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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#3724 Slow and unusable editor when inserting 999x99 table Discussion Bug Low
#3756 [IE7] Inconsistent navigation issue on tables with headers IBM IE Bug Normal
#3786 Copying / pasting in IE creates font tags IE Bug Normal
#3826 Provide a way to remove current block in entermode=br Discussion New Feature Normal
#3841 Filter independent of writer Discussion Task Normal
#3851 Linux version of jslint is unavailable Bug Normal
#3863 DevTool - autoChangelog Confirmed Garry Yao New Feature Normal
#3941 Creation of Paragraph and Sub-Paragraph structure on pressing "indent" button Discussion New Feature Normal
#3943 It is possible to drag buttons Bug Normal
#3945 Inserting an Anchor removes selected content Bug Normal
#3955 Dialogs: mouse cursor over checkboxes and radios shows as beam instead of arrow Bug Normal
#3957 Collapsed toolbar Firefox Bug Normal
#3961 KAMA: Jumping Button Bug Normal
#3962 Wrong dialog layout Bug Normal
#3965 "Collapse Toolbar" changes editor width Firefox Bug Normal
#3966 Add title for "Collapse Toolbar" Task Normal
#3970 Source mode textarea issue on IE7 strict with scrollbars IE Bug Normal
#3986 can't place cursor before a table Discussion IBM Bug Normal
#3997 Undo test case New Feature Normal
#4012 [Safari] Combo inputs are without arrow Safari Bug Normal
#4019 [Safari] RTL - cursor possition is wrong Safari Bug Normal
#4020 Resizing in Safari is difficult when window has scrollbar Safari Bug Normal
#4025 Attribute values in single style quotes Bug Normal
#4079 [FF] Create list error no multiple items Firefox Garry Yao Bug Normal
#4110 Source mode font size Bug Normal
#4124 Delete key Firefox Bug Normal
#4148 Update CKEDITOR.test.getAttribute Bug Normal
#4187 [IE6] Find a better solution for horizontal document scroll IE Discussion Bug Normal
#4192 SUP and SUB script should be turn off after newline Discussion Bug Normal
#4212 Firefox "script stack space quota is exhausted" HasPatch Bug Normal
#4229 CSS selector support for Test Environment Discussion New Feature Normal
#4352 Ommiting the traling slash for a custom skin or plugin path results into unwanted behavior Bug Normal
#4446 Implement ieSpell and Speller Pages New Feature Normal
#4541 Maximize adds extra space on non-Kama skins Bug Normal
#4559 Menus buttons width Discussion Bug Normal
#4561 [IE] Unable to edit link when select the entire <a> IE Bug Normal
#4623 Compatibility issue between IE and CKEDITOR Bug Normal
#4658 Bespin integration Discussion New Feature Normal
#4698 galeon should be treated like konqueror Bug Normal
#4700 code/loader.js dependancy on env.js Bug Normal
#4796 Flash objects are output incorrectly Bug Normal
#4806 [Chrome] Flash preview not fully visible Chrome Bug Normal
#4831 No table cell submenu when only one cell in a table Bug Normal
#4832 [Chrome] Template dialog hover layout issue WebKit Bug Normal
#4833 Dialog autosizing usability issue in RTL Bug Normal
#4845 HTML parser generates wrong HTML using <li> inside <table> Bug Normal
#4854 [FF3] Maximize layout broken in RTL quirks Firefox Bug Normal
#4868 Unnecessary div after pasting from OpenOffice Bug Normal
#4961 ckeditor lost current selection under safari Bug Normal
#4977 [IE] After inserting Text and Table Template we can't go back and Type in the Template IBM Bug Normal
#4979 Ensure all source files are in _source directory Discussion Bug Normal
#5004 Create accessibility plugin Confirmed Garry Yao New Feature Normal
#5007 IE Standards Mode: Incorrect selection & range produced when clicking to the right of a <br /> Bug Normal
#5033 Invalid behavior when inserting nested divs with insertHtml() Bug Normal
#5156 Focus goes into body before activating dialog IBM Bug Normal
#5173 Problem with reading the help dialog contents IBM Bug Normal
#5175 Instructions on using toolbar items are not read correctly IBM Bug Normal
#5194 FF: The toolbar combos should have the arrow cursor Firefox Bug Normal
#5209 Safari: Toolbar items should have the arrow cursor Safari Bug Normal
#5210 WebKit: Buttons are badly aligned in the Find/Replace dialog WebKit Bug Normal
#5211 WebKit: The ESC key as not effect in dialogs after tab click WebKit Bug Normal
#5375 Cursor in the wrong position when you delete an Empty Paragraph IBM Confirmed Garry Yao Bug Normal
#5463 Safari: Image looses all it's attributes on drag-n-drop Safari Bug Normal
#5496 Make "removeformat" work even without selection New Feature Normal
#5506 can't use right arrow key to bypass the form elements ( checkbox or radio) Bug Normal
#5648 Close combo doesn't focus editor Bug Normal
#5820 Empty string appears before horizontal line Bug Normal
#5821 Cursor jumps. Actual for format 'formatted' in IE 8 Bug Normal
#6008 default table width HasPatch Task Normal
#6013 IE[6-9] + FF[10-11]: Focus not in input field after mouse click over "empty" content area IE FF Bug Normal
#6014 Link inserted before the selected word Bug Normal
#6018 PHP FTP Connector for CKFinder 2.x New Feature Normal
#6106 use page-break-before instead of page-break-after New Feature Normal
#6123 Tab to Indent Bulltets & Shift-Tab to Back it up IBM New Feature Normal
#6145 Java integration for CKEditor 3 New Feature Normal
#6158 Scrolling problem with simulated spacebar keypress on Gecko Bug Normal
#6190 Sv language in Mediawiki extension borked Bug Normal
#6202 Generating HTML should not create tokens if it is not necessary generate charset New Feature Normal
#6206 Image plugin not taking filebrowserImageBrowseUrl as an argument invalid Bug Normal
#6209 FCKeditor incompatible with SemanticWiki Bug Normal
#6273 Project fork at causing confusion Bug Normal
#6274 Dirty flag set incorrectly Bug Normal
#6279 fckeditor_php5.php causing error in mediawiki's dumpBackup.php HasPatch Bug Normal
#6283 Link browse button displayed in Webkit based browser even when disabled. Bug Normal
#6293 shared_spaces_iframe.patch with error em dialogs plugins Bug Normal
#6298 Receiving unusal error when compiling new project with FCKeditor Bug Normal
#6300 'focus' and 'blur' events will not fire in Chrome 6.0.472.55 Bug Normal
#6348 [PATCH] switch SCAYT plug-in to use SCAYT core 2.5 HasPatch, Review? Task Normal
#6366 [Webkit] adds inline styles on drag and drop operation Webkit Bug Normal
#6374 Extend Toolbar.hide function! New Feature Normal
#6423 display <source> code New Feature Normal
#6425 display {Templates} in editor New Feature Normal
#6434 Auto Text functionality using Short Cut Keys(Keystrokes) New Feature Normal
#6435 Modifications to the document aren't reflected in the preview window Bug Normal
#6456 Forced Line Breaks New Feature Normal
#6483 FCK Editor Image upload problem for https enable site Bug Normal
#6523 FCK Config EnterMode = 'br' Task Normal
#6582 Add row properties dialog New Feature Normal
#6653 Multi-line Paste Bug in OS X Safari Safari Mac Bug Normal
#6667 Browse server opens tab in Firefox/Mac, resizes whole window Bug Normal
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