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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#2246 Create local short named aliases to global references New Feature Normal
#1895 Create method for user-dependent folder creation Task Normal FCKeditor.Java 2.4
#5709 Create nested lists using the editor New Feature Normal
#1143 Create Option/Preference Button New Feature Normal
#3440 Create quirks mode sample Task Normal
#1141 Create Read-only mode New Feature Normal
#2032 Create samples for Flash and "Old HTML" configurations Confirmed Review+ Martin Kou Task Normal FCKeditor 2.6.3
#16489 Create SDK samples for Copy Formatting Anna Tomanek Task Normal CKEditor 4.6.0
#1387 Create Selenium automatic test cases for list creation, removal and indentation Martin Kou Task Normal
#4170 Create separate package with documentation New Feature Normal CKEditor 3.0
#7216 Create separate plugin for contentEditable=false Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Task Normal
#1747 Create several distros with Maven Michael Osipov Task Low FCKeditor.Java 2.4
#10725 Create span class with part of text Bug Normal
#5620 creates paragraph with none empty editor, first time click (focus) without changing the dirty flag Bug Normal
#13038 Create standalone samples necessary for 4.5.0 beta blog post Task Normal CKEditor 4.5.0 Beta
#5372 Create sublist should not clone styles from parent Confirmed Review+ Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3
#11989 create table as widget Bug Normal
#1140 Create Table Template button New Feature Normal
#13859 createTestsForEditors should provide editor bot as a second argument Tomasz Jakut Task Normal CKEditor 4.5.5
#598 Create ToolbarBand CSS Class SF Confirmed New Feature Normal CKEditor 3.0
#938 create toolbar buttons at runtime Discussion New Feature Normal
#937 create toolbar(set) at runtime New Feature Normal
#2004 Create URL on image Pending Bug Normal
#12101 Create useful methods for HTML comparison Task Normal CKEditor 4.4.2
#98 Create way to upload images,files to IIS Virtual directory while FCKEditor program is in root directory. Pending Expired New Feature Normal
#1139 Create Word Count button New Feature Normal
#2262 Creating a list from selection in gecko fails if starting from a blank page WorksForMe Bug Normal
#6178 Creating and inserting a new element fails in Webkit if editor not focused Webkit IBM Tobiasz Cudnik Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.1
#6358 Creating and inserting a new element fails in Webkit if editor not focused Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.2
#7098 Creating an element over a selection that starts at text nodes throws an error Sa'ar Zac Elias Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#6961 Creating a table with no borders creates table with top border line Bug Normal
#4950 Creating centered list is a bit troublesome Confirmed Review+ Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3
#8965 creating ckeditor via PHP through AJAX to load an error Bug Normal
#7030 creating custom heading in Format box Bug Normal
#555 Creating Email links generates "Object doesn't support this property or method" Script Error Confirmed IE7 Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.4.3
#1506 creating li element in fckstyles.xml doesn't show up Bug Normal
#8146 Creating link continues onto second line Bug Normal
#2443 creating link with the string "gif" in it creates bad url Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#3958 Creating more than one instance during runtime kills the former instances Bug Normal
#1803 Creating new columns doesn't handle <col> elements Bug Normal
#2074 Creation of extraneous <p>&nbsp;</p> Bug Normal
#3941 Creation of Paragraph and Sub-Paragraph structure on pressing "indent" button Discussion New Feature Normal
#2401 Croatian language file updates Confirmed Review+ Wojciech Olchawa New Feature Normal FCKeditor 2.6.3
#13008 Cross Browser issue.. Bug Normal
#13599 Cross-editor D&D of inline widget ends up in error/artifacts Tade0 Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.4
#10666 Cross frame problems IBM Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal CKEditor 4.2.2
#12720 Cross Site Scripting via href click Bug Normal
#1622 CSS cache in JS Review+ Frederico Caldeira Knabben New Feature Normal FCKeditor 2.6
#6480 CSS changes in CKEditor Bug Normal
#10915 CSS filter in Kama skin pull request Marek Lewandowski Bug Normal CKEditor 4.2.2
#4511 'cssFloat'/'styleFloat' problem break dt/core/dom/element.html IE Confirmed Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.1
#9714 CSS for span imcomplete. Bug Normal
#300 CSS not valid - minor bug (request for correction) Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.4.3
#11093 CSS properties should be lower-case, seen in sample Bug Normal CKEditor 4.2.3
#4229 CSS selector support for Test Environment Discussion New Feature Normal
#14535 CSS syntax corrections Tade0 Bug Normal CKEditor 4.5.9
#9365 CSS validation error Bug Normal
#9382 Ctrl+A + Del deletes table around inline-editing area Bug Normal
#11866 ctrl+A don't work if widget is the first element in content Bug Normal
#2672 Ctrl-Del does not delete next work New Feature Normal
#1533 Ctrl+Enter to submit form New Feature Low
#139 CTRL + F not working SF Bug Normal
#12756 Ctrl+Shift+Down does not scroll the selection into view in IE Bug Normal
#16857 Ctrl + Shift + V blocked by copy formatting kkrzton Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it) CKEditor 4.7.0
#13923 Ctrl V + config.pasteFromWordRemoveStyles = true : text pated twice Bug Normal
#3291 Ctrl-V does not work in Paste from Word dialog Oracle Confirmed Review+ Martin Kou Bug Normal CKEditor 3.0
#6643 Ctrl+V on Windows XP with FF pastes local image Discussion Bug Normal
#4259 CTRL-V Pasting not captured by AIR 1.5.x Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#8922 ctrl-v plain text bug with CKEDITOR.config.enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR; Webkit Bug Normal
#992 CTRL+X in Source View throws error Confirmed IE Martin Kou Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.5 Beta
#927 Ctrl-X not working in Opera for the first selection Opera Bug Normal Opera Compatibility
#638 CTRL+Z on source removes content. Bug Normal
#11677 CTRL+Z/Y (undo/redo) blocked in source mode Piotrek Koszuliński Bug Normal CKEditor 4.3.5
#2088 Curly Braces save with tweaking but are lost on next edit. Bug Normal
#531 Current style name is set to null on keypress in IE Bug Normal
#14779 curson jumping to back when spellcheck is enabled Bug Normal
#1269 Cursor and CR: not blinking on the right position Pending Bug Normal
#1268 Cursor and Whitespaces: not right blinking on the right position Confirmed Firefox Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.6
#8459 cursor behavior is strange during undo Bug Normal CKEditor 3.6.3
#9724 Cursor bug in IE 9 and IE 10 Bug Normal
#5684 Cursor disappears Firefox Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#5149 Cursor dissapears after maximize in Firefox 3.6 Firefox Oracle Confirmed Review+ Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3
#5784 Cursor dissapears after maximizing in Firefox 3.6.3 Bug Normal
#4684 Cursor does not blink on new line when Enter key hit is done after applying background color. Bug Normal
#10950 Cursor does not displayed on focus. Bug Normal
#632 Cursor does not show up in Firefox on Tab into the editor SF New Feature Normal
#13863 Cursor doesn't dissapear after unfocusing on background svg Bug Normal
#10574 cursor doesnt move where it should Bug Normal
#1588 Cursor doesn't show up Pending Bug Normal
#10396 Cursor focus in DIV Bug Normal
#6455 Cursor goes to a previous line when in entermode BR IE7 Bug Normal
#8337 Cursor going to last table cell instead of first table cell IBM Bug Normal CKEditor 3.6.2
#5965 Cursor initially overlaps previous line when font size is set to > 28. IBM Firefox Bug Normal
#393 Cursor inside link but expected to be "after" it Confirmed Firefox Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.5 Beta
#5375 Cursor in the wrong position when you delete an Empty Paragraph IBM Confirmed Garry Yao Bug Normal
#5381 Cursor in wrong position after pasting content Confirmed Review+ Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3
#7534 Cursor is lost and backspace problem after aplying style display:none to a parent container Bug Normal
#1903 Cursor is not coming when string inserted via javascript Bug Normal
#1083 Cursor is placed outside of table but not inside next/previous paragraph Confirmed IE Discussion Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.6.1
#8627 Cursor issue in Chrome Chrome, cursor Bug Normal
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