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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#9358 Mistake in the french translation of the em dash (special character) Anna Tomanek Bug Normal
#9363 Inline editing: Copying from one div to other not working if div's has different toolbars IBM Bug Normal
#9365 CSS validation error Bug Normal
#9371 Inline editing: with JAWS virtual Cursor we can't navigate whole sample page using arrow keys IBM Bug Normal
#9373 Error when checking/unchecking checkbox. [Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'preventDefasult' ] Bug Normal
#9375 target.insertHtml is not working properly Bug Normal
#9377 Shared Toolbars sample from CKEditor 3 does not work with CKEditor 4 Bug Normal
#9382 Ctrl+A + Del deletes table around inline-editing area Bug Normal
#9389 To retrieve the data back from db in html format in ckeditor html format Bug Normal
#9390 "Remove Link" button stays disabled when links are selected Bug Normal
#9392 Find dialog searching from document beginning instead from current cursor positioneven when Match cyclic check box unchecked IBM Bug Normal
#9393 HTML comments handling Bug Normal
#9397 Swedish Translation hiccup Anna Tomanek Bug Normal
#9398 Double Insert HTML Firefox Bug Normal
#9399 SCAYT shows an error message while saving record Bug Normal
#9401 iOS 6: keyboard gets closed after Paste in the editor iOS 6 Bug Normal
#9408 CKeditor TextField Bug Normal
#9409 Create an editor on a detached element of the dom Bug Normal
#9415 Text selection is lost and doesn't get copied by right-clicking and selecting 'Copy' from context menu Bug Normal
#9424 CKEditor Paste from Word feature - font size problem (mso-bidi-font-size) Bug Normal
#9426 Paste from Word feature - issue Bug Normal
#9430 In 4.0 beta dataProcessor.writer.setRules is undefined Bug Normal
#9431 Wrong behaviour for Enter with multiple instances. Bug Normal
#9432 Unable to get value of the property 'removeClass': object is null or undefined ckeditor.js Bug Normal
#9434 Ckeditor not work with prototype.js Bug Normal
#9435 can ckeditor copy and paste from ms excel to any browser Task Normal
#9436 Span in IE8 not works correctly Span IE8 Bug Normal
#9441 anchors problem copying from word Bug Normal
#9443 Firefox error: NS_ERROR_FAILURE: Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIDOMHTMLDocument.execCommand] Firefox VendorFix Bug Normal
#9450 autoGrow_onStartup not working Bug Normal
#9454 Appending a row to a table via TAB key incorrectly handles rowspan'd cells Bug Normal
#9461 [FF]: Inconsistent behavior in applying styling to selected text Firefox IBM Bug Normal
#9462 Image unselectable in Opera (12.50) when in text with 0 selection range. Bug Normal
#9466 IE8 crashes when adding an image with text selected IE8 Bug Normal
#9473 IE9 After selecting text right to left inside p before br causes styling to not work. Bug Normal
#9477 setHTML doesn't set non-HTML tags in IE Bug Normal
#9478 CKE 4.x - Undefined table width gets reset to default Bug Normal
#9480 IE9 Pasting a table after a styled paragraph results in various problems Bug Normal
#9484 Arabic text issue in Editor Bug Normal
#9488 'Unlink' button does not become available when unlinked text falls into selection range Bug Normal
#9493 Opera: Incorrect options shown in Context menu IBM Bug Normal
#9494 Create a hide field text and image and show them after click a button Task Normal
#9502 [IE] The selection expands by some characters when eg. creating a link IE9 IE10 Bug Normal
#9537 [FF] insertHtml triggers NS_ERROR_FAILURE and is not succesful in some conditions Bug Normal
#9539 better touch support New Feature Normal
#9546 CK Editor - Place cursor at the end of text Bug Normal
#9547 Autogrow plugin breaks dropdowns Mac Firefox Bug Normal
#9559 Spanish translations of the plugins lang files Task Normal
#9561 CKE_pastebin? Pastebin Bug Normal
#9562 blur and focus fired when opening/closing dialogs Bug Normal
#9563 SCAYT does not work in 4.0 inline editor Bug Normal
#9578 VIew source: Incorrect handling of inline elements Bug Normal
#9602 inline editor position is not anchored to contenteditable when there's dynamic content Bug Normal
#9613 Nested Table Vertical Spacing Issue nested table Bug Normal
#9617 IE, setting autoParagraph to false doesn't work Bug Normal
#9620 Isn't working in Chrome Bug Normal
#9630 Image disappears when horizontal rull button is clicked Bug Normal
#9653 Problems with IE10 Quirks mode IE10 Bug Normal
#9657 Cut/Copy disabled Bug Normal
#9673 Copy Paste error in IE8 Bug Normal
#9684 Type error when nothing is selected in checkSelectionChange() (Cannot call method "getType" of null) IBM Bug Normal
#9685 MS-WORD copy paste error from "ckeditor_tablebug_document.docx​" attached Bug Normal
#9691 Context menu items not consistent Mac Bug Normal
#9694 config.contentsCss not working in inline editing Bug Normal
#9695 A11Y: Not possible to navigate out of Table without using Magicline IBM Bug Normal
#9697 Disble auto unmatching tag correct option New Feature Normal
#9698 content editable inside a main table causes bugs Bug Normal
#9708 Context Menu z-index problem when used from toolbar in inline mode Bug Normal
#9711 [enter BR] plain space is not trimmed on copy and paste Bug Normal
#9714 CSS for span imcomplete. Bug Normal
#9716 Fix FCKeditor browser detection to work with Firefox 17 Wiktor Walc Bug Normal
#9717 Inline editing aside tag Bug Normal
#9718 Paste from word plugin fails to load default clean-up file when not running under root web directory Bug Normal
#9723 CKEditor User's Guide 404 Error Bug Normal
#9724 Cursor bug in IE 9 and IE 10 Bug Normal
#9733 Small fix for the Moono skin Bug Normal
#9734 Spellchecker in Safari is not centered when main browser window is smaller than spellcheck window. Bug Normal
#9736 [Android] Problems with text selection IBM Android Bug Normal
#9737 IE10: CKE 3.x - We can't open CK Editor Context Menu for elements in editor body IBM Bug Normal
#9738 More translations to Swedish language file Swedish New Feature Normal
#9741 Enter key not working with IE 10 on CKEditor 3.6.2 version Bug Normal
#9742 IE8 Quirks mode -Javascript Unspecified error after pluged the SCAYT into editor Bug Normal
#9744 callback function for file browser New Feature Normal
#9747 Table cell controls (add, remove) are placed far outside editor or don't show up. Bug Normal
#9748 Can't edit table after insertion Bug Normal
#9749 Cannot type Japanese Characters into the editor IBM HasPatch Bug Normal
#9751 translation issue for locale bg_BG Bug Normal
#9752 Text selection via Shift+Arrows doesn't expand over multiple cells in backward direction Firefox Bug Normal
#9753 The pre button of CKEditor 3.6.2 adds extra new lines Bug Normal
#9755 french accents display wrong characters with charset=ISO-8859-1 document encoding Bug Normal
#9763 Exception from editor after it is destroyed Bug Normal
#9766 Insert space into table after long string fails Bug Normal
#9768 ContextMenu plugin not working on CKEditor 4.0 Bug Normal
#9770 Error when merging cells in inlineditor Bug Normal
#9777 some keyboard keys inaccessible when using focus method Bug Normal
#9778 option for Inline editing appendTo different container element New Feature Normal
#9780 Calling setReadOnly(true) in IE 8 and 9 then clicking in the entry area causes Javascript Error Mateusz Samsel Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#9782 How to disable onlye the image resize handles ? Bug Normal
#9785 CKEDITOR.replace Bug Normal
#9789 Addons area requires Authorization Bug Normal
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