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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#12900 Styling not carried over to empty lines IBM Bug Normal
#12902 FF drop-down menus causing editor to refresh/jump to the top Bug Normal
#12903 Incorrect element wrapping when coreStyles_bold is configured to use divs Bug Normal
#12906 Campaign with web browser makers to improve paste support Task Normal
#12909 Content filtering for inline styles, doc error Bug Normal
#12910 Problems entering korean text in IE 11 IE11 Bug Normal
#12912 FF creating a strikethrough instead of underlining Bug Normal
#12913 Rich text editor becomes uneditable on resize Bug Normal
#12916 Widget focus lost after closing dialog Bug Normal
#12917 In Source-View Code is change with &nbsp; ( <br /><br /><br /> is replace to <br /<br />&nbsp; ) Bug Normal
#12919 Prophoto Wordpress template and grid issue Bug Normal
#12925 Copy from Lotus Notes and paste to CKEditor New Feature Normal
#12926 Content formatting lost on pasting into CK Editor Bug Normal
#12927 Widget plugin makes Chromium crash with 2 blank lines at the start Bug Normal
#12931 CKEditor Strips <a> Style After Editing Link Bug Normal
#12932 Support for plugin icons to be retina / better addButton documentation Bug Normal
#12941 insertElement(stringToInsert) sometines enter into wrong position or older position Bug Normal
#12943 Problem paste(CTL+V) in chrome Bug Normal
#12944 Webkit Blink regression: CKEditior initial state not set upon load IBM Webkit Blink Bug Normal
#12945 formatting issues even after disabling formatting Bug Normal
#12946 Copying word content on different browsers Bug Normal
#12951 Extra span is added on paste IBM Bug Normal
#12953 CK editor in jquery dialog box (issue on chrome,opera, and safari browser) Bug Normal
#12956 toolbar width is too small Bug Normal
#12957 Setdata disables click and hover event handlers Bug Normal
#12958 CKEditor active control error display every time Bug Normal
#12960 upload image at that time active x control error Bug Normal
#12962 CKEDITOR inline on dynamic created element Bug Normal
#12980 Ckeditor remove html tags Bug Normal
#12982 Internet Explorer Issue Bug Normal
#12984 texttransform doesn't work correctly Bug Normal
#12989 Korean Language translations... Bug Normal
#12995 copied text inserted multiple times Bug Normal
#12996 SCAYT Affecting Dialog Double Click Firefox IE Bug Normal
#12999 IE 11 support Task Normal
#13000 Custom HTML5 tag grows <p>&nbsp;</p> before and after Bug Normal
#13008 Cross Browser issue.. Bug Normal
#13010 Text is not wrapped in the Source box - FF36 Bug Normal
#13013 Accents after enter Bug Normal
#13014 Bug: CKEDITOR init default Content Bug Normal
#13016 lang.js: that[ languageCode ].dir is undefined Bug Normal
#13018 ckEditor loses html tags if toolbar doesn't have button of that tag Bug Normal
#13019 Chrome: Unbale to get 'keydown' event IBM Bug Normal
#13022 "undefined" appended to the e-mail when correcting - IE11 Bug Normal
#13026 CKFinder Image Upload Issue in IE11 Bug Normal
#13033 Maximize pluging would not work with floating tool plugin in firefox mozilla Bug Normal
#13034 "enter" problem in safari v 8.0.3 Bug Normal
#13045 Font name from parent element not shown while editing child element Bug Normal
#13047 <figure> in stylesSet does not wrap <img> Bug Normal
#13057 Link doesnt work on live site Bug Normal
#13060 cop+paste images from doc and docx Bug Normal
#13064 getById() dont work wint anchors Bug Normal
#13066 Custom plugin using span Span, dialogue Task Normal
#13067 oncklick function called before button is inserted in textaera Bug Normal
#13068 Custom plugin using span Task Normal
#13070 How to Change cursor icon style in IE without make any changes like content-editable="false" Task Normal
#13072 check and uncheck for checkbox not happening properly Bug Normal
#13073 CKEditor converts/replaces the word "style" to "class" Bug Normal
#13078 config.entities_processNumerical cannot be set Bug Normal
#13082 Font color will not be inherited if the text is typed in between two lines of text IBM Bug Normal
#13083 Horizontal Scrolling bar when entering source mode Bug Normal
#13084 Issue with CKEditor 4.4.6 in IE 11 Bug Normal
#13085 Issue with CKEditor 4.4.6 in IE 11 Bug Normal
#13086 Double click the select control cannot open the dialog in FF Bug Normal
#13088 Tab Based navigation broken in "html" element in dialog Bug Normal
#13089 Mismatch in logic between getByAddress and getIndex regarding empty text nodes Bug Normal
#13090 config.extraPlugins white space in string produces load resource error Bug Normal
#13092 getAttribute() inside an attachedListener function() returns 'null' Bug Normal
#13095 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'clearCustomData' of null Bug Normal
#13096 Another CKEditor Exception in Firefox Firefox Mateusz Samsel Bug Normal
#13097 formatting lost copying text from MS Word 2010 Bug Normal
#13099 Adding 11 or more CKEditors issue with IE9 browser Bug Normal
#13104 Backspace until the beginning of the line make loose the inline styles Bug Normal
#13106 Issues using AllowedExtraContent Bug Normal
#13107 JavaSctipt Function on "Send it to the Server" button Task Normal
#13109 Ability to specify List Types at Creation Level IBM New Feature Normal
#13110 Bookmarks sometimes cause cursor to be placed incorrectly Bug Normal
#13113 Demo site issue: insert consecutive links Bug Normal
#13115 HTML tags displays in version 4.4.4 Bug Normal
#13116 Media files denied to upload Task Normal
#13121 Function returning no data when called for the second time Bug Normal
#13124 CK Editor Context menu not opening if you click inside editor body but outside content IBM Bug Normal
#13126 Copying table from MS Word 2013 not rendering as table in CKEditor 4.4.6 Bug Normal
#13127 Copying Bullets from Word not maintaining Bug Normal
#13130 editor.insertHtml not working on IE11 on CKEditor Bug Normal
#13137 Firefox only - inserting a link using insertHtml and clicking inside editor, causes caret to position incorrectly outside anchor tag IBM Bug Normal
#13139 Image plugin Bug Normal
#13145 Not able to insert long text in database Bug Normal
#13146 Widget plugin/WIdget API does not support IE9 quirks mode Bug Normal
#13150 Preview not working in Firefox Bug Normal
#13151 How setValue() for select box New Feature Normal
#13152 When Right Click, scrolling to Top of editor page in IE Browser Bug Normal
#13153 Pasting lists from Word: custom text indentation and numbered list markers IBM Bug Normal
#13163 [Firefox] Space typed at the end of paragraph is not returned by editor.getData() Firefox IBM Bug Normal
#13179 vertical scrollbar jumping issue in chrome with ckeditor 4.3.2. Bug Normal
#13180 FF: Cursor stops before non content editable element when pressing left arrow key Firefox Bug Normal
#13189 Prevent converting html entities to tag Bug Normal
#13191 Button CUT/COPY Bug Normal
#13193 Dialog tab is disabled if has content elements of html type only Bug Normal
#13194 CKEditor adds empty paragraph to the content on startup (inline mode) Bug Normal
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