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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#13689 Firefox cursor position when clicking into widgets Bug Normal
#13688 %1 placeholder in Find and Replace dialog does not get replaced in Arabic Bug Normal
#13687 Clipboard tests are out-dated and red on master Szymon Cofalik Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.4
#13686 Find and replace text percentage is not correct for Arabic locale Bug Normal
#13685 About button icon is not mirrored Bug Normal
#13684 Double Click inside the widget with CK Editor 4.5 && SCAYT Enabled causes IE to Freeze Bug Normal
#13682 Font tag is not working Bug Normal
#13681 Combine nested span css Bug Normal
#13680 <summary> should support heading content Szymon Cofalik Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.4
#13679 Unable to get property 'autoSaveMessage' of undefined or null reference File: plugin.js, Line: 21, Column: 21 Bug Normal
#13678 No AJAX spinner when uploading build-config.js ? Bug Normal
#13676 Not working with new Wordpress Update Bug Normal
#13675 allowedContent for html tag ( div, figcaption ... ) without widget plugin Task Normal
#13674 How to change enterMode & shiftEnterMode in <figcaption> tag Task Normal
#13673 Code breaking on WP Bug Normal
#13671 Feature Request: Image handling (want to paste pictures directly - without plugin) New Feature Normal
#13668 CKBuilder shows warnings when creating CKEditor package: WARNING - unreachable code Tade0 Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.4
#13665 Upload video in ckeditor Bug Normal
#13664 Select all not working in source mode in ie Bug Normal
#13663 Toolbar like's editor New Feature Normal
#13662 Skin Office2013 buttons bugs Bug Normal
#13661 image2 plugin not work when remove 'Image' button from the toolbar Bug Normal
#13660 Code display for few seconds Bug Normal
#13659 [iOS] Widget do not remove the focus Bug Normal
#13658 [Edge] D&D of text causes selected or dropped-on text to disappear Bug Normal
#13657 Return Key in IE10 inserts multiple line-breaks Bug Normal
#13656 Review a revert done to yui-3.17.1-dom-screen-node-core* Piotrek Koszuliński Task Normal CKEditor 4.5.4
#13655 Tests: Adding colorbutton plugin to 13590/1 tests breaks them Szymon Cofalik Task Normal CKEditor 4.5.4
#13654 Dragging and dropping all content removes everything, exception is thrown Bug Normal
#13653 why?? Bug Normal
#13652 [FF] Image2 plugin - it is not possible to update existing caption Bug Normal
#13650 Ruby on Rails - Drag and drop image upload not working Bug Normal
#13649 Unable to paste image from clipboard into samples/index.html fle Bug Normal
#13646 Image2 doens't work with [img] BBCODE tags Bug Normal
#13645 Does not automatically add link when typing in Microsoft Edge browser Bug Normal
#13643 Mathjax plugin predefined formulae buttons New Feature Normal
#13642 Missing images Bug Normal
#13641 Not able to copy/paste in IE 9/10 copy paste issue Bug Normal
#13640 [IE] Dropping a widget outside body is not handled correctly Szymon Cofalik Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.4
#13639 Unable to create a new line on Firefox Mobile Bug Normal
#13638 CKEditor insertHTML ignores tag center Bug Normal
#13637 Several icons need refactoring Olek Nowodziński Task Normal CKEditor 4.5.3
#13636 Issue in uploading image on server Bug Normal
#13635 editor.getSelectedHtml( ) returns unclosed br with data-cke-eol attribute Bug Normal
#13634 Headers fomatted as lists are not pasting properly from word Bug Normal
#13632 Introduce error logging mechanism Szymon Kupś New Feature Normal CKEditor 4.5.4
#13631 Less Than '<' and Greater Than '>' not allowed in Courier New Monospace Bug Normal
#13629 Editor strips <span> tags when copying and pasting a table with embedded artifacts IBM Bug Normal
#13628 config.floatSpacePinnedOffsetY not working correctly with inline ckeditor Bug Normal
#13626 Bidi: Table actions indicators are not properly mirrored in table Bug Normal
#13624 Bidi: Image coordinates displayed incorrectly in RTL editor IBM Bug Normal
#13622 IE9 - CKEdtor is being disabled after save when using knockout js Bug Normal
#13621 Problem with Android Browser 534 Bug Normal
#13619 SourceDialog html is empty for Inline editors in chrome Bug Normal
#13618 Context menu hidden when editor hosted in a div with a high z-index Bug Normal
#13616 List items are lost when pasting from Word document Bug Normal
#13614 CKEditor throws TypeError Exception when removed immediately after initialized Bug Normal
#13613 [Edge] Typing in an empty editor creates DIV tags rather than P tags Bug Normal
#13611 IE11 selectRanges -> nativeRange setStart indexSizeError Bug Normal
#13610 [Safari, Lineutils] Problems rendering lineutils Bug Normal
#13609 [Edge] Browser crashes when switching to source mode Piotrek Koszuliński Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.2
#13608 Windows Edge - SOURCE button crashing browser Bug Normal
#13607 Copying text containing words marked as misspelled by SCAYT includes extra markup Bug Normal
#13606 Enter key scrolls down the page when parent is 'html' Bug Normal
#13605 [Edge] Context menu doesn't close if you click outside of it. Bug Normal
#13603 Can't embed BMP images Piotr Jasiun Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.3
#13601 createFromHtml Bug Normal
#13599 Cross-editor D&D of inline widget ends up in error/artifacts Tade0 Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.4
#13597 IE11 Undo event bug Bug Normal
#13596 Cannot read property 'icons' Bug Normal
#13594 editor.resize(...) not working for CSS size units Bug Normal
#13591 Dragging broken on inline widget Bug Normal
#13590 [Paste From Word] Various issues Tade0 Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.3
#13589 ACF filter Task Normal
#13588 Merge cells doesn't work in inline-editing mode Bug Normal
#13587 [IE9] can't select text with mouse IE9 selection mouse Bug Normal
#13586 single ckeditor instance for ng-repeat Bug Normal
#13585 Cannot read property 'equals' of null when trying to wrap div elements in another div. Tomasz Jakut Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it) CKEditor 4.7.0
#13583 dataTransfer.getData() should return content within <body> Piotr Jasiun Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.2
#13582 Enable SCAYT fails to initialise Bug Normal
#13581 Config setting to make image alt attribute default to base filename New Feature Normal
#13580 instanceReady in IE11 Bug Normal
#13578 [IE11] Paste from word in IE11 displays red flag and replaces some text with '< >' Bug Normal
#13577 [Edge] Copying a widget scrolls the viewport Edge Szymon Cofalik Bug Normal
#13576 Extra <li> tag is getting added automatically when ever i copy and paste Bug Normal
#13574 [Edge] Permission denied while opening the image dialog Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.2
#13572 Inserting link is broken, cant use it. Bug Normal
#13571 Review Edge version detection Szymon Cofalik Task Normal
#13570 Regarding Copy and Paste from Word Bug Normal
#13568 Method getSelectedHtml() seems to return invalid results. Support Szymon Cofalik Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.3
#13567 Regarding Paste Bug Normal
#13566 No further notifications after embedbase error. Szymon Kupś Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.2
#13565 Jumping over words with ctrl+right arrow not working as is should when ":" is in sencence Bug Normal
#13564 Permission denied on setReadOnly in IE Bug Normal
#13562 TypeError: Cannot read property equals of undefined in combination with crVCL Bug Normal
#13560 Deleting empty lines above a heading change the headings format to "normal". Bug Normal
#13559 Print button leaves spelling mistakes underlined and crashes Chrome Bug Normal
#13558 HTML entered in source view is garbled when switching out of source view Bug Normal
#13557 Regarding floating popup issue Task Normal
#13556 Ckeditor links are not linking to the target page. Bug Normal
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