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#12629 CKEditor 4.3.4 Anchor Issues with IE9 Bug Normal
#11870 CKEditor 4.3.4 and ASP.NET 3.6.4 Bug Normal
#14786 CK Editor 4.3 Instance Hang on IE Bug Normal
#12379 CKEditor 4.4.4 Full cannot used in google chrome Bug Normal
#12338 CKEditor 4.4.4 has new, unoptimized images Artur Delura Bug Normal CKEditor 4.4.5
#11943 ckeditor 4.4 random crash when switching to source mode Bug Normal
#16709 CKEditor 4.6 text selection doesn't work in IE11 when specific css is applied Bug Normal
#16661 CKEditor 4 browser Context Menu On Ctrl not working with Firefox browser Bug Normal
#10278 CKEditor 4 conflicts with PureText add-on Bug Normal
#10573 CKEditor 4 conflicts with PureText add-on Bug Normal
#9830 CKEditor 4 does not load when the Google Chrome developer tools are open before loading the page Bug Normal
#9451 CKeditor 4 IE 8 Insert Image or Link Error IE 8, insert image Bug Normal
#10075 CKEditor 4 Inline editing - Toolbar appears in the wrong place when you drag the editing object Bug Normal
#10058 CKEDitor 4 inline editor firefox and IE bug Bug Normal
#9934 CKEditor 4 in Twitter Bootstrap modal disables dropdowns in IE CantFix IE Bug Normal
#10044 CKEditor 4 textarea replace - Toolbar increase the textarea width Bug Normal
#10538 CKEditor 4 - Text selection disappearing when opening Link Dialog (first time) Bug Normal
#9869 CKEDITOR 4 toolbar is acting weird Bug Normal
#9779 CKEditor 4 unable to override GetUrl Bug Normal CKEditor 4.0.2
#11847 CKEditor 4.x for ASP.NET Bug Normal
#9702 CKEditor 4.x is missing keystrokes in config object. Bug Normal
#13490 Ckeditor 500 Internal Server Error Bug Normal
#7512 ckeditor accidently/wrongly creates class tags for all child items in a div Bug Normal
#12958 CKEditor active control error display every time Bug Normal
#3721 CKeditor: Add a parseable version string Task Normal
#11203 CKEditor adding content automatically when viewed in Source Mode. Bug Normal
#14355 CKEditor adds div tag in between caption tag of table when left aligned. Oracle Bug Normal
#13194 CKEditor adds empty paragraph to the content on startup (inline mode) Bug Normal
#5154 ckeditor adds whitespace to tags in source Bug Normal
#13212 ckeditor ajax error Bug Normal
#13742 CKEditor Ajax replace html Bug Normal
#14338 CKEditor anchor tag floats firefox link Bug Normal
#11312 CKEditor and {cke_protected} for "<?" string Bug Normal
#11310 CKEditor and {cke_protected} for syntax highlighting Bug Normal
#10552 CKEditor and Jquery UI Integration Bug Normal
#13956 CKeditor and Yoast 3.x bug Bug Normal
#10921 ckeditor api used in 3.6.2 does not work in cke 4.0 Oracle Bug Normal
#8725 CKEDITOR.appendTo used for tag 'textarea',does not work Bug Normal
#8387 CKeditor area takes full size to acomodate large text Bug Normal
#8823 CKEditor ASP.Net control does not handle ReadOnly attribute kaga Bug Normal
#5867 CKEditor automatically adds <br /> Bug Normal
#10405 CKEditor backgroundcolor selection bug Bug Normal
#10055 CKEditor backspace IE - When selecting a image and pressing "backspace" causes browser to go back IE IBM Piotrek Koszuliński Bug Normal CKEditor 4.3.1
#11563 CKEditor Backspace not functioning in Chrome,IE Bug Normal
#5165 CKEDITOR_BASEPATH has no affect on CKEDITOR.basePath IBM WorksForMe Bug Normal
#3907 CKEditor becomes non-editable in Firefox 3.5 if loaded from history cache Confirmed Bug Normal CKEditor 3.1
#13517 Ckeditor becomes Unresponsive Bug Normal
#5982 CKEditor: Bold, Italic, Underline can only be applied to already written text (Chrome, Safari, Opera) Bug Normal
#16904 CKEditor breaks SharePoint TaxonomyWebTaggingControl fields Bug Normal
#5112 CKEditor : Browse server button on the link tab of the image dialogue launches config.filebrowserImageBrowseUrl instead of config.filebrowserBrowseUrl Bug Normal
#5054 CKEditor bug found for Internet Exporer Pending Bug Normal
#6890 CKEditor bugs on both 3.5 and 3.4.3 Bug Normal
#11000 CKEditor Bullets Formatting issue Bug Normal
#12532 CK editor buttons were being overlapped in IE10 Bug Normal
#6400 CKEditor cannot manage <strong> or <em> tags when style=color is set. Bug Normal
#13492 ckeditor can't access root directory IE9 Bug Normal
#10514 CKEditor cause ambiguous page scroll Bug Normal
#4755 CKeditor causes javascript error on IE Pending Bug Normal
#16711 Ckeditor changes attribute (and creates new attribute) when an attribute contains &quot; ... occurs on load Bug Normal
#10786 CKEditor change Source Code formatting Bug Normal
#3441 CKEDITOR changes script tag content Confirmed Review+ Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal CKEditor 3.0
#4880 CKEditor changes tag style inside html comment with cke_protected Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#11774 CKEditor changing code in every browser, adding <span> tags, adding random code Bug Normal
#12203 CKEditor changing font size or color has no effect on selected text in IE Bug Normal
#11683 CKEditor changing pasted text from word Bug Normal
#10353 CKEditor clears attributes when switching from source to design view Bug Normal
#3613 CKEditor: combo content is not displaying in absolute positioned container with large z-index Confirmed Bug Normal
#13247 Mollom bug Bug Normal
#10715 CKEDITOR.config.allowedContent not working IE8 & IE9 allowedContent IE8 IE9 Bug Normal
#5283 CKEDITOR.config.baseHref not working properly on IE8 Pending Bug Normal
#9286 CKEDITOR.config#keystrokes - update docs Olek Nowodziński Bug Normal CKEditor 4.0
#9285 CKEDITOR.config#on missed in documentation Piotrek Koszuliński Bug Normal CKEditor 4.0
#9055 CKEDITOR.config.protectedSource.push( /<\?[\s\S]*?\?>/g ); // PHP Code Bug Normal
#13272 [CKEDITOR.config.scayt_minWordLength] does not work Bug Normal
#8608 CKEditor configuration is not read by instances runninng in the update panel kaga Bug Normal
#4406 CKEDITOR consumes the enter key for dialog textareas Bug Normal
#12280 CKeditor content is removed and freeze when switching between jquery dialogs Bug Normal
#9913 CKEditor Content Not Submitting Properly Bug Normal
#11738 Ckeditor Contents getting deleted Bug Normal
#9337 CK Editor content to Indesign 5 Mac indesign 5 mac convert content Task Normal
#3528 CKEditor : Context Menu issue Oracle Confirmed Review+ Tobiasz Cudnik Bug Normal CKEditor 3.1
#13124 CK Editor Context menu not opening if you click inside editor body but outside content IBM Bug Normal
#12639 CKEditor control does not work on Azure Bug Normal
#13073 CKEditor converts/replaces the word "style" to "class" Bug Normal
#12505 CKEditor copy from word/Excel from other source and paste on editor format not preserving Bug Normal
#7697 CKEditor crashes on next .replace() command after SCAYT context menu initialization. Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.4
#8167 CKEditor crashes on simple html code Bug Normal
#13699 CKEditor crashes when user conected through SSL - Uncaught TypeError: c.addRules is not a function Bug Normal
#13539 CKEditor created from CKBuilder don't load Bug Normal
#8732 CKEditor creating hidden spans which can result in hidden content IE Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal CKEditor 3.6.3
#7509 CKEDITOR.currentInstance is null inside a plugin Bug Normal
#5143 CKEDITOR.currentInstance.openDialog('your-custom-dialogue'); Does not work in Opera Bug Normal
#10382 CKEDITOR.currentInstance returns null on focus Bug Normal
#12088 CKEDITOR cursor positioning issue in chrome Bug Normal
#8775 CKeditor custom templates Task Normal
#13959 CKEDITOR Data drops after < Bug Normal
#16749 CK Editor deletes code it does not understand Bug Normal
#10205 CKEditor dialog buttons can't be clicked if opened from modal dialog Bug Normal
#7619 CKEditor dialogs are displayed behind ActiveX controls in IE IBM Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.6.2
#8888 CK Editor dialogs do not show completely in small window IBM Olek Nowodziński Bug Normal CKEditor 4.0.1
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