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#10461 [iOS 6.1] cannot force fullscreen using UIWebView iOS Bug Normal
#10462 Image dialog sets size using style attribute Bug Normal
#10465 JAWS reading width field & width unit dropdown & it's values when Cell Properties dialog opened IBM Bug Normal
#10466 a defect of ckeditor Bug Normal
#10467 IE10 & FCKeditor - Again! Bug Normal
#10469 Request to Cache ID of Element on node.clone() New Feature Normal
#10470 CkEditor iPad broswer (Safar & Chrome). Can't see blinking cursor (caret) iOS Bug Normal
#10471 CKEDITOR.filter rules aren't versatile enough in certain case. e.g.: allow all data attributes ACF New Feature Normal
#10474 [Chrome] adds span on removing br Bug Normal
#10475 Wrong behavior with long text lines in RTL text dir IBM Bug Normal
#10478 Underlining on text isn't coloured Bug Normal
#10480 jQuery val() override behaves differently than the original HasPatch Bug Normal
#10481 extraAllowedContent documentation correction Bug Normal
#10482 IE8: Page does not finish loading with Kama skin Bug Normal
#10484 [IE] Source dialog fires beforeunload event IE9 IE10 Bug Normal
#10485 IE: Error thrown when we try to paste simple text from word doc IBM Bug Normal
#10486 CKEditor 4.1.1 not working in Android 4.0.3 Galaxy S2 (WebView and Chrome) Android 4.0.3 Bug Normal
#10487 issuse while entering the content in ckeditor Bug Normal
#10488 append the content with that tag and insert the tag using insertHtml() New Feature Normal
#10491 Typo in Documentation Bug Normal
#10492 Javascript error: Unable to get property 'icons' of undefined or null reference - using unmodified samples directory Bug Normal
#10493 wired protected source Task Normal
#10507 iOS - CkEditor iPad broswer (Safar & Chrome). Can't see blinking cursor (caret) iOS Bug Normal
#10508 Incorrect behavior when undo/redo clicked in IE IBM IE Bug Normal
#10512 ckeditor does not fill with content in Chrome at first time load in ajax.dialog in mvc3 Bug Normal
#10514 CKEditor cause ambiguous page scroll Bug Normal
#10515 Formatting applied in CKEditor not preserved by later CKEditor instance Webkit Bug Normal
#10516 [Chrome] Removing header adds unwanted styles Bug Normal
#10518 IE loads contents.css for every CKEditor instance present on the page Bug Normal
#10519 [Webkit] Pasting causes undesirable horizontal scrolling Bug Normal
#10521 Cannot change input language Bug Normal
#10526 CkBuilder Panel Option Missing Wiktor Walc Bug Normal
#10528 ckeditor.js adds a "cursor:col-resize" style to the body tag Drupal Bug Normal
#10529 CKBuild custom output not playing as Framed Editor - no editor showing Bug Normal
#10531 Problems with 4.1.2 release Bug Normal
#10532 Enterkey in table caption IBM Bug Normal
#10533 Junk Characters Bug Normal
#10534 Set Lists Indent instead of default Bug Normal
#10535 Tab doesn't navigate to next cell in tables tab table issue Bug Normal
#10538 CKEditor 4 - Text selection disappearing when opening Link Dialog (first time) Bug Normal
#10539 Ckeditor ie10 issue for enter key Bug Normal
#10542 blanks Bug Normal
#10544 Use on Mac Bug Normal
#10545 Data processor removes not alphanumeric strings Bug Normal
#10546 Chrome: headings crashes page on copy/paste (inline editor) Bug Normal
#10547 instanceReady not fired Bug Normal
#10548 Chrome/safari: Not possible to cut the formatted text Chrome Safari6 IBM Bug Normal
#10550 IE: Paragraph alignment or indentation lost when cut & paste IE IBM Bug Normal
#10551 span end tag without start tag on paste after cleanupfromword Bug Normal
#10552 CKEditor and Jquery UI Integration Bug Normal
#10560 Firefeox loses span-Tag context (fontstyle and fontsize) format on click Bug Normal
#10561 Multiple Initialize - Destroy actions cause issues in IE Bug Normal
#10563 CKeditor 4.1.2: Access denied error in IE7 IE7 Bug Normal
#10566 Incorrect icons in custom build Bug Normal
#10567 Safari & Chrome: CTRL + A does not select entire content in editor body if text has formatting applied IBM Webkit Bug Normal
#10569 [IE] Can't select/delete multiple (empty) rows in a table IE New Feature Normal
#10570 element IDs are omitted from pasted or manually edited content oracle Bug Normal
#10571 filler char should be removed prior to undoImage Bug Normal
#10572 [IE9, Chrome] Selection related to TD causes invalid caret move. Bug Normal
#10573 CKEditor 4 conflicts with PureText add-on Bug Normal
#10574 cursor doesnt move where it should Bug Normal
#10576 how to use menu plugin New Feature Normal
#10577 Folders miss in IE 10 when creat Image, Flash or Multimedia Bug Normal
#10579 ckeditor.js gives error during initial deployment of my JSP page Bug Normal
#10580 Inherited styles for list of format/font/size Bug Normal
#10581 Cannot add a link if there is a p tag inside a div tag in the source Bug Normal
#10582 Webkit: Incorrect selection endOffset for styled content IBM Bug Normal
#10586 Enter not working in IE Bug Normal
#10589 Copy from MS Word adds filepath to anchor links in IE Bug Normal
#10592 [IE10] Cannot delete text in multi table cells IE Bug Normal
#10593 While paste contents from .docx file into ckeditor then getting issue Bug Normal
#10596 can't initiate ckeditor Bug Normal
#10600 Disable magicline when element is readOnly Bug Normal
#10601 readOnly block element wrapped in P Firefox Bug Normal
#10603 With multiple editors, after attaching an image in the first, the second editor is broken Bug Normal
#10604 [IE11] Unable to close CKEditor dialogs IE11 Bug Normal
#10605 tab/shift-tab to indent/outdent lists not working for lists inside a table IBM Bug Normal
#10608 CKFinder Error when used in ASP.NET with CKEditor control. Bug Normal
#10611 no property of "style=font-size" for default font size IBM Bug Normal
#10613 The expected native right click context isn't available over entire CKEditor area Bug Normal
#10619 CKFinder connectors: possibility to use SQL instead of filesystem New Feature Normal
#10622 Under specific scenario, "Enter" inserts new line but resets cursor to beginning of line 1 Bug Normal
#10629 Not able to resize the ckeditor in xml descriptor file Bug Normal
#10630 Alignment - Center Option for Image Bug Normal
#10632 Pressing Backspace on IE9 in front of a link causes 2 characters to dissappear IBM Bug Normal
#10633 Text direction is not preserved for Paste function New Feature Normal
#10634 Ckeditor won't work in Zencart 1.5.1 or not installed proerly Bug Normal
#10635 Is there any basic license of CKFinder to use for our local , QA & production sites, if we buy a basic license Task Normal
#10638 HTML entities in custom dropdown New Feature Normal
#10642 Problem in chrome with Tabs and Ckeditor Bug Normal
#10648 UNDO CAN STOP WORKING oracle Bug Normal
#10651 CKEditor.NET - TextChanged event getting called on PreRender. Bug Normal
#10652 insertElement table into table range crashes page Bug Normal
#10654 Arithmatic Operation New Feature Normal
#10656 inserting new functions on the default editor page in ckeditor Bug Normal
#10658 ckeditor 4.2 not working in IE 8/9 Bug Normal
#10661 Shared space plugin strips classes when "top" toolbar is enabled Bug Normal
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