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#11210 Insert image using insertHtml() and resize/move handles are not there Bug Normal
#11211 The data within the editor is disappeared when you select other tab. Bug Normal
#11213 Setting Language for Custom Plugin Bug Normal
#11214 Focusing not work when CKEditor deep in frame in IE6, IE8 Bug Normal
#11217 numbered list is reset to 0 when adding a bulleted list in the numbered list Bug Normal
#11218 Bug in bbcode plugin Bug Normal
#11220 Floated div causes empty gap in IE8-9 Bug Normal
#11226 Aligning image causes width and height to disappear (using Chrome) Bug Normal
#11228 class attribute disappears within <tr> tag Bug Normal
#11229 class attribute disappears within <table> Bug Normal
#11230 Is it possible to add Tags around content automaticly Task Normal
#11232 Opera: Additional <br />s keep appearing Opera Bug Normal
#11233 .NET Webbrowser control and IE11 breaks CKEditor Bug Normal
#11235 Back Space Fails when Image Selected Bug Normal
#11236 Widget templates with newlines cause errors Bug Normal
#11238 New paragrahps added when saving bullet list with indented items Bug Normal
#11243 Magicline and widgets Bug Normal
#11245 Correct spell menu not open on right clicking misspelled word, only if 'config.enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR;' line added in your config.js file Bug Normal
#11246 Widgets within widgets Bug Normal
#11249 Not allowing html comments in the source Bug Normal
#11251 Cannot cut a list properly if it's selected by mouse. oracle Bug Normal
#11263 IE8: Merged table cells with width applied not rendering correctly IBM Bug Normal
#11264 IE11 - Styles, Format, Font and Size drop down not positioned correctly on first click Bug Normal
#11265 IE 11 ignores style="display: none" in compatability mode Bug Normal
#11266 How to use undo plugin.js Bug Normal
#11278 ASP.NET validation does not read the right value of CKEditor Bug Normal
#11282 Documentation on Widgets (Part 2) has an error. Anna Tomanek Bug Normal
#11284 [IE8] Modernizr 2.5.x causes error when opening link dialog IE8 Bug Normal
#11285 email-adress undefined in Chrome and IE Marek Lewandowski Bug Normal
#11287 [Chrome, inline editor] Ctrl+A after selecting Page Break selects an entire page instead of the editor body content IBM Webkit Blink Bug Normal
#11289 Codemirror source + undo / redo Bug Normal
#11292 GPL Version for Plugins New Feature Normal
#11295 can't destroy before setData has finished Bug Normal
#11296 convert ckeditor content to word document Task Normal
#11299 [IE7] Editor does not load IE7 Bug Normal
#11301 Blur event doesn't fire the first time that it should Bug Normal
#11302 ACF not working at all Bug Normal
#11303 width/height IE9+IE11 Bug Normal
#11304 width/height IE9+IE11 Bug Normal
#11305 CKFinder new keybinding suggestion: F2 for renaming CKFinder New Feature Normal
#11308 editor in 'enter_br' mode loses br tags if multiple br tags are present before a table (tested for IE 9, IE 10 and IE 11) Bug Normal
#11310 CKEditor and {cke_protected} for syntax highlighting Bug Normal
#11311 SCAYT mouse control delay Bug Normal
#11312 CKEditor and {cke_protected} for "<?" string Bug Normal
#11314 hidden first dialog tab Bug Normal
#11315 core/lang.js: crash in callback when language fails to load Bug Normal
#11316 Problem inputting Hiraga Characters Bug Normal
#11317 ACF is NOT working, no matching anything Bug Normal
#11319 ckeditor.js is throwing Not supported error in IE12 Bug Normal
#11327 NotFoundError exception when opening specialchar dialog from two editors in debug mode Bug Normal
#11328 'ok' dialog buttons look wonky in Firefox Bug Normal
#11329 SpellChecker button does not display when using a custom defined toolbar. Bug Normal
#11330 Style Type - Dropdown, multiple elements selector New Feature Normal
#11332 Styles combo does not ever show object styles Bug Normal
#11333 [IE11] Pasting broken in IE11 for ASP.NET CkEditor Bug Normal
#11335 AJAX submit and load/initialization of CKEditor fails in Struts 2 application using Struts jQuery plugin Bug Normal
#11336 Inserting Special Character as normal text Task Normal
#11338 Regarding Special Character Bug Normal
#11344 IE 11 issues on demo and within cms Bug Normal
#11345 ckeditor 4.3.1 does not version image/image references in css Bug Normal
#11347 embed rss feed Bug Normal
#11348 Enter Key without <BR> tag Bug Normal
#11351 Allow empty anchor tags (A-tag) Bug Normal
#11352 "a" element being removed from markup Bug Normal
#11353 IE8, Ckeditor.js, Line: 668, Column: 449, Unable to get property 'items' of undefined or null reference Bug Normal
#11354 Filter.check not properly working with ACF rules Bug Normal
#11355 Issue found in IE 11 only Bug Normal
#11356 Issue found in IE11 and IE9 Bug Normal
#11357 Issue found in IE11 and IE9 - Insert Hyperlink does not work Bug Normal
#11358 issue in IE 11 Bug Normal
#11360 Unable to Copy and Paste into IE11 Bug Normal
#11364 Widget image2 : Cannot set property 'previous' of null Bug Normal
#11366 Switching to HTML view removes all widget attributes Bug Normal
#11367 Backspacing to merge two same-styled lines changes the style of the second line Bug Normal
#11368 cannot find find any dll in the downloaded file ckeditor 4.3 Task Normal
#11369 Error during the process of storing ckeditor content Bug Normal
#11370 Our Software Product does not work in IE7 even though we use CKEditor version 4.1.3 Bug Normal
#11371 File control is not working Bug Normal
#11373 CKeditor paste from word not working Bug Normal
#11381 <Title> tag content is missing Bug Normal
#11385 Unable to type in the writing tool after changing the Font name, size, color and Background color options Styles, tablet, mobile Bug Normal
#11388 Editing cell properties to include border New Feature Normal
#11391 Double escaping on widgets ?downcast? Bug Normal
#11395 I cannot paste numbering correctly across tables (from MSWord into CKEditor) Oracle Bug Normal
#11396 Insert a Smiley, widget core, image2 plugin - bug Bug Normal
#11404 Link editing bug Bug Normal
#11406 Issues with merging 2 texts/lines with heading tags Bug Normal
#11420 IE: editor blinks and Drop-downs closed immediately after show when CKEditor opened as a modal dialog IBM Bug Normal
#11430 Pasting text using ctrl-v or the paste button does not work in IE11 Bug Normal
#11431 FCKEditor is not in editable mode Bug Normal
#11432 [CHROME 32] Image icon Bug Normal
#11435 ReadOnly mode acts as Disabled Bug Normal
#11436 Maximize plugin with shared space doesen't work Bug Normal
#11440 CK4.3.1 (revision 3ecd0b8), Indent icon disabled Bug Normal
#11462 [Blink] Hitting shift+enter twice from the top of a formatted block will add a space below the cursor Blink Bug Normal
#11463 Post-submit editor scrolls page upon enter / paste Bug Normal
#11464 Merge Paragraph Merge Paragraph New Feature Normal
#11466 SCAYT jumps to previous ckeditor instance for second misspelling in Chrome Blink Bug Normal
#11467 editing font size and colour Bug Normal
#11472 Detection & initialisation of widgets in foreign injection of HTML New Feature Normal
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