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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#13195 Content display in weired format Bug Normal
#13196 'too much recursion' while edit table content Bug Normal
#13198 Conflict Bug Normal
#13210 The jQuery Adapter is not downloadable Bug Normal
#13211 Drop widget inside itself Bug Normal
#13212 ckeditor ajax error Bug Normal
#13217 Feature Request Shortcut for Bullets New Feature Normal
#13218 "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'filter' of undefined " and "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'removeClass' of undefined " after widget drop Szymon Cofalik Bug Normal
#13221 Incorrect ranges when trying to delete a contentEditable element IBM Bug Normal
#13222 stack overflow error Bug Normal
#13223 Not able to Insert Hidden field Bug Normal
#13226 Ckeditor oversize on elements Bug Normal
#13227 Extra characters in image caption Bug Normal
#13228 EasyBlog and CKeditor Bug Normal
#13229 No way to scroll the editor's content on mac book Bug Normal
#13230 IE pasting from word IE Bug Normal
#13231 PDF output Bug Normal
#13234 IE9 - Picture Outlines are available when the picture is selected even if the picture is not visible Bug Normal
#13236 IE11: Input event not triggered IBM, IE11 Bug Normal
#13237 styleSet - removing class attribute when switching style Bug Normal
#13238 Links do not work in CKEditor Bug Normal
#13239 Source view has no word-wrapping in Firefox now Bug Normal
#13241 Uncaught IndexSizeError: Failed to execute 'extend' on 'Selection': 1 is larger than the given node's length Bug Normal
#13242 Helper line disappears when dragging image without caption (with enhanced image) Bug Normal
#13243 CKE 4.x - WSC button disabled under IE9 Quirks Mode Bug Normal
#13244 CKE 4.x - WSC button disabled under IE9 Quirks Mode Bug Normal
#13245 CKE 4.x - WSC button disabled under IE9 Quirks Mode Bug Normal
#13247 Mollom bug Bug Normal
#13248 not found (error to origin) in Image Upload tool Bug Normal
#13249 Using CKEditor with ajax and submit a file from form Bug Normal
#13253 CKEditor with DOKSoft Quick Image Upload Upload Task Normal
#13256 stack overflow error Bug Normal
#13259 Feature request: When toggling to source mode, place cursor at same place as in WYSIWYG mode New Feature Normal
#13264 Data type of the event paste is different among different browsers IBM Bug Normal
#13269 Table "outline" and drag handles are at the wrong position if the table has a headline Bug Normal
#13271 Issue with Select an Element in Safari Browser Bug Normal
#13272 [CKEDITOR.config.scayt_minWordLength] does not work Bug Normal
#13273 Inline Save BUG (with FIX ) Bug Normal
#13274 CUSTOMIZE: widgetbootstrap Bug Normal
#13277 Copy table with "Repeat as header row at the top of each page" option enabled in Word didn't paste correctly in CKEditor IBM Bug Normal
#13281 plugins missing from "" download? Bug Normal
#13282 Copy/paste in CKeditor adds junk styles (e.g. width) which breaks responsive design Bug Normal
#13285 Focus makes editor scroll to top on Firefox 38 Bug Normal
#13286 <em> Tag Added Automatically Bug Normal
#13289 "Image source URL is Missing" error when adding a link from 'Link' tab Bug Normal
#13290 [Chrome] Format not applied if format selected then quickly select the text area. Bug Normal
#13293 separators not visible when uicolor white Bug Normal
#13302 inline editing Bug Normal
#13307 Uncaught IndexSizeError: Failed to execute 'extend' on 'Selection': 1... in Blink-browsers Bug Normal
#13309 Paste as Text/Paste from Word Bug Normal
#13310 full package not displaying all plugins in toolbar Bug Normal
#13311 Image upload notification getting obscured. Bug Normal
#13312 Recurring problem with symbols being replaced with “?” Bug Normal
#13313 When I paste text from PDF document, only partial text appears in the editor Bug Normal
#13315 CKEditor object in debug mode doesn't load correctly. IBM Bug Normal
#13318 Inserted a question mark Bug Normal
#13319 htmlEncodeOutput option not work for ajax submit if jquery adapter used Bug Normal
#13320 All input element on plugin dialog can't get focus if there a tabindex = -1 element in html Bug Normal
#13321 The "Enter" key acts like a Tab key Bug Normal
#13324 insert link with css class using insertHtml Bug Normal
#13326 Dynamically adding context menu items ignores new command object Bug Normal
#13327 Migrating Content into CK Editor with Script New Feature Normal
#13328 Migrating Content into CK Editor with Script New Feature Normal
#13329 Migrating Content into CK Editor with Script New Feature Normal
#13330 select box doesnt show up the list on CKeditor with Google Chrome Bug Normal
#13331 Copy and Cut toolbar actions disabled in Chorme Bug Normal
#13333 CK Editor - Tables Not showing with Copied HTML Bug Normal
#13335 Magicline displayed in non-editable widget Szymon Cofalik Bug Normal
#13336 Formatting lost when pasting rich text - text is black on black Bug Normal
#13339 Internal Error in pasting from Word Bug Normal
#13340 Table column sizes jump around while typing text Bug Normal
#13341 #13333: CK Editor - Tables Not showing with Copied HTML Bug Normal
#13342 Drop Downs on Pages - Hyperlinks not functional Bug Normal
#13343 Ticket #12835 Bug Normal
#13347 javascript error in widget plugin Bug Normal
#13348 CK Editor does not load data properly on hidden div when Chrome browser is resized Bug Normal
#13349 CKEditor with Jaws and Mac voice over is not working properly in Chrome Bug Normal
#13350 Access Denied error for Ckeditor 4.0,1 for IE-9,10 and 11. Bug Normal
#13352 Ticket #13333 (closed Bug: invalid) Bug Normal
#13354 Google Docs Lists Bug Normal
#13360 Hello, I'm from Brazil, I am having problems with CKEditor in Google Chrome Bug Normal
#13364 CKEdit Stripping out Form tags? Bug Normal
#13365 [FF] Selection Field Properties tooltips alignment for bidi languages Bug Normal
#13366 Edit function sometimes shows empty textarea Bug Normal
#13369 [FF] Read only button not translated in Arabic Bidi view Bug Normal
#13370 Missing Arabic Spell Checker Bug Normal
#13376 Widget Plug in Bug (typing Korean) Bug Normal
#13379 Missing widget description for screen readers IBM Bug Normal
#13383 Allow remove focusmanager Bug Normal
#13391 double quote issue Bug Normal
#13392 drag and drop images flip 90 and 180 degrees de images Bug Normal
#13394 editor instances appears twice Bug Normal
#13395 Triple clicking a paragraph, then justifying (left/center/right) justifies the next paragraph too Blink Webkit Bug Normal
#13396 Translation issue (Russian) Bug Normal
#13402 Application Error Disclosure Bug Normal
#13403 Maximize tool issue - after maximizing, if browser back button used, page layout is messed up Bug Normal
#13411 "too much recursion" firefox error with 100+ CKE instances Bug Normal
#13416 edtior not working Bug Normal
#13423 Issue in "<a>" Tag Bug Normal
#13426 Empty inline elements are removed from the embedded content Bug Low
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