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#13444 System does not copy paste microsoft word formatting into CKEditor Bug Normal
#13445 System does not copy paste Eclipse formatting into CKEditor Bug Normal
#13448 wiris stopped working Bug Normal
#13450 CKEditor leaving stray markup in style sheet Bug Normal
#13458 <br> tags replaced with &nbsp; Bug Normal
#13461 Inline CKEditor not working inside Foundation Tabs using Chrome Bug Normal
#13462 Calling getSelected On Widget Marks Editor As Dirty Bug Normal
#13463 Testing Instructions Out Of Date Bug Normal
#13467 Cannot paste HTML formatting text in (CKeditor) IE 11 browser Bug Normal
#13469 RTL - Isn't working Bug Normal
#13470 Firefox scrolls to top with body height 100% Bug Normal
#13471 "Access is denied" on localStorage in IE10/11 if user has no permissions on LocalLow folder Bug Normal
#13474 Cannot paste HTML formatting text in Ckeditor in IE 11 browser Bug Normal
#13476 'full-width space' is not pasted on firefox and IE Bug Normal
#13479 CKEditor to doesn't work in Firefox 38.0.5 Bug Normal
#13482 Error trying to use font and size dropdown after removing and appending toolbar to node Bug Normal
#13483 Bug - uploading certain images causes it to rotate in CKEditor image rotation Bug Normal
#13484 Bug - uploading certain images causes it to rotate in CKEditor Bug Normal
#13489 config.uploadImagedUrl should be config.imageUploadUrl ? Bug Normal
#13490 Ckeditor 500 Internal Server Error Bug Normal
#13491 Custom skins do not support notifications Bug Normal
#13492 ckeditor can't access root directory IE9 Bug Normal
#13493 Skin Builder app New Feature Normal
#13496 Paste image file from desktop? Bug Normal
#13497 multiple contents.css loaded for multiple instance (v4.5.1) Bug Normal
#13498 Add Toolbar Configurator to CKBuilder New Feature Normal
#13499 CKBuilder Improvements New Feature Normal
#13503 Telerik window takes the edit child box behind CKEDITOR Bug Normal
#13505 Tooltip is displayed in ckeditor's body Bug Normal
#13506 Tooltip is displayed in ckeditor's body Bug Normal
#13507 Existing text in widget editables can't be edited in Firefox (39) Bug Normal
#13508 Undo/redo widget issue Bug Normal
#13510 Unable to use dialogs on mobile environments Android Bug Normal
#13512 [IE11] The page will scroll down when enter key is hit in CKEditor when browser is not full sized IE11 Bug Normal
#13514 Japanese language translation mistake. Bug Normal
#13515 Need to Display Videos New Feature Normal
#13517 Ckeditor becomes Unresponsive Bug Normal
#13520 Set max width and height of the uploading image New Feature Normal
#13521 Facing bugs in ckeditor_4.5.1 Bug Normal
#13523 Anomaly with the CKEditor Mathjax plugin on Firefox Bug Normal
#13524 Misaligned icons in Rails Bug Normal
#13525 [Edge] Page refresh when I press 'view source' Edge Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#13526 Error removing toolbar Bug Normal
#13527 System does not copy paste MS Visual Studio formatting into CKEditor Bug Normal
#13529 Issue to enable java script Bug Normal
#13530 I do not get to see the editor window with a specific choice in the builder Bug Normal
#13531 Codemirror plugin gives DOM error Bug Normal
#13534 Image2's caption not editable in Firefox Bug Normal
#13535 Table plugin default values New Feature Normal
#13536 Styles combo overrides alignment and indent classes Bug Normal
#13538 bug in IE Bug Normal
#13539 CKEditor created from CKBuilder don't load Bug Normal
#13540 inline ckeditor is not working in ie9 Bug Normal
#13541 Not saving Bug Normal
#13542 Floating popup issue Bug Normal
#13543 There is no way to tell embed plugins appart. Bug Normal
#13544 Facebook links don't work with media embed. Bug Normal
#13546 Incorporate promises framework into CKEditor. promises framework New Feature Normal
#13547 Popup on before uploadimage New Feature Normal
#13550 [IE 11] Clicking white space does not unhighlight selected text Bug Normal
#13551 ie11 Browser crashed ie11 Browser crashed Bug Normal
#13552 this.$.currentStyle is null or not an object (In IE 8,9,10) Bug Normal
#13555 FCKEditor Task Normal
#13556 Ckeditor links are not linking to the target page. Bug Normal
#13557 Regarding floating popup issue Task Normal
#13558 HTML entered in source view is garbled when switching out of source view Bug Normal
#13559 Print button leaves spelling mistakes underlined and crashes Chrome Bug Normal
#13560 Deleting empty lines above a heading change the headings format to "normal". Bug Normal
#13562 TypeError: Cannot read property equals of undefined in combination with crVCL Bug Normal
#13564 Permission denied on setReadOnly in IE Bug Normal
#13565 Jumping over words with ctrl+right arrow not working as is should when ":" is in sencence Bug Normal
#13567 Regarding Paste Bug Normal
#13570 Regarding Copy and Paste from Word Bug Normal
#13571 Review Edge version detection Szymon Cofalik Task Normal
#13572 Inserting link is broken, cant use it. Bug Normal
#13576 Extra <li> tag is getting added automatically when ever i copy and paste Bug Normal
#13577 [Edge] Copying a widget scrolls the viewport Edge Szymon Cofalik Bug Normal
#13578 [IE11] Paste from word in IE11 displays red flag and replaces some text with '< >' Bug Normal
#13580 instanceReady in IE11 Bug Normal
#13581 Config setting to make image alt attribute default to base filename New Feature Normal
#13582 Enable SCAYT fails to initialise Bug Normal
#13586 single ckeditor instance for ng-repeat Bug Normal
#13587 [IE9] can't select text with mouse IE9 selection mouse Bug Normal
#13588 Merge cells doesn't work in inline-editing mode Bug Normal
#13589 ACF filter Task Normal
#13591 Dragging broken on inline widget Bug Normal
#13594 editor.resize(...) not working for CSS size units Bug Normal
#13596 Cannot read property 'icons' Bug Normal
#13597 IE11 Undo event bug Bug Normal
#13601 createFromHtml Bug Normal
#13605 [Edge] Context menu doesn't close if you click outside of it. Bug Normal
#13606 Enter key scrolls down the page when parent is 'html' Bug Normal
#13607 Copying text containing words marked as misspelled by SCAYT includes extra markup Bug Normal
#13608 Windows Edge - SOURCE button crashing browser Bug Normal
#13610 [Safari, Lineutils] Problems rendering lineutils Bug Normal
#13611 IE11 selectRanges -> nativeRange setStart indexSizeError Bug Normal
#13613 [Edge] Typing in an empty editor creates DIV tags rather than P tags Bug Normal
#13614 CKEditor throws TypeError Exception when removed immediately after initialized Bug Normal
#13616 List items are lost when pasting from Word document Bug Normal
#13618 Context menu hidden when editor hosted in a div with a high z-index Bug Normal
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