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#10054 Alignment & alignment classes that work on most elements New Feature Normal
#10056 Pressing Backspace in Chrome adds extra <span> tags Bug Normal
#10057 Inline CK: Enable links in non-editable elements New Feature Normal
#10058 CKEDitor 4 inline editor firefox and IE bug Bug Normal
#10059 Inline editor toolbar does not move with content Bug Normal
#10062 CKEditor 4.0.1 on Safari 5.0.5 Bug Normal
#10063 CKEditor 4.0.1 does not load when user agent contains "mobile" Bug Normal
#10064 [Chrome] Inline Styles from contents.css added on Del or Backspace chrome styles Bug Normal
#10067 CKEditor does not support browser language on IE 8 - 9 Bug Normal
#10075 CKEditor 4 Inline editing - Toolbar appears in the wrong place when you drag the editing object Bug Normal
#10077 i am made many tabs in contents and... Bug Normal
#10079 IE8: Permission denied cleaning editor on focus IE Bug Normal
#10081 NEW! can't edit fields in jQuery UI modal dialog CantFix Bug Normal
#10086 Can't edit fields in jQuery UI modal dialog edit fields, ui dialog, jquery ui Bug Normal
#10087 [Webkit] space is deleted when line start is space. Webkit Bug Normal
#10088 Can I Change toolbar at runtime on ckeditor 4.x.x New Feature Normal
#10090 disableAutoInline not working Bug Normal
#10094 Unable to dynamically/lazily load a CKBuilder-generated ckeditor.js IBM Bug Normal
#10095 CKBuilder: "File name too long" Bug Normal
#10099 element.createFromHtml gives error on IE7/8 when adding HTML5 Section tag IE7 IE8 Bug Normal
#10100 Translation of the table plugin to fr-ca Anna Tomanek New Feature Normal
#10102 WYSIWYG New Feature Normal
#10109 Image resizing is not disabled in inline editing in IE-8 Image handling Bug Normal
#10110 Extra Line is inserted when Right clicked outside table border Bug Normal
#10111 Trap the 'tab' key Bug Normal
#10117 Inline editing does not apply to elements created on the fly Bug Normal
#10118 Destroy(true) does not reverrt content in inline mode Bug Normal
#10124 problem with new line in chrome browser Chrome Bug Normal
#10125 Link to an Anchor doesn't work in Firefox - CKEditor 3.6.2 Bug Normal
#10128 config.toolbarLocation = 'bottom' not working in inline editing mode Bug Normal
#10129 Unable to link an image in a Definition List using IE9. Bug Normal
#10130 Can't stop fckeditor modify my html code when switch from Source mode. Bug Normal
#10132 Bug in Iframe Editing area on ck reload Bug Normal
#10133 Deleting heading and hitting delete to pull paragraph into space causes inline styles Bug Normal
#10139 Ugly smiley's window in IE and Firefox Bug Normal
#10140 Iframe issue in ckeditor Bug Normal
#10141 Access Denied error - ckeditor.js : Line 20 Bug Normal
#10143 editable has no method 'isInline' Bug Normal
#10144 ckeditor-releases / lang / de.js magicline translation is wrong Anna Tomanek Bug Normal
#10145 ENTER_BR mode removes trailing <br> Bug Normal
#10149 SCAYT support for Adobe AIR in versions 3.x Bug Normal
#10155 contentsCss with background-image break select rendering Bug Normal
#10157 Copy/Paste issues in Chrome with Div based editor Webkit Bug Normal
#10158 Inline editor: Cannot apply font color to a text selection on iPad iOS Bug Normal
#10160 object does not support method or property 'contains' Bug Normal
#10168 Error on mouse hover in scroll bar Bug Normal
#10171 ckeditor disables all jquery dialogs Bug Normal
#10173 Coldfusion 9 - throw() is a reserved function hasPatch Bug Normal
#10174 File upload Bug Normal
#10177 <div>tag disappears after inserting style Bug Normal
#10179 Bug on image dialog behavior Bug Normal
#10182 CKEditor issue with Paste and Paste As Plain Text option, annoying modal apears on all browsers, and doesnt work with IE Bug Normal
#10183 Error in loading ckeditor on IE9 Bug Normal
#10184 Google Chrome cann't send the "Referer" in headers information Bug Normal
#10186 Selected text-color and text-background-color not highlighted Bug Normal
#10187 CKEDITOR.plugins.basePath is ignored Bug Normal
#10189 IE7 - 'dropdown' toolbar items not working IE7 Bug Normal
#10193 TypeError: a.render is not a function toolbar, item by item Bug Normal
#10194 Table width problem Bug Normal
#10198 ASP.Net - Editor Add tags into the text content Bug Normal
#10200 ms- excel data copy and pasted here but table border"0" showing how set table border always border"1" Bug Normal
#10203 https ckeditor image uploading issue Bug Normal
#10205 CKEditor dialog buttons can't be clicked if opened from modal dialog Bug Normal
#10206 new way to specify pos_horz offset via calls to addIcon Skins New Feature Normal
#10208 Need ability to override a value in CKEDITOR.skins.icons[] Skins New Feature Normal
#10210 ACF Strips Iframe Tags Bug Normal
#10211 magic line appear in div with contenteditable=false in inline mode Bug Normal
#10216 IE: Javascript error thrown when we press Undo after switching to source & back to rich text IBM Bug Normal
#10217 Duplicate smileys Bug Normal
#10218 Image cmbAlign Select Box Choice Disappearing in IE, Chrome, and Opera (Not Firefox) Image UI cmbAlign Bug Normal
#10221 Setting <base> tag with target attribute breaks CKEditor in IE8 Bug Normal
#10223 Checkbox Button Bug Normal
#10225 In ckeditor not able to paste images / screenshots in IE6 Bug Normal
#10229 CKEditor (Wordpress plugin) adds a line between 2 indented blocks Bug Normal
#10230 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '$' of null - on resize Bug Normal
#10231 CKEditor V4 - Unable to get property 'concat' of undefined or null reference Bug Normal
#10233 Speckie spell-checker problem in CKEditor Bug Normal
#10234 Incorrect icon for the moono skin Wiktor Walc Bug Normal
#10235 Spell Checking Disrupting Use of Custom CSS Bug Normal
#10236 Insert not working on Safari 4 Bug Normal
#10237 editor.resize error editor resize Bug Normal
#10238 Image resize to uploaded size after save Bug Normal
#10241 Drag'n'drop images between browsers in CKEditor Bug Normal
#10243 Portuguese transation update portuguese Anna Tomanek Task Normal
#10244 Mixed icons in Cama skin and Mono icons in Cama skin Bug Normal
#10245 Configuration questions Bug Normal
#10246 BR tags replaced with NBSPs Bug Normal
#10248 Image browse button not working Bug Normal
#10250 #10224 ACF problem not solved in 4.1 Bug Normal
#10251 Editor area problem Bug Normal
#10254 Re: CKEditor 4.1 Standard Bug Normal
#10255 Copy & Paste Images New Feature Normal
#10256 Apply Image Effects New Feature Normal
#10257 Autoconvert for Links New Feature Normal
#10258 Image not showing in ckeditor Bug Normal
#10259 Not able to add new font to ckeditor custom font, new font to ckeditor Bug Normal
#10262 edit a javafx node with ckeditor New Feature Normal
#10263 edit a javafx node with ckeditor New Feature Normal
#10264 edit a javafx node with ckeditor New Feature Normal
#10266 Image resizing handles fall on top of dialog Bug Normal
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