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#11474 Keyboard hides after pasting on iOS Bug Normal
#11476 config.browserContextMenuOnCtrl does not work with the divarea plugin Bug Normal
#11477 If you use "Paste from word" when pasting table it looses color formatting Bug Normal
#11482 Regarding Ckeditor Command lines Bug Normal
#11483 Selecting through Status bar and deleting get merged with next element Bug Normal
#11484 Text with CSS3 column-count property in IE 11 handled as bloc IE11 Bug Normal
#11492 Tablerizer plugin bugs Bug Normal
#11494 Incorrect handling of gt/lt-masked braces at editor load Bug Normal
#11496 Some SPAN configurations create undesired hidden SPAN blocks Bug Normal
#11497 `cleanWord` undefined in "pastefromword" plugin Bug Normal
#11498 Autoreplace content with rich content (hashtags to links to hashtags) New Feature Normal
#11499 changes do not reflect in site Bug Normal
#11509 divarea plugin prevents browser context menu from firing Bug Normal
#11511 IE: incorrect selection when CKEditor opened as a modal dialog IBM Bug Normal
#11512 When composing a mail and pressing enter, an extra line is appended Bug Normal
#11513 FCK editor Cut/Copy icon are disabled in Chrome Version "32.0.1700.102 m" and safari Bug Normal
#11514 Font size in German with ... at the end in toolbar Bug Normal
#11515 Last item on bullet list ignored - Google chrome issue. Blink Bug Normal
#11517 IE 8 triggers beforeUnload event when toolbar button is clicked Bug Normal
#11518 Inline Editing Cursor Jump w/ SCAYT Enabled Firefox IE Bug Normal
#11521 Several issues Bug Normal
#11525 Hyperlink tool doesn't work with Internet Explorer Bug Normal
#11527 Ipad scrolling not woirking when embedded in an iframe. Bug Normal
#11528 image dialog not working - CKeditor / Mootools 1.2 conflict Bug Normal
#11529 OpenOffice paste table loses background color Bug Normal
#11531 Google CDN Url for the Full featured CKEditor? Task Normal
#11534 CKeditor (Inline) problem when no cached version is available Bug Normal
#11535 Pasting the text twice Bug Normal
#11539 Add API method to define placement for new toolbar buttons New Feature Normal
#11540 Fix docs spelling Bug Normal
#11543 CKEditor Toolbar is not showing up in IE Bug Normal
#11545 Issue with korean IME inputs Bug Normal
#11546 Database connection using CKEditor New Feature Normal
#11547 Markup characters in email Bug Normal
#11552 CKEDITOR 4.3.2 IE11 Permission Denied Bug Normal
#11553 Newline and then backspace alters style using Chrome Browser Bug Normal
#11555 Invalid file or directory when try to delete a file or image in CKEditor 3.5.2 (revision 6450) Bug Normal
#11558 Alignment state of the picture doesn't update properly. Oracle Bug Normal
#11559 IE11 - link on image is clickable - happens in the demo page as well Bug Normal
#11561 CKEditor: "Paste from Word" box does not display Bug Normal
#11563 CKEditor Backspace not functioning in Chrome,IE Bug Normal
#11569 CKeditor for Joomla v4.3.2 has something wrong Bug Normal
#11570 include the syntaxhighlight addon as built-in plugin New Feature Normal
#11573 New event: DirtyStateChanged New Feature Normal
#11575 Replace keypress with other events Bug Normal
#11576 Support newest Android in env.js Task Normal
#11577 Open a select button (styles, ...) in a jQuery dialog Bug Normal
#11578 A tags are getting removed Bug Normal
#11599 Cannot decrease indent of single list item. Oracle Bug Normal
#11600 Image2 plugin include class to indicate alignment New Feature Normal
#11602 onchange event does not fire for CKEditor textarea input elements. Bug Normal
#11608 Selecting a style with attributes and then selecting a style with styles (but no attributes) retains the original attributes (and vice versa) Bug Normal
#11612 Unable to find an image manipulation component Bug Normal
#11613 CKEDITOR.editor.resize won't accept CSS units for height IBM Bug Normal
#11615 Enhanced Image Editor will not center align image and allow a link Bug Normal
#11618 Cannot paste in modal text editor using Android/Chrome Bug Normal
#11619 pasting numbered lists from MS Word - different behavior in CKE3 and 4 New Feature Normal
#11620 My download of 4.3.3 won't work except in IE10 Bug Normal
#11628 the numbering of headlines is excluded from the font-layout Bug Normal
#11633 file downloads CKfinder.html CKFinder Bug Normal
#11637 HTML format Bug Normal
#11640 onClick event of "send to server" button not firing in image plugin Bug Normal
#11642 Registration is not user friendly Bug Normal
#11643 advance options not coming in c.k editor any version Task Normal
#11644 Number of rows must be a number greater than 0 Bug Normal
#11648 Customize for your ckeditor_4.2.1 .... Task Normal
#11649 node.js: cross domain getPrarent() permission access denied error Bug Normal
#11650 Moving cursor past end of line removes current formatting in Firefox Bug Normal
#11652 Drag handle disappear on Chrome Bug Normal
#11653 Ckeditor 3.6.4 Not working while retrieving page through Oracle FSM Bug Normal
#11654 viewing with CKEditor, Creating with CKEditor Bug Normal
#11656 Insert row numbering automatically into table New Feature Normal
#11658 How to make CKEditor field read only in IE9 Bug Normal
#11659 forcePasteAsPlainText: Word - Firefox Bug Normal
#11661 Error: Permission denied to access property 'nodeType' Bug Normal
#11662 conflict with autogrow, divarea, magicline and sharedspace Bug Normal
#11664 Symbols are not working Bug Normal
#11666 Editor changing pasted text from word formatting Bug Normal
#11667 Editor changing pasted text from word formatting Bug Normal
#11670 Toolbar definition in global editorConfig does not work Bug Normal
#11672 EJS templates not preserved by protectedsource Bug Normal
#11675 Cannot call method 'getComputedStyle' of undefined Bug Normal
#11676 SSRV has timed out with the current operation Bug Normal
#11680 Editor in Modal/Modeless dialog formatting problems Bug Normal
#11683 CKEditor changing pasted text from word Bug Normal
#11684 FCK Editor Resource List in Server Bug Normal
#11688 Filtering iframe tag in Full Html Bug Normal
#11699 Text comming from "Paste from word" to ckeditor add some style attribute to first line Bug Normal
#11702 Is there any sub version (SVN) for CKEditor code Bug Normal
#11703 CKEditor's editing area doesn't appear Bug Normal
#11704 What is differences between standard version and full version of ckeditor Bug Normal
#11705 Editor changing pasted text from word formatting Bug Normal
#11706 DropDowns closes immidiately in IE Bug Normal
#11707 Magic-Line showing in email Bug Normal
#11710 Directive extraPlugins - ignore spaces between multiple items Bug Normal
#11711 Directive extraPlugins - allow array format New Feature Normal
#11713 Plugin "Image2": Add "Image Info", "Link", "Advanced" tabs New Feature Normal
#11715 SCAYT enabled for ckeditor inline causes problems with widgets Bug Normal
#11716 allowedContent have a problem Bug Normal
#11723 Break tags inserted if editor hidden - IE 11 IE11 Bug Normal
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