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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#9997 [Android] CKEDITOR.inline returns null, CKEDITOR.instances is empty, no toolbar Android IBM Bug Normal
#2858 Appearance Dialog Boxes IE8 Appearance Dialog IE8 Bug Normal
#10730 Multiple instances of ckeditor 4.2 in don't work well with asp:linkbutton controls, multiple instances of ckeditor Bug Normal
#14802 Pressing backspace and space on Chrome at the beginning of a line wraps words wrongly Backspace, Wrapping Bug Normal
#6355 base href (homepage) appearing in ckeditor textarea base href Bug Normal
#10031 CKEditor injects special character in Chrome Blink Bug Normal
#11462 [Blink] Hitting shift+enter twice from the top of a formatted block will add a space below the cursor Blink Bug Normal
#11466 SCAYT jumps to previous ckeditor instance for second misspelling in Chrome Blink Bug Normal
#11515 Last item on bullet list ignored - Google chrome issue. Blink Bug Normal
#11846 Google Chrome hangs when CKEditor parses malformed HTML Blink Bug Normal
#11999 Tests failing after update to Chrome 35 Blink Olek Nowodziński Bug Normal CKEditor 4.4.2
#12038 Method insertElement should be aware of Blink bug Blink Bug Normal
#12100 When erase the header of a line with format, cannot input text without format again. Blink Bug Normal
#12166 [Blink] Wrong cursor position after a widget Blink Bug Normal
#12222 Drag-and-drop image bug in Chrome Blink Bug Normal
#12597 Chrome: Multi-byte Japanese chars entry not working properly after line-break Blink Artur Delura Bug Normal CKEditor 4.4.7
#12630 [Blink] New page does not trigger autoparagraping Blink Piotrek Koszuliński Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) CKEditor 4.4.6
#12631 [Blink] Executing style command multiple times creates nested style Blink Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#12727 IndexSizeError on using plugins 'Div Editing Area' and 'Content Templates' Blink Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.7
#12848 Opening "Find and Replace" dialog cause error in console in read only mode. Blink Tomasz Jakut Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.5
#13389 editor.getData() fails, when cursor is next to a HR tag Blink kkrzton Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.7
#14379 Windows Chrome > Removing Space between Words, then Re-inserting space creates unwanted non-breaking space Blink Bug Normal
#14714 [Webkit/Blink] Exception thrown on refocusing blurred inline editor Blink Marek Lewandowski Bug Normal CKEditor 4.7.0
#10987 [Blink] Copy-paste table within CKE breaks width percentage. Blink Chrome Bug Normal
#14659 Div editing area – editor viewport is scrolled to the top Blink Support Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.11
#11064 [Blink/Webkit] Can not select all when widget is last element Blink Webkit Marek Lewandowski Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) CKEditor 4.6.1
#11657 [Chrome] Editor with divarea plugin drag/drop image places image on last selection Blink Webkit Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.0 Beta
#12178 [Blink/Webkit] Iterator does not return block if selection is located at the end of it Blink Webkit Piotrek Koszuliński Bug Normal CKEditor 4.4.4
#12484 DOM is changed outside of editor area Blink Webkit Artur Delura Bug Normal CKEditor 4.4.6
#12632 [Blink/Webkit] Impossible or hard to remove format Blink Webkit Bug Normal
#13284 Cannot drag'n'drop widget if a text caret is placed just after widget instance Blink Webkit Szymon Cofalik Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.4
#13334 Nested widget undo/redo bug Blink Webkit Szymon Cofalik Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.0
#13362 Wrong focus after creating link in caption using enhanced image widget Blink Webkit kkrzton Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.11
#13395 Triple clicking a paragraph, then justifying (left/center/right) justifies the next paragraph too Blink Webkit Bug Normal
#13860 [Chrome] Text formatting like text color or background color are removed on copy&paste Blink Webkit Bug Normal
#16943 Divarea plugin steals focus when bluring the editor. Blink Webkit Tomasz Jakut Bug Normal
#11756 CHROME: Applying alignment & link to an image removing all properties of image Blink Webkit IBM Bug Normal
#12542 Entire page scrolls down briefly if entire editor is not visible in Chrome Blink Webkit IBM Bug Normal
#11616 (Chrome) Resizing the editor while it's not displayed Blink Webkit Support Szymon Cofalik Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.2
#12465 Can't update checkbox/radio button state with dialog when it is opened with double-click Blink Webkit Support Tomasz Jakut Bug Normal
#12489 Cursor jumps to the end of line in Blink and Webkit Blink Webkit Support Piotrek Koszuliński Bug Normal CKEditor 4.4.6
#12621 Can't remove Bold/Italic/Underline in empty line. Blink Webkit Support Piotrek Koszuliński Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) CKEditor 4.4.6
#13344 It is possible to remove/change editor contents in readonly mode Blink Webkit Support Tade0 Bug Normal CKEditor 4.4.8
#13513 Divarea and getData throw error when image is only data in editor. Blink Webkit Support Szymon Cofalik Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.7
#13883 Copying table using context menu strips off styles. Blink Webkit Support Piotr Jasiun Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.5
#111 Ignore following tags (to ignore system tags) blog, blogging, tool New Feature Normal
#14350 Browser Edge (windows 10) - after a "CTRL + ENTER" in the CK Editor the keyboard up/down doesn't work anymore browser Edge arrow up down windows10 Bug Normal
#14351 Browser Edge (windows 10) - after a "CTRL + ENTER" in the CK Editor the keyboard up/down doesn't work anymore browser Edge arrow up down windows10 Bug Normal
#2796 Hyphenated Bullets Bullet, Hyphen New Feature Must have (possibly next milestone) FCKeditor 2.6.4
#7699 problem with list bullet list Bug Normal
#9822 Bullet list does not include the style in source bullet list style default Bug Normal
#9040 Size of bullets relative to text bullets Bug Normal
#107 Impossible to use PHP inside tag definitions CantFix Bug Normal
#120 simulate class-hierarchy for exact css match CantFix Bug Normal
#322 Google-bar & forms CantFix Bug Normal
#334 loading fckeditor in firefox in frameset never stops "loading" CantFix Bug Normal
#718 FCKeditor formats text with different paragraph spacing CantFix Bug Normal
#886 custom css - a tag not using css defs in firefox CantFix Bug Normal
#924 Firefox bug; Picture alignment CantFix Bug Normal
#956 Animated gifs don't work in Firefox for Mac CantFix Bug Normal
#2245 Make inserting images more like MS Word CantFix New Feature Normal
#2719 Selected image could cause overlapped button not working. CantFix Bug Normal
#3603 Line break mangled in source CantFix Bug Normal
#3614 CKEditor: table is not resizing correctly CantFix Bug Normal
#4249 field.defaultValue is set CantFix Bug Normal
#5903 Resizing flash object causes selection display to be incorrect CantFix Bug Normal
#6449 CKEditor 3.4 Paste From Word Issue CantFix Bug Normal
#6465 Paste: content pasted from Excel document loses formatting CantFix Bug Normal
#7607 Style attribute is deleted from the sourcecode while switching from Source to WYSIWYG CantFix Bug Normal
#7622 Paste from notepad inconsistencies between browsers, formatting issue in IE8 CantFix Bug Normal
#8022 Paste of relative path image with baseHref set results in wrong urls in IE CantFix Bug Normal
#8390 Setting pasteFromWordRemoveFontStyles to false not working properly CantFix Bug Normal
#8559 Line's size can't be changed in underlined text CantFix Bug Normal
#10081 NEW! can't edit fields in jQuery UI modal dialog CantFix Bug Normal
#14423 cursor seems to be fixed at this position while pressing the arrow key CantFix firefox Bug Normal
#6052 When centered a table, the pads sizing the table are not centered CantFix Firefox Bug Normal
#9934 CKEditor 4 in Twitter Bootstrap modal disables dropdowns in IE CantFix IE Bug Normal
#5970 IE8: Paragraph after floated div appears to have extra top padding CantFix IE8 Bug Normal
#10030 IE8 "Unspecified Error ckeditor.js, line 63 character 296" on CKEditor 4 load CantFix IE8 IE9 Support Artur Delura Bug Normal CKEditor 4.4.4
#16588 [Safari] Failing test in core/dom/element and plugins/font due to vendor issue CantFix VendorFix kkrzton Bug Normal
#16751 Edge Paste issue: Pasting a hyperlink with Mailto href removes the "href" attribute in Microsoft Edge CantFix VendorFix Bug Normal
#8054 IE7 Cell properties - window does not close when clicking [OK] Cell properties Bug Normal
#1347 Chinese Traditional Translation File (zh.js) Chinese Traditional Translation Task Normal FCKeditor 2.5 Beta
#6323 flash preview error in chrome 7.0.517.8 chrome Bug Normal
#4806 [Chrome] Flash preview not fully visible Chrome Bug Normal
#4828 [Chrome] Paste from word dialog stretched in quirks Chrome Bug Normal CKEditor 3.2
#4870 [Chrome] Paste From Word textarea broken in Standards mode Chrome Bug Normal
#4928 Putting each textarea in its own form in the skins sample fails in Chrome for more than 2 editor instances Chrome Bug Normal
#5103 textarea name and chrome Chrome Bug Normal
#5386 Google Chrome for Mac, error on form.submit override Chrome Bug Normal
#5464 Chrome: it's not possible to drag-n-drop Chrome Bug Normal
#5983 Chrome: Pasting repeatedly by holding ^V results in javascript error and extra <body> tags at the end of the document. Chrome Bug Normal
#6216 Arabic font problem in Chrome Browser Chrome Bug Normal
#6340 Google Chrome hangs when CKEditor parses malformed HTML Chrome Bug Normal
#6382 Holding ctrl+v produces odd cursor behavior and line break Chrome Bug Normal
#6811 Chrome: Fix for body logic fails with quick sequence of BACKSPACE Chrome Bug Normal
#6819 Pasting rich text in a table cell results in incorrect placement Chrome Bug Normal
#6886 CKEditor width bug (autogrow issue?) Chrome Bug Normal
#6905 Links are not preserved when a link to an anchor is copied and pasted Chrome Bug Normal
#6927 Pasting into the URL field does not work in Google Chrome with CKEditor in 'maximized' mode Chrome Bug Normal
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