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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#10873 Message to CKEditor Dev at #10871 Bug Normal
#10874 Styles Parser and https (SSL) problem Bug Normal
#10875 Message to CKEditor Dev at #10871 Bug Normal
#10892 All menu auto closes IE Bug Normal
#10896 Text gets highlighted in read only controls in Firefox Bug Normal
#10898 Can't edit nested div containers Bug Normal
#10899 KeyCode is different in chrome when Ctrl key is pressed Bug Normal
#10900 SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property 'getSelection': object is null or undefined Bug Normal
#10901 Bug with CKeditor 4 and RequiredFieldValidator with workaround Bug Normal
#10905 fakeElement - isResizable limitations Bug Normal
#10908 Webkit (Chrome and Safari) focus bug. Bug Normal
#10917 Unnecessary   in WebKit browsers WebKit Blink Bug Normal
#10918 Activating the constructor even if the plugin is disabled Bug Normal
#10919 Bug Spaces IE Bug Normal
#10920 how to split page into 2 columns and show page number when we print it Task Normal
#10921 ckeditor api used in 3.6.2 does not work in cke 4.0 Oracle Bug Normal
#10927 When ckeditor is inside a jquery UI dialog, richcombo dropdown panels fail when clicked on to close Bug Normal
#10929 Spelling Mistakes on Accessibility Instructions dialog IBM Anna Tomanek Bug Normal
#10934 Blur not fired correctly in Chrome or Safari Bug Normal
#10935 Table properties fields not working in ckeditor while open in colobox Task Normal
#10950 Cursor does not displayed on focus. Bug Normal
#10953 Overrides of inline Styles don't work correctly for classes Bug Normal
#10956 chrome toolbar wrapping Bug Normal
#10962 Speckie not working in Webspell checker editor - Spell check Bug Normal
#10965 Firefox: Incorrect cursor position when link is created IBM Bug Normal
#10968 Pasting plain text inside links becomes plain text New Feature Normal
#10969 [IE] Paragraph styling is not preserved after pasting (using Ctrl+V or Paste dialog) IBM Bug Normal
#10976 Submitted data encoded incorrect when htmlEncodeOutput = true Bug Normal
#10977 Correct spelling mistake with native spell checker does not trigger change event Bug Normal
#10978 bodyClass and bodyId not applied to styles AND format combobox Bug Normal
#10980 IE9: 'resetDirty' function throws exception when called after 'setData' function Bug Normal
#10982 Enable spell check Bug Normal
#10985 Div boundary displayed outside editor area Bug Normal
#10987 [Blink] Copy-paste table within CKE breaks width percentage. Blink Chrome Bug Normal
#10996 Additional Paragraph Format styles doesn't get applied Bug Normal
#10997 Ckeditor for drupal adding media popup not closing Bug Normal
#10998 ckEditor is adding a <p> -Tag Bug Normal
#11000 CKEditor Bullets Formatting issue Bug Normal
#11003 CKEditor inline editor on elements within an iframe Bug Normal
#11005 Asp.Net CKEditor "Past From Word" not maintining original format Bug Normal
#11006 Enter after link in enterMode: CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR Bug Normal
#11012 Using the editor within a frame Bug Normal
#11013 background : url (images/imagesname.png) not working Bug Normal
#11014 p="name=x" attribute would changed unexpected in text input Bug Normal
#11015 CKEditor don't work with Internet Explorer 11 (final) Bug Normal
#11016 What Textstyle and Text Size of an old Text in the Editor? Bug Normal
#11018 Image properties dialog: attaching links containing Emoji Bug Normal
#11020 Same config, different result between minifief and maximized version config, minfied, maximized Bug Normal
#11024 Unwanted &nbsp entities should automatically be removed WebKit Blink Bug Normal
#11025 Format Combo Box not wide enough Bug Normal
#11028 IE11, can't set text color or text background color IE11 Bug Normal
#11029 [IE11] Unable to set Text color or text background color IE11 Bug Normal
#11031 SCAYT issues Bug Normal
#11040 CKEditor Indent issue Bug Normal
#11045 Activate Button in Source code New Feature Normal
#11047 syntax error due to component mismatch Bug Normal
#11048 Insert table row adds row to parent table Bug Normal
#11049 Wrong validation for style tag if a quote for the type attribute is missing Bug Normal
#11052 possibility to disable all input-data-manipulation Task Normal
#11053 SCAYT conflicts with FF selection when pasting and undoing Firefox Bug Normal
#11054 Pasting arrow from word converts to registered trademark symbol Bug Normal
#11061 Paste stripping formatting on Windows Bug Normal
#11067 Add editing support for definition list's New Feature Normal
#11069 Large images and large files Bug Normal
#11071 Email design and alignment and line space look different on HTML email editor preview screen and the actual email the recipient receive Bug Normal
#11072 Merge cells doesn't work in FF when replaced textarea with inline editor Firefox Bug Normal
#11073 Chrome - Cursor doesn't start blinking on focus Bug Normal
#11084 Opening CKEditor in a modal window in Internet Explorer and SCAYT enabled IE9 IE10 Bug Normal
#11091 Issue with CKEditor regarding instance already attached to element Bug Normal
#11092 Extra comma in build-config.js Bug Normal
#11099 A few special characters aren't being encoded Bug Normal
#11100 Changed font size leads to major bug in line spacing Bug Normal
#11105 CKEditor edit-mode is not working in Linux version of Google Chrome (Chromium) Bug Normal
#11109 position:absolute and widget problem Bug Normal
#11119 IE 11 and rightclick on selection Bug Normal
#11127 Install plugin upload image into ckeditor Task Normal
#11128 JS error on pressing Delete in a list inside a table Bug Normal
#11136 Line removed when pasting Bug Normal
#11137 CKEDITOR 3 and 4 on same page Task Normal
#11138 insertHtml not inserting images in CKEditor content. Bug Normal
#11143 Text Wrap splitting words in two Bug Normal
#11150 Accents and not working in Firefox over Linux. Bug Normal
#11157 Unable to select text after enabling SCAYT Bug Normal
#11172 In code-view, Zero-width space's are rendered, instead of being shown as code Bug Normal
#11173 Regarding Undo Bug Normal
#11174 Find and Replace Bug Normal
#11175 Track Changes Bug Normal
#11181 Left mouse click on image opens image dialog IBM Bug Normal
#11184 Underline does not reflect text color Bug Normal
#11188 How to become listed on the Who is using list? Task Normal
#11189 Bullet Points indentation Bug Normal
#11191 "Better Pop Up Blocker" breaks CKEditor Bug Normal
#11193 Double Quotes added when links added Bug Normal
#11195 Dropdown "Styles" isn't closing on unfocus in jquery Dialog Bug Normal
#11197 Request for Office 2003 Skin and V2 in CKEditor 4.3 Bug Normal
#11203 CKEditor adding content automatically when viewed in Source Mode. Bug Normal
#11205 IE11 Issues with £ symbol and SCAYT Bug Normal
#11206 Toolbar is not enabling Bug Normal
#11208 No content in dropdown menu like Styles select menu. Bug Normal
#11209 Ckeditor problem with anchor tag Anchor Tag Bug Normal
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