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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#4006 Tail BR is removed from end of block Bug Normal
#1760 [Tag] use prependContextPath attribute where ever necessary Michael Osipov New Feature Normal FCKeditor.Java 2.4
#10416 Tags within iframe-tag gets stripped Bug Normal
#3115 Tags with attributes removed when they have no content Bug Normal
#10565 Tags autocomplition for Fort Piotr Jasiun New Feature Normal
#14913 Tags are stripped even with "Full HTML" (i.e. without ACF) Tade0 Bug Normal
#816 Tag path (like Dreamweaver) SF New Feature Normal CKEditor 3.0
#2384 Tag object: Switching to wysiwyg mode changes param "movie" to "about:blank" Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#14784 Tag issue Bug Normal
#6123 Tab to Indent Bulltets & Shift-Tab to Back it up IBM New Feature Normal
#3130 Tabspaces setting in tab plugin is not working Oracle Review+ Martin Kou Bug Normal CKEditor 3.0
#137 TAB space does not work SF Confirmed Martin Kou Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.5 Beta
#3418 Tabs in Flash and Find/Replace dialogs not keyboard accessible IBM Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.0
#9101 Tab should leave listbox in smiley and specialchar dialogs IBM Bug Normal CKEditor 3.6.5
#9608 Tab should leave listbox in smiley and specialchar dialogs Piotrek Koszuliński Bug Normal CKEditor 4.0
#10605 tab/shift-tab to indent/outdent lists not working for lists inside a table IBM Bug Normal
#8244 tab/shift-tab to indent/outdent <li> elements IE HasPatch IBM Drupal Olek Nowodziński New Feature Normal CKEditor 4.2
#6575 Tabs disappearing in Link dialog after specific action sequence Tobiasz Cudnik Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.3
#13876 tab plugin does not support keyTabTools if tabSpaces > 0 Bug Normal
#8194 Tab Order broken with radio buttons inside a dialog IBM Bug Normal
#973 Tab no longer moves between table cells Martin Kou Bug Normal
#5513 Tab navigation in dialogs incompatible with RTL Review+ Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3
#583 Table: Wrong value for nowrap attribute Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.5 Beta
#4735 Table without border is invisible Bug Normal
#10194 Table width problem Bug Normal
#9553 Table width incorrectly set when border-width style is specified IBM Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal CKEditor 4.0.1
#6407 Table width 100% causes 1px overflow in IE7 Bug Normal
#14260 <table>-Widgets lose data-*-attributes when upcasted Bug Normal
#9033 [Table] vertical split a cell, and then merge down, the result is wrong Bug Normal
#16971 tabletools should extract background color even for complex background value New Feature Nice to have (we want to work on it) CKEditor 4.7.0
#12030 Table tools plugin should require colordialog plugin Bug Normal
#617 Table: TD should use style to set borderColor Review- Martin Kou Bug Normal
#582 Table: Table should use style.height instead of table.height HasPatch Bug Low
#5892 Table tab behavior interfering with customized tab behavior IBM Pending Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4
#5919 Table tab behavior and accessibility IBM Bug Normal
#5041 Table summary can not be removed. IBM Confirmed Review+ Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3
#14322 Table styles in ckeditor config files only loads in Firefox Bug Normal
#1890 Table Styles: Border, Background color HasPatch New Feature Normal
#8555 Table's popup menu has 2 additional elements: Edit Div, Remove div Bug Normal
#6266 Tables: Merge Cells option active while cursor is at the end of text in cell Bug Normal
#910 Tables in IE and TAB key SF New Feature Normal
#2874 tables: in FF caption seems to be in the wrong place Confirmed HasPatch Review+ Martin Kou Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.6.5
#1787 Tables getting inserted when changing font size IE Bug Normal
#1781 Table selection (operations) do not work properly in FF Bug Normal
#16755 Table selection improvements Tomasz Jakut New Feature Must have (possibly next milestone) CKEditor 4.7.0
#17066 Table seleciton causes exception on a pasted table in certain scenario Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) CKEditor 4.7.1
#1320 Tables can't be deleted with DEL when selected Bug Normal Opera Compatibility
#515 Tables are rendered in quirks mode Confirmed Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.5 Beta
#3714 Tables are causing html parser to go into infinite loop Martin Kou Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) CKEditor 3.0
#5985 tables: adding column before a cell that's been merged to the right will create another tdspan=2 cell in new column. Bug Normal
#6245 Table rowspan problem while removing cells Firefox3 Bug Normal
#14370 Table row hegiht resize not working on chrome browser Bug Normal
#8394 Table Row deletion freezes IE9 IE9 Bug Normal
#11492 Tablerizer plugin bugs Bug Normal
#6612 Table right alignment floated Discussion Bug Normal
#6326 Table Resizing by drag table border not working in Chrome Webkit Bug Normal
#9946 Tableresize tools try to resize tables outside of the editor Bug Normal
#11626 Tableresize sets invalid width HasPatch Piotr Jasiun Bug Normal CKEditor 4.4.1
#6521 Table resize sample Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo New Feature Normal CKEditor 3.6
#7791 Tableresize plugin sets invalid width Bug Normal
#6017 tableresize plugin refactoring Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4
#13388 Tableresize plugin is not integrated with undo manager Szymon Cofalik Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.3
#14762 Tableresize plugin:"Error: Unable to get property 'cells' of undefined or null reference" when the table has no row/cells beata_delura Bug Normal CKEditor 4.7.0
#5995 Tableresize plugin does not work in a RTL language Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4
#8795 tableresize not working correctly when the editor's horizontal scroll bar is scrolled IBM Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.6.5
#8204 table resize issue New Feature Normal
#7340 table resize handles problem in FireFox IBM Bug Normal
#10472 tableresize doesn't work with thead/tfoot Support Tade0 Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it) CKEditor 4.7.0
#4207 Table related errors Bug Normal
#1579 Table property dialog too narrow Bug Low
#474 Table Properties is not working in Fire Fox Bug Normal
#9362 Table properties in context menu aren't shown immediately Piotrek Koszuliński Bug Normal CKEditor 4.0
#10935 Table properties fields not working in ckeditor while open in colobox Task Normal
#6311 Table properties dialog throws an error when opened by clicking on a caption Bug Normal
#6360 Table Properties dialog is not populated with data from selected table IBM Martin Bug Normal
#10811 Table properties dialog blocks on OK click Bug Normal
#3293 Table properties 2nd level menus do not show up in IE8 on Vista Confirmed IE CantFix Martin Kou Bug Normal
#10688 Table plugin uses "align" attribute, should use CSS Bug Normal
#13535 Table plugin default values New Feature Normal
#12611 Table plugin allows to delete a table that belongs to protected widget code Bug Normal
#13269 Table "outline" and drag handles are at the wrong position if the table has a headline Bug Normal
#267 <table> must be created outside <p> SD-COE Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.5 Beta
#7105 Table moved to top of document when list is created on selection. Bug Normal
#2069 Table issue with template and heading Bug Normal
#4268 Table is not getting deleted after selecting it and pressing Delete button in Firefox Oracle Firefox CantFix Bug Normal
#9666 Table inside tableresize sample in standard/basic relase doesn't have border Bug Normal CKEditor 4.0
#12198 Table inside Paragraph Bug Normal
#1717 Table inside of Div producing unresponsive script Confirmed Review+ Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) FCKeditor 2.6
#2656 Table: insert row/column produces unexpected results in the presence of merged cells Bug Normal
#7344 Table Insert not working consistently IBM Bug Normal
#9600 Table insertion overflows inline editable Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 4.0
#8562 Table: Insert Column Before and Insert Column After not working when a column contains some 'undefined' cells IBM Bug Normal
#13729 Table: Insert Column before and After fails if a cell vertical split exist Tomasz Jakut Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#9037 [table] Horizontal split cell [2,1], then vertical split cell [1,2], table becomes messy Bug Normal
#14366 Table height resize using mouse properly not working on chrome browser Bug Normal
#8509 Table height gets copied from width when there is no advanced tab. Bug Normal CKEditor 3.6.3
#5266 Table headers incorrectly displayed when SCAYT is enabled Confirmed Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3
#12661 Table header drop down "First column" is incorrectly capitalised Bug Normal
#11922 Table header are set wrong if they are changed from "Both" to "First Columns only" Bug Normal
#2438 tablehandler not operating on proper row - Context Menu js error Bug Normal
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