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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#10663 problems with the setData function Bug Normal
#10665 HTML entities in custom dropdown New Feature Normal
#10667 With IE10 undo in a table cells gives script error oracle Bug Normal
#10668 Safari: Unnecessary text displayed while pasting text copied from a word document Bug Normal
#10671 Continue to bug report #10663: problems with the setData function Bug Normal
#10672 Paste from Word not working properly with lists Bug Normal
#10674 the numbering of headlines is excluded from the font-layout Bug Normal
#10676 Font style tool shouldn't lowercase font style attributes Bug Normal
#10677 IE9: CKEditor 3.6.6: Delay in the cursor postion setting after the text is pasted in the ENTER_BR mode IE9 Bug Normal
#10678 Importing the Saved Apostrophe Bug Normal
#10680 Unrelated select box does not work if the editor is opened in a modal jquery ui dialog with jquery ui 1.10.3 Bug Normal
#10681 'Increase Indent' button is always disabled Bug Normal
#10683 editor remove block style, when trying to change style inside a block Bug Normal
#10684 Paste from Word leaves margin attribute Bug Normal
#10686 Bug with undo/redo in IE10 Bug Normal
#10688 Table plugin uses "align" attribute, should use CSS Bug Normal
#10690 CKEditor within xulrunner Bug Normal
#10691 Editer toolbar congiguration Bug Normal
#10693 Problem with Table BGCOLOR option Bug Normal
#10696 Subsequent CKEdit boxes are not updated prior to submit Bug Normal
#10698 name es nulo o no es un objeto en IE 8 Bug Normal
#10699 Exiting source mode leave all icons disabled Bug Normal
#10700 config.removePlugins cannot disable liststyle? Bug Normal
#10701 Editor event "paste" no longer fires when pasting content via Ctrl+V paste, event Bug Normal
#10703 We have to press ESC twice to close Select Color dialog IBM Bug Normal
#10715 CKEDITOR.config.allowedContent not working IE8 & IE9 allowedContent IE8 IE9 Bug Normal
#10716 Strips Code after going out source mode Bug Normal
#10717 iframe returning null in wysiwygarea/plugin.js Bug Normal
#10718 Large toolbar menu causes scrolling of browser window Bug Normal
#10719 plugins ? New Feature Normal
#10720 link plugin, scayt spellcker with divarea editor not working Bug Normal
#10721 Cannot remove a style that is copied from another inline ckeditor Bug Normal
#10722 Loading an editor with colors and ENTER_BR turned on fails parsing due to page break command Bug Normal
#10723 overflow: scroll on parent causes toolbar to freeze at initial position Bug Normal
#10724 SCAYT conflicts with FF text highlighting via the keyboard on misspelled words Firefox IE10 Bug Normal
#10725 Create span class with part of text Bug Normal
#10726 Formatting not preserved when copying from a PDF into CKEditor Bug Normal
#10727 Span tag created Bug Normal
#10728 Toolbar does not wrap when window is resized Bug Normal
#10729 cke 4.2 selectall plugin breaks codemirror plugin Bug Normal
#10730 Multiple instances of ckeditor 4.2 in don't work well with asp:linkbutton controls, multiple instances of ckeditor Bug Normal
#10732 Add <dl> <dt> <dd> support New Feature Normal
#10733 merging cells not working merge Bug Normal
#10735 Chrome: CKEditor allows editing of data in text area in read mode. Bug Normal
#10738 Gray border is showing in IE Bug Normal
#10739 ckeditor flikering ( apper/disapper ) in updatepanel Bug Normal
#10740 Blur and Focus events are unpredictable (and therefore unusable) Bug Normal
#10741 Source View size shriking Bug Normal
#10743 Page scroll bottom on click on Styles or Size combobox Bug Normal
#10744 fi.js typos Anna Tomanek Bug Normal
#10747 allowedContent, i can still add images Bug Normal
#10751 If (/") characters exists in the HTML image tag in source content, CKEditor is not rendering the content properly Bug Normal
#10754 [Full page editing] Lost nodetype when deleting line Bug Normal
#10755 [Full page editing] Lost nodetype when deleting line full page edit delete line Bug Normal
#10757 Underline + text background-color issue in inline mode. Bug Normal
#10758 Ooyala videos stuck on loading in Firefox Bug Normal
#10759 Multiply editors submit form error Bug Normal
#10760 <b> and <i> tags not recognized by CKEditor B and I toolbar buttons after pasting Bug Normal
#10761 ckeditor IE 8 Standar mode curson issue after image Bug Normal
#10763 Forum Login Always Fails Bug Normal
#10764 Opera & Apply Style Bug Normal
#10768 editor focus method broken for ie 9+ Bug Normal
#10769 Move smiley into editor with bb-codes fail Bug Normal
#10770 [iOS] Must click exactly on first line to insert cursor on iPad iOS Bug Normal
#10771 CKFinder sort folder option Bug Normal
#10772 Change pointer on CKFinder Bug Normal
#10773 too aggressive panels caching Bug Normal
#10774 Unclosed LI tags become indented on IE when inside a FONT tag IE Bug Normal
#10775 Firefox deselects selected text when applying styles after ctrl + a (select all) Firefox Bug Normal
#10776 Inconsistent behaviour in paste and paste as text if used in succession multiple times Bug Normal
#10777 Menu Plugin not working Task Normal
#10780 Paste Word negative margin hides some text Bug Normal
#10781 CKEditor lose font when click outside editor and then clicks back to end of line Bug Normal
#10782 'container.getChild(...)' is null or not an object Bug Normal
#10783 Each copied Microsoft-style list can get pasted as multiple lists Oracle Bug Normal
#10786 CKEditor change Source Code formatting Bug Normal
#10789 CKEditor displaying html tags while page loading Bug Normal
#10790 Permission Denied error. Bug Normal
#10793 I get script error when I undo replace text oracle Bug Normal
#10797 IE10 update from version 10.0.7 to 10.0.8 (KB2862772) makes CKEditor unfocusable Bug Normal
#10799 CKEditor doesn't apply inline styles to links Bug Normal
#10800 CKEditor doesn't apply inline styles to links Bug Normal
#10803 dialog.hide has no effect in the onShow of the very first dialog to appear Bug Normal
#10805 loading images from the skin directory does not use CKEDITOR_GETURL Bug Normal
#10806 preview.html does not use CKEDITOR_GETURL Bug Normal
#10807 smiley images should use CKEDITOR_GETURL Bug Normal
#10808 magicline plugin does not use CKEDITOR_GETURL Bug Normal
#10809 wsc plugin does not use CKEDITOR_GETURL Bug Normal
#10810 [Webkit]: Cursor jumping to start of editor body when we press enter after last list item in outer list IBM Bug Normal
#10811 Table properties dialog blocks on OK click Bug Normal
#10813 Right-hand file list side of CKFinder New Feature Normal
#10814 Bug with undo/redo in IE10 Bug Normal
#10815 bug with extraAllowedContent and fakedObjects placeholders Bug Normal
#10825 Horizontal scrollbar does not appear for large right aligned pictures. Oracle Bug Normal
#10846 SmartInk software for SmartBoard causing text to disappear in CKEditor Bug Normal
#10849 Problem while selecting image New Feature Normal
#10859 CKeditor loses focus on clicking on scrollbar in IE9, works fine in compatibility mode Bug Normal
#10860 Bug tracker bug Bug Normal
#10861 Line height toolbar setting New Feature Normal
#10871 Version 4 will not work with Wordpress 3.6.1 Bug Normal
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