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#6433 Shift+Space: does it work in CKE 3.4.1? New Feature Normal
#6434 Auto Text functionality using Short Cut Keys(Keystrokes) New Feature Normal
#6435 Modifications to the document aren't reflected in the preview window Bug Normal
#6436 Chrome: CTRL+V Paste with forcePasteAsPlainText=false inserts broken nested <div>s and sometimes <p>s Webkit VendorFix Bug Normal
#6437 Editing checkbox and radiobutton on FF is very tricky Firefox Bug Normal
#6439 j.container.getChild(1) is null Bug Normal
#6440 BIDI: Applying same language direction to all paragraphs not working. IBM Bug Normal
#6441 [IE] ContextMenu is opened on under mouse position on 'Menu' keypress IE Bug Normal
#6442 IE - Selection lost when context menu popped up IBM Bug Normal
#6448 [Webkit] adds line break in list Webkit Opera Bug Normal
#6450 'Source' mode inserts tabs into the contents of <pre> tags Bug Normal
#6451 [FF3.6.10] - Multiple CKEditors on Page focus glitch Firefox Bug Normal
#6453 Last whitespace ignored Bug Normal
#6456 Forced Line Breaks New Feature Normal
#6457 Word pasting is extremely slow in IE7 and IE8 IE Bug Normal CKEditor 4.6.0
#6458 Uploader tool New Feature Normal
#6463 Link dialog dont work in ajax call Bug Normal
#6464 Updated fi.js Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.2
#6466 Error while switching from WYSIWYG to source view in IE 8 Bug Normal
#6468 IE9: CKFinder folder tree expand icons missing IE9 Bug Normal
#6469 IE9: Files cannot be dragged to folders in CKFinder IE9 Bug Normal
#6470 IE7: Start textfield in Numbered List dialog should be a required field IBM IE7 Bug Normal CKEditor 3.6.1
#6473 [FF] Still steals focus Firefox Bug Normal
#6474 Selecting spacebar on select words Bug Normal
#6476 Line break character should not be inserted if elements only contain text nodes. IBM Bug Normal
#6478 Silently insert an empty paragraph in Chrome Bug Normal
#6480 CSS changes in CKEditor Bug Normal
#6481 [IE] 'document' is null or not an object error IE, HasPatch Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.2
#6482 BIDI: Copying & Pasting RTL lists from Word not working properly in IE7 IBM IE7 Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#6483 FCK Editor Image upload problem for https enable site Bug Normal
#6484 BIDI: Incorrect alignment is applied when copying & pasting RTL content from Word IBM Bug Normal
#6487 Google Chrome bug: all button in toolbox are in one LONG row Bug Normal
#6488 Image dialog validation should not allow a value of zero be entered numeric fields IBM Bug Normal
#6489 Hiding the information bar Task Normal
#6490 Image properties removed link on image Bug Normal
#6496 Replacing multiple paragraphs with an element does not fully remove the paragraphs IBM Bug Normal
#6497 insertHtml method JS error on Webkit browsers, failing Safari Bug Normal
#6498 [Safari] Insert between paragraphs unifies them Safari Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) CKEditor 3.5.1
#6503 class="Apple-style-span" should not be added by rich text editor Bug Normal
#6509 Dirty property should probably be set even when source doesn't change Bug Normal
#6511 [IE8] '0.startContainer' is null or not an object IE, Oracle Bug Normal
#6512 question regarding entermode p or div Task Normal
#6515 When clicking an image, screen jumps up, causing tool-bar to go off screen in maximised mode. Bug Normal
#6516 Safari: editor has 300 px min width when replacing div Webkit Bug Normal
#6519 firefox 3.6 ckeditor insertHtml() without focus inserts at beginning of editor Bug Normal
#6520 BIDI: Alignment doesn't apply in some cases with BIDI paragraphs IBM Bug Normal
#6523 FCK Config EnterMode = 'br' Task Normal
#6525 Editing an image with a link opens the Link dialog and not the Image Properties dialog Bug Normal
#6528 [IE7]: "Choose" buttons in cell properties dialog are not displaying properly IBM IE7 Bug Normal
#6538 insertHtml on Safari Mac OSX Snow Leopard (5.0.2) fails on nightlies Bug Normal
#6547 Divreplace - Apply div css styles to content in editor instance, divreplace css Bug Normal
#6551 [IE7]: Improper behaviour when pasting a List in IE7 IBM IE VendorFix Bug Normal
#6565 The Anchor dialog window should let the user set the ID for an anchor Discussion Bug Normal
#6576 FCKEditor 2.6.5 & Internet Explorer 9 Bug Normal
#6577 selection error when editor element is hidden Firefox Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#6578 failed to load null resource when contentsCss set to null in webkit Bug Normal
#6582 Add row properties dialog New Feature Normal
#6587 divreplace.html sample broken Firefox Bug Normal
#6590 q is null Bug Normal
#6591 No Textarea Visible Bug Normal
#6600 Disappearing cursor cursor Bug Normal
#6601 Incorrect indent in source Bug Normal
#6606 Multiple and full of span Bug Normal
#6613 Missing Translations in Japanese for List Dialog Bug Normal
#6626 removeFormat + selected (resized) image Bug Normal
#6627 Display select handles on "HR" New Feature Normal
#6628 Setting config.enterMode from PHP fails HasPatch Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#6631 Element attributes dropped during copy/paste in Firefox 3.5.15 environment Bug Normal
#6633 No events after setData Bug Normal
#6636 Undeline not removed from style Bug Normal
#6637 copy pasting from word to ckeditor Bug Normal
#6643 Ctrl+V on Windows XP with FF pastes local image Discussion Bug Normal
#6648 chrome+CKeditor issue Bug Normal
#6651 Bug when click on Source Bug Normal
#6653 Multi-line Paste Bug in OS X Safari Safari Mac Bug Normal
#6667 Browse server opens tab in Firefox/Mac, resizes whole window Bug Normal
#6668 Image resize plugin Discussion Webkit Drupal New Feature Normal
#6669 HTML code not inserting in IE, Inserting in FireFox Bug Normal
#6673 IE Target combo for Image Link shown as blank even when we select <not set> as an option IBM IE Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.3
#6674 The Chinese Simplified language patch for CKEditor 3.5.x HasPatch Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.3
#6675 Upload tab does not appear in Image Properties Bug Normal
#6676 send some text to page on buttom Bug Normal
#6679 Link tag around image lost on drag and drop WebKit Bug Normal
#6683 Extra line breaks added when saving the content on fckeditor 2.6.4 Bug Normal
#6685 config.ProtectedSource not working in <TABLE>...</TABLE> Bug Normal
#6690 Copied links are improperly pasted Bug Normal
#6691 Paste from Word ignoring Style Definitions Bug Normal
#6694 Protected source code not displayed in WYSIWYG mode Bug Normal
#6696 Dialogs open for non-editable content on doubleclick Bug Normal
#6697 Non-editable content duplicated on drag-n-drop Discussion Bug Normal
#6698 User can still type before dialog load Bug Normal
#6699 Html filter lowercases object properties Bug Normal
#6700 Insert element over selection breaks DOM Bug Normal
#6701 Problems with forms that is cut Bug Normal
#6704 FCK autocorrect incorrect/incomplete tags FCK Task Normal
#6707 Paste over selected texts changes styling of pasted text Discussion New Feature Normal
#6712 Incorrect style set in wysiwygarea plugin.js Bug Normal
#6713 Entity encoding in attributes Bug Normal
#6714 Opera & Safari- It's not possible to enter text after Horizontal Line & Page break IBM Bug Normal
#6716 FCKEditor 2.6.5 adds span tags when viewing source Bug Normal
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