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#12390 When an asynchronous post back happens really quickly after loading a CKEditor, a script error occurs Bug Normal
#12393 setData and destroy functions fail after doing drag&drop of the instance Bug Normal
#12394 Last key not detected in source area Bug Normal
#12397 removes <ins> Tag even with allowedContent=true Bug Normal
#12399 Paste from Word - Wrong MIME of images IE Bug Normal
#12401 Caret and style in WYSIWYG Task Normal
#12405 The editor keeps crashing on ipad Bug Normal
#12406 Paste from word ckeditor does not work Bug Normal
#12414 WordPress V4.0 Bug Normal
#12415 Problem writing Korean in IE11 with auto grow plug in IE11 Bug Normal
#12417 I found bugs in editor Bug Normal
#12422 Select-all doesn't work if a widget is the first node of the editor Bug Normal
#12424 Conflict with Toolbar and Templates... Bug Normal
#12426 2 images shown when using Image upload in CKEdtior using iPad Bug Normal
#12427 The <Templates> node was not found alert Message is coming in IE 11 Bug Normal
#12428 Browser Detection: Opera 12.14 Bug Normal
#12429 We recently upgraded to CKeditor 4.4.4 version from then onwards having problems with IE browser Bug Normal
#12430 Display move cursor on images in IE Bug Normal
#12431 The <Templates> node was not found alert Message is coming in IE 11 Bug Normal
#12433 ckeditor doesn't work when hiding after "instanceReady" Bug Normal
#12434 314 - TypeError: a is undefined Bug Normal
#12435 '\u200B' ('cke-fillingChar') is everywhere in document Bug Normal
#12436 403 Forbidden on submit Bug Normal
#12437 multiple inline editor instance on chrome onblur issue inline editor Bug Normal
#12439 "CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR" / "<br /> tags" conflict... Bug Normal
#12444 CKkEditor adding unnecessary spaces Bug Normal
#12447 CKEditor does not work with Blink Bug Normal
#12449 divarea and Firefox table handles Bug Normal
#12451 ckeditor.js crashes with JS runtime error Bug Normal
#12452 <Templates> node was not found Error Message in IE11 Bug Normal
#12454 Widget at bottom of editor blocks certain keyboard shortcuts Bug Normal
#12455 Inline instance initiated with jquery adapter that contains button element hangs my chrome 37.0.2062.120 (64-bit) Bug Normal
#12460 CK editor not working in WP version 4 Bug Normal
#12462 Unable to use Ckeditor Bug Normal
#12464 Use ckeditor only for Bold Underline and Italic Task Normal
#12467 Indent on first LI of ordered list breaks the list Bug Normal
#12468 DNN Styles dropdown Error reading XML file in IE Bug Normal
#12469 Cursor issue with Safari v7.1 Bug Normal
#12470 CK Editor Issue in IE 11 in my project Bug Normal
#12471 Not able to put <li> tag without <ul> Or <ol> Bug Normal
#12476 IE8 crashes when calling insertHTML on an unordered list Bug Normal
#12477 iOS and Hardware Keyboards Bug Normal
#12482 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'clearCustomData' of null in Chrome Bug Normal
#12483 Pressing enter key moves cursor to beginning of document in Safari 7.1 Bug Normal
#12485 CKEditor Formatting Issue with Calendar Bug Normal
#12487 splitting and wrapping content Task Normal
#12488 different unit for font size Bug Normal
#12492 CKE include style font-family with lowercase Bug Normal
#12505 CKEditor copy from word/Excel from other source and paste on editor format not preserving Bug Normal
#12508 divearea form Tomasz Jakut Bug Normal
#12509 Widget's content menu not shown on widget's editables Bug Normal
#12510 CKEeditor toolbar blocking calendar Bug Normal
#12512 Copy & Paste from MS Word is not supportable Bug Normal
#12513 Copy & Paste from MS Word is not supportable Bug Normal
#12517 Support for @mentions - the autocomplete feature New Feature Normal
#12518 [IE8 bug] getSelectedText returning empty string when selecting text within an ordered list in a table Bug Normal
#12519 Having labels shown for menus includes "(Selected)" when the menu is open Bug Normal
#12522 CKEditor instance is not properly released on destroy Bug Normal
#12523 Have multiple inline edits with textareas that have the same name Task Normal
#12529 Ck Editor in Bug Normal
#12531 CKEDITOR punctuation issue ~! before a word is typed in a the following way: ~word! Bug Normal
#12532 CK editor buttons were being overlapped in IE10 Bug Normal
#12536 CKeditor Dropdowns reloading plugin issue Bug Normal
#12542 Entire page scrolls down briefly if entire editor is not visible in Chrome Blink Webkit IBM Bug Normal
#12545 Copying font with zoom level above 100% pastes decimal font sizes Bug Normal
#12548 Inserting a page break hides all text after the break Bug Normal
#12549 PageDown key, directly goes to end of the document in internet Explorer Bug Normal
#12551 IE (9,10,11) can not use the buttons(OK, Cancel, X) in Image, Link Popup windows Bug Normal
#12558 problem on widget_sdk_tutorial_2 example from CKEditor 4 Developer's Guide Bug Normal
#12563 Font names containing spaces and numbers are not handled well. Oracle Bug Normal
#12564 Using Table Component Having a Bug Bug Normal
#12566 onClick event on fileButton causes an error after upload for minified version Bug Normal
#12571 Issue with IE11 while operating on CKEditor Bug Normal
#12572 Problem when I typing Korean In IE, Chrome. Bug Normal
#12573 Show nonprinting characters New Feature Normal
#12575 wrong french translation for anchor Task Normal
#12589 Link dialog window shows all link type subcategories on first load in Chrome Bug Normal
#12590 link underline color is not changed. Bug Normal
#12591 Preserve whitespace in HTML nodes New Feature Normal
#12592 No default / calculated font displayed Bug Normal
#12593 CKFinder download multiple files at once New Feature Normal
#12596 Chrome: Multi-byte Japanese chars entry not working properly after line-break Bug Normal
#12600 Insert or Edit Link Bug Normal
#12603 Add real Decimal functionality to Numbered Lists New Feature Normal
#12606 IE non-breaking space at the end of line. Bug Normal
#12607 Your browser doesn't support video. Bug Normal
#12608 Getting unwanted <br type="_moz"> tags in CKEditor source Bug Normal
#12611 Table plugin allows to delete a table that belongs to protected widget code Bug Normal
#12620 Deleting list <li> not possible to catch key event Bug Normal
#12622 CK Edittor Unable To Build WebPages Using Custom HTML Bug Normal
#12625 Bug: Pasting image is not working properly in Chrome Bug Normal
#12626 Gravity Forms Bug Normal
#12627 Ckeditor modify table cell border such as MS Word Bug Normal
#12628 Error bbcode tag [size] and [img] Bug Normal
#12629 CKEditor 4.3.4 Anchor Issues with IE9 Bug Normal
#12636 Table cell properties - changing width unit doesn't always work Bug Normal
#12637 Editor not showing Bug Normal
#12639 CKEditor control does not work on Azure Bug Normal
#12640 browser with norton plugin inserts HTML codes in the editor fullpage support Bug Normal
#12642 FCKEditor IE-11 issue Bug Normal
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