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#12643 Bulleted lists copy incorrectly in OSX Chrome Bug Normal
#12647 Empty links are always removed Bug Normal
#12650 Error Handling Images on IE11 Bug Normal
#12653 Shortcode Bug Normal
#12659 Cursor stays after ckdetor textarea loses focus Bug Normal
#12661 Table header drop down "First column" is incorrectly capitalised Bug Normal
#12665 Selection is lost on link creation if SCAYT highlights the word Bug Normal
#12667 allowedContent = true has no effect Bug Normal
#12668 Only one textarea is possible New Feature Normal
#12671 Pasting of double byte white space broken when copied from WordPad and into CKEditor in Internet Explorer IBM Bug Normal
#12672 Pasting several double byte whitespace copied from firefox shrinks them to one single byte whitespace IBM Bug Normal
#12674 iframe fallback contents encoded Bug Normal
#12676 Typing (not copying/pasting) in selected area create IE Font Tags instead of Spans Bug Normal
#12679 How to prevent adding/changing code on save Task Normal
#12680 after IE11 update, cursor position error in enter_br mode Bug Normal
#12692 Link Style background error Bug Normal
#12695 [IE8] Ampersand and last character is lost when & is the before last character of a textarea Bug Normal
#12699 XML Error in filemanager Bug Normal
#12700 Old bug resurfaced? Bug Normal
#12703 Chrome Version 40.0.2214.10 BETA 64-bit Syntax error in (ckeditor.js) Bug Normal
#12704 span tags are replicating in certain contexts Bug Normal
#12705 Make inline editor toolbar behaviour on scroll configurable New Feature Normal
#12708 Easy image insert extension twice ex: .jpgjpg Bug Normal
#12709 Can we create a customized span element plugin. New Feature Normal
#12711 paste as text Bug Normal
#12713 Can't get rid of useless custom context menu Bug Normal
#12714 Insert Image/Link dialogs are overcomplicated. Bug Normal
#12715 Context menu not showing in inline mode on Chrome Bug Normal
#12719 Using multiple indentations can force text outside the editor window Bug Normal
#12720 Cross Site Scripting via href click Bug Normal
#12722 Language-specific button icons New Feature Normal
#12725 height of cke_dialog_ui_vbox Bug Normal
#12728 dialogadvtab absolute Url in Style textbox only in Chrome Bug Normal
#12730 CKEditor version 3.4.1 revision:5892 - Toolbar is not visible in IE 11 Bug Normal
#12731 Cannot modify CKeditor toolbar in N2CMS Bug Normal
#12738 CDN link for 4.4.5 Standard loads 4.3.5 Bug Normal
#12740 Pastefromword terminates with error message if word markup contains style prop "mso-list: none;" Tade0 Bug Normal
#12742 Right click on images when using image2 plugin Bug Normal
#12745 Cannot resize an image in Chrome using the Image plugin IBM Bug Normal
#12751 Shortcut key Integration Bug Normal
#12752 Delete and Backspace Bug Normal
#12756 Ctrl+Shift+Down does not scroll the selection into view in IE Bug Normal
#12761 pasting Chinese character from Word error! Bug Normal
#12763 Problem with column selection in IE and Chrome Bug Normal
#12766 Paste with accent from Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Bug Normal
#12767 cross domain security exception (lineutils plugin) Bug Normal
#12771 config.enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR causes auto indent failure Bug Normal
#12773 un-minified version of sample skins available? Task Normal
#12776 formatting (font, color etc.) is not inherited in new block Bug Normal
#12782 cut-n-paste image capturing New Feature Normal
#12786 All Text is Not Fully Black - Is Somewhat Grayish (Gray) Bug Normal
#12787 Too many unwanter style Bug Normal
#12789 forcePasteAsPlainText strips inline widget html when dropping Bug Normal
#12790 Copy Paste from word document having bulet points is not working properly Bug Normal
#12791 Not able to get ckeditor in customize CKEditor Bug Normal
#12795 Jot Form Not Uploading Correctly Bug Normal
#12797 [FF, OSX] After dragging text or images within the editor the arrow keys are focused on the browser and not the editor. Bug Normal
#12798 ck Editor hangs when try to save a lot of text from MS word either by using paste from word button or by direclty copying. Bug Normal
#12799 Cannot override default editorConfig with in-page config Bug Normal
#12801 Copy& Paste the data from excel sheet is not working(colors,table format..) and from word document is working fine. Bug Normal
#12802 Chrome: Pasting text by Ctrl+V to inline instance brake other instance view Chrome inline past Bug Normal
#12804 Fck Editor Automatically appends / (slash) to the URL in <a> tag in Internet explorer. Bug Normal
#12808 Link is being replaced to lowercase sensitive in speicifc letters Bug Normal
#12809 Multiple '.cke_widget_selected' elements Bug Normal
#12811 Formatting and selection issue Bug Normal
#12813 Cannot select widget on readonly editor in IE11 IE Bug Normal
#12815 ice:inputRichText Disables & Spell Check does not work Bug Normal
#12816 unable to write on text fields Bug Normal
#12819 A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client Bug Normal
#12820 Empty elements not processed correctly when elements closed in the opening tag. Bug Normal
#12821 Paste from Word changes formatting in the middle of the text Bug Normal
#12822 Kentico Add To Word functionality Bug Normal
#12824 Can ckeditor provide any interface to save bulk of words in dictionary at same time in kentico and without kentico ? Bug Normal
#12827 Licence Purchased Bug Normal
#12828 Last character deleted on change from "Code Mode" to "View Mode" OR on save in "View Mode" Bug Normal
#12830 Placeholder - cursor misplaced Bug Normal
#12832 Image 2: Linked caption images crashing JS libraries rendering CKEditor unusable. Bug Normal
#12834 CKEditor Version 4.6.6 Bug Normal
#12835 TypeError: this.getWindow(...).$ is undefined Bug Normal
#12838 Saving undo images does not account for changes done when firing the 'change' event. Bug Normal
#12840 ckeditor in ipad safari iOS Bug Normal
#12845 Alternate Text of the movie is not visible Bug Normal
#12849 SCAYT is undefined error in IE 11 Bug Normal
#12852 How disable filters when copy-past text Task Normal
#12854 Changing widget elements inner tag's attributes does not seem to work Bug Normal
#12855 Secondary value set doesn't work as expected in standard mode Bug Normal
#12860 CKEditor footer 'hovers' or 'rolls' over the top of a fixed <DIV> Bug Normal
#12861 Using simple inserHtml in a text transform plugin causing errors in editor Bug Normal
#12862 clean fresh install of 4.7.7 - even samples not working Bug Normal
#12869 Spelling error on your website Anna Tomanek Bug Normal
#12881 Chrome bug :( Bug Normal
#12882 Font size dropdown issues Bug Normal
#12883 calling getData(true) returns an empty string Bug Normal
#12884 calling getData(true) returns an empty string Bug Normal
#12886 Selected value resets in case of drop downs. Bug Normal
#12890 Paste button Bug Normal
#12894 adding custom styles and automaticly created divs Bug Normal
#12897 Link popup OK, Cancel does not work Bug Normal
#12898 CK editor in jquery dialog box Bug Normal
#12899 CK editor in jquery dialog box Bug Normal
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