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#11738 Ckeditor Contents getting deleted Bug Normal
#11740 editor.insertHtml isn't registered as event.editor.on "change" Bug Normal
#11741 Colored markup in source view New Feature Normal
#11742 Paste as Plain text not stripping font html Bug Normal
#11744 Text Formatting not possible if using browser via citrix or RDP Bug Normal
#11746 Problem in character count - IE browser Bug Normal
#11747 Javascript error when removing a CKeditor instance (including extra plugins) before its content is fully loaded Bug Normal
#11748 PhraseExpress gains wrong focus in CKEditor Bug Normal
#11749 Cannot use mouse or touchpad to copy and paste in Chrome Bug Normal
#11751 incompatibility issues with ckeditor used by Bluehost Bug Normal
#11752 Editor removes [type] attribute on <ol> Bug Normal
#11756 CHROME: Applying alignment & link to an image removing all properties of image Blink Webkit IBM Bug Normal
#11758 scayt â Bug Normal
#11760 Quick table insertion feature New Feature Normal
#11763 Incorect anchor targeting for pages with canonical path not same as base path. Bug Normal
#11764 Double byte white space characters are skipped in Firefox during copy/paste Bug Normal
#11766 When closing an Internet Explorer (11) window containing a CKEditor, opened from an external source, a script error occurs IE11 Bug Normal
#11769 youtube pluging french tranlation Bug Normal
#11774 CKEditor changing code in every browser, adding <span> tags, adding random code Bug Normal
#11776 Codemirror icons are missing in package generated by Editor Builder Bug Normal
#11784 forceEnterMode enabled, enter key does not work well inside lists IBM Bug Normal
#11789 CKEditor inline does not initialize properly in Chrome if the container element is initially hidden Bug Normal
#11790 [Blink] Chrome - merging block + ACF Bug Normal
#11805 Paste from word remove color style Bug Normal
#11819 empty output text array if any Tags used Bug Normal
#11820 Background is white blank when I try to add anchor link in IE10 Bug Normal
#11831 moonocolor has no color Bug Normal
#11834 Bad behaviour when transforming autoclosed tags Bug Normal
#11838 i want to add Video Resizer same as Image resizer can we do it? New Feature Normal
#11841 Attributes get lost after drop a anchor in ckeditor (chrome) Bug Normal
#11844 Color tool tip is displayed in english for non en-us language in TextColor plugin Bug Normal
#11845 Ckeditor Script time out on large amounts of data Bug Normal
#11846 Google Chrome hangs when CKEditor parses malformed HTML Blink Bug Normal
#11847 CKEditor 4.x for ASP.NET Bug Normal
#11849 Can't add text after moving the cursor on iOS (Same issue as #10318) iOS Bug Normal
#11851 float inline editor New Feature Normal
#11852 improperly highlighting on changing text color Bug Normal
#11854 [IE8-11] Opening dialogs in IE within an IFrame cause the page to scroll up IE Bug Normal
#11855 the problem of parsing angle brackets(&lt;&gt;) after transferred by ckeditor Bug Normal
#11857 ckeditor lose data and freeze after drop using jquery.sortable Bug Normal
#11858 Unable to load xml template on Editor Task Normal
#11860 CK Editor Script Error while pasting content from a Word doc Bug Normal
#11862 IE11 - pressing enter causes screen to jump down Bug Normal
#11863 Problem to drag and drop text Bug Normal
#11866 ctrl+A don't work if widget is the first element in content Bug Normal
#11867 image browser Bug Normal
#11868 Unable to save in WYSIWYG in CKEditor after upgrade WP 3.9 Bug Normal
#11869 Unable to edit image in CKEditor after upgrade WP 3.9 Bug Normal
#11870 CKEditor 4.3.4 and ASP.NET 3.6.4 Bug Normal
#11874 Reg: File upload control is missing in Image upload Bug Normal
#11889 The element for isEditable is not working when set to false Bug Normal
#11900 German uppercase defect Bug Normal
#11901 Horizonal line is duplicated after undo (Chrome) Bug Normal
#11907 FredCK:CKEditor not working in IE10 Bug Normal
#11908 I want to upload a image from image properties using browse in Task Normal
#11912 Custom Control in image properties Task Normal
#11913 Custom Control in image properties Task Normal
#11916 Please consider different shortcut for Accessibility Help (not Alt-0) New Feature Normal
#11917 Getting < at the end of the paragraph in outlook Bug Normal
#11919 name@domain.comundefined Bug Normal
#11921 Permission denied in IE8 Bug Normal
#11922 Table header are set wrong if they are changed from "Both" to "First Columns only" Bug Normal
#11924 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'hasAttribute' of undefined Bug Normal
#11925 Calling getUniqueId on a container fails in IE8 Bug Normal
#11936 Text selection lost when using Browse Server in Link plugin Bug Normal
#11937 IE8/9: Dropdown menu's (Styles, Format) incorrect positioning Bug Normal
#11940 Need small clarification CK Editor License New Feature Normal
#11942 Enhanced Image dialog doesn't find it's caption on editing Bug Normal
#11943 ckeditor 4.4 random crash when switching to source mode Bug Normal
#11944 Inlinde editor on removed dom element error Bug Normal
#11950 Paste from Word fails with table from Excel Bug Normal
#11971 Underline and strikeout color not maintained during copy paste from word Bug Normal
#11974 inline editing Numbered list impacts the whole document Webkit Blink Bug Normal
#11981 CKEditor doesn't load in custom [[*content]] fields in MODX admin panel Bug Normal
#11984 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'type' of null in BBCode plugin Bug Normal
#11985 PasteFromWord text in CKeditor changed unexpectedly to original WORD content Bug Normal
#11986 SetData doesn't load content ckeditor 4.4 Bug Normal
#11987 PasteFromWord font&bullet color in CKeditor inconsistent to orginal WORD content Bug Normal
#11989 create table as widget Bug Normal
#11995 sharedSpace plugin displays a toolbar for inline editors before any editor is focused Bug Normal
#11996 oEmbed Videos are not coming in safari mac machine Bug Normal
#11997 In Chrome on paste/click enter button after paste page scrolls to end Bug Normal
#11998 Chrome / Safari over typing link text issue Bug Normal
#12001 Image Drag and Drop fails on Chrome on Mac Bug Normal
#12002 CKEditor doesn't work on mobile devices Bug Normal
#12005 In Chrome, select bold /italic style for a text and click on enter "?" symbol is displaying Bug Normal
#12010 Highlighted/selected text loses focus when SCAYT enabled Bug Normal
#12011 data returned by getData is not consistent Bug Normal
#12012 HTML Entities Problem with &lt; &gt; inside of the <code> segment Bug Normal
#12013 Dialogs : form elements are not rendering correctly Bug Normal
#12017 Error on ckpackager.exe Bug Normal
#12021 Cannot insert "é" character using AltGr-combination with Internet Explorer Bug Normal
#12025 Paste option not working properly after integration in my application Bug Normal
#12027 Dropping images doesn't fire a change event on the editor. Bug Normal
#12031 "change"-event not fired on changes in source-code-mode Bug Normal
#12032 Paste from word removing styles Bug Normal
#12034 Possible issue with build system; string literal corrupted? Bug Normal
#12039 Issue in Ckeditor due to invalid markup of style tag in div Bug Normal
#12041 Magicline and DIV enterMode IBM Bug Normal
#12042 Support for word document on the issue Bug Normal
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