 Word pasting is extremely slow in IE7 and IE8 Bug Normal 3.4.1 fixed
#6608 pasteFromWordRemoveFontStyles configuration doesn't work with font bgcolor Bug Normal 3.1 fixed
#6789 Pasting: mso-list: ignore not handled properly Bug Normal fixed
#7209 Ordered list with 3 levels not pasted from word correctly Marek Lewandowski Bug Normal 3.1 fixed
#7262 Paste from Word: Lists in preformatted body disappear Bug Normal 3.4 fixed
#7646 Paste with CKEDITOR.config.pasteFromWordRemoveFontStyles = false Garry Yao Bug Normal 3.6.2 fixed
#7662 Opera : Extra empty number/bullet shown in editor body when editing pasted Multilevel list Bug Normal 3.1 fixed
#7807 Last item in list not converted to LI after pasting from word Bug Normal 3.1 fixed
#7982 Multi-level lists get split into smaller ones Bug Normal 3.5.3 fixed
#8231 Paste or PaasteFromWord with CKEditor in Webkit and Opera inserts empty paragraphs. Bug Normal 3.0 fixed
#8266 Chrome: Paste from Word inserts blank line at top. Bug Normal 3.0 fixed
#8341 Faulty removal of empty spans in paste from word cleaning Bug Normal fixed
#8754 Multiple nested lists and PasteFromWord Bug Normal 3.6.1 fixed
#8983 Alignment lost when pasting from Word with enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR Bug Normal 3.0 fixed
#9422 Paste from word leave unwanted color:windowtext Jakub Ś Bug Normal 3.0 fixed
#9991 Paste from word should only normalize input data Tade0 Task Normal fixed
#10011 pasteFromWordRemoveFontStyles ignored in IE9 under certain conditions Bug Normal 3.0 fixed
#10643 Differences between Ctrl+V and pasting from pastefromword dialog Bug Normal 3.0 fixed
#10784 Line missing when paste from Word Bug Normal 4.0.1 fixed
#11294 Font size is not preserved when pasting content from Word 2010 Bug Normal fixed
#11627 Missing words while copy/paste from word Bug Normal 4.0.1 fixed
#12784 Issue when copy from MS Word Bug Normal 3.0 fixed
#13174 Data loss after pasting from MS Word (with FF/Chrome under Windows only) Bug Normal 4.0.1 fixed
#14335 IE11 & EDGE: Pasting Numbered list with diff start value from word doc not shown correctly Marek Lewandowski Bug Normal 4.0 fixed
#14542 Copying numbered list from MS word doesn't keep list formatting Tade0 Bug Normal 4.5.2 fixed
#14544 Copying nested list from MS Word results in empty list Marek Lewandowski Bug Normal 4.5.0 fixed
#14660 Pasting text from MS Word "breaks" styling in some cases Marek Lewandowski Bug Normal fixed
#14867 When pasting content from MS Word, text getting stripped. Only occurs in FireFox Marek Lewandowski Bug Normal 4.5.0 fixed
#16593 IE11 regular pasting doesn't work Marek Lewandowski Bug Normal 4.6.0 fixed
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