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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#5154 ckeditor adds whitespace to tags in source Bug Normal
#5155 Rich text window doesn't open when clicking on Rich Editor Bug Normal
#5160 Wrong category sortkay when using ampersand in category name with mediawiki Bug Normal
#5161 Bugg detected when using FF plugin Quick TransLation (qtl) in firefox. Bug Normal
#5166 Text can't be typed as Bold(Italic etc.) in Safari and Chrome Bug Normal
#5167 Scollbars in file browser window Wiktor Walc Bug Normal
#5168 SimpleTable extension support New Feature Low
#5169 fck editor file browsing Bug Normal
#5179 Line Spacing New Feature Normal
#5180 Image captions are lost when editing a page with FCKeditor Bug Normal
#5186 IE7 - setting a width results in editor jumping to top of screen on click Bug Normal
#5214 Linked images does not proper work with FCKeditor Bug Normal
#5215 Linked images does not proper work with FCKeditor Bug Normal
#5217 CKEDITOR.editor#setData should generate an undo snapshot Piotrek Koszuliński Bug Normal CKEditor 4.4.0
#5219 spellchecker : can not accept half corrected words in spell checker New Feature Normal
#5223 [MediaWiki+FCKeditor] Shift+Enter Produces HTML instead of XHTML New Feature Normal
#5234 Div container's context menu does not work for divs that are created via source Bug Normal
#5241 Inserted tag <p>&nbps;</p> on format "normal" insead replacing tag Bug Normal
#5245 The range is not the same after applying commands Bug Normal
#5247 Context menu resizing not works properly on IE8 Quirks Bug Normal
#5249 Text indent behaves incorrectly Bug Normal
#5251 Toolbar won't Expand/Collapse Properly Bug Normal
#5252 Background and tables New Feature Normal
#5254 Provide afterLinkedFieldUpdate event New Feature Normal
#5255 Error creating folder "" (mkdir() [<a href='function.mkdir'>function.mkdir</a>]: No error) Bug Normal
#5256 JS error when percent sign used in image url in the Image Dialog Sa'ar Zac Elias Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#5257 Adding row to rowspaned table breaks layout Bug Normal
#5258 Removing underlines of links? (text-decoration: none) New Feature Normal
#5260 Editor doesn't load contents.css Bug Normal
#5262 ckeditor encodes ' and " symbols Bug Normal
#5263 Cannot use Ctrl + A in some fields of Image dialog. Bug Normal
#5265 v2 skin: Editor size would not restore back correctly after Maximize Bug Normal
#5267 There are some issues with PRE blocks which have any attributes Bug Normal
#5269 floatpanels for comboboxes are offset left of related combobox Bug Normal
#5270 CKEditor 3.2 Dialogs in Lotus Domino and IE Bug Normal
#5272 Wrong positioning of the style, format, font, size, bg and fg popups in Firefox 3.5 Bug Normal
#5275 Unwanted br at first line on first keystroke in FF 3.x Bug Normal
#5276 Unable to resize inserted image Bug Normal
#5281 <wbr> tag randomly duplicates Bug Normal
#5282 Firefox 3.6 url(&quot; ... &quot;) - Quotes issue Bug Normal
#5288 SCAYT affecting checkDirty and ResetIsDirty. Bug Normal
#5289 Images don't appear in FCK Editor Bug Normal
#5295 Initial value for textareas New Feature Normal
#5299 Page Up/Down jumping to last/first line Bug Normal
#5301 Translation updates for Norwegian in CkEditor 3.2 Task Normal CKEditor 3.3
#5303 2.x Spell Check for 3.x New Feature Normal
#5304 Support List Styling via Context Menu New Feature Normal
#5305 souce-mode: <br /> that following a textNode are moved behind next element Bug Normal
#5309 Context sensitive insertHtml Garry Yao New Feature Normal
#5315 caret position when there is a blockquote as a default content Bug Normal
#5318 Editor content appears blanc on empty cache Bug Normal
#5320 Problems with &quote; Bug Normal
#5321 After copy paste if click on 'Enter' getting error in IE8 Bug Normal
#5323 Selecting font doesn't work for the first time Bug Normal
#5324 Dialogs contain invalid html id's Bug Normal
#5327 Spellchecker takes focus Bug Normal
#5328 <br /> tags inside <p> tags when using SHIFT+Enter Bug Normal
#5333 In Air Select elements in dialogs display incorrectly Bug Normal
#5334 2.6.5 Incompatibility Upgrade to 2.6.6 Bug Normal
#5336 Remove object style Tobiasz Cudnik Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.1
#5340 Feature request - Paged documents - WYSIWYP? New Feature Normal
#5341 <br /> tag only in Firefox Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#5347 Plugin: iframe issue in IE8 Bug Normal
#5351 Use of cut and paste from Word then save results in Server and Javascript errors. Bug Normal
#5353 wrong width of editor after resize() called in firefox 3.6 Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.1
#5358 Anchor not showing the text Bug Normal
#5360 CKEditor nightly build missing some plugins Bug Normal
#5361 Preview window's title should reflect the title tag in full page mode Sa'ar Zac Elias Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#5362 Non existent language files causes JavaScript errors Bug Normal
#5367 Implement editor.insertText and use it in the special chars dialog Garry Yao New Feature Normal CKEditor 3.5
#5369 editor addCss only works on first pass Bug Normal
#5371 New Faroese locale for FCKeditor_2.6.6 Task Normal
#5378 Paragraph inserted before table on document start Bug Normal
#5379 jQuery adapter TC affected by regression Bug Normal
#5380 admin side images are not showing Bug Normal
#5382 Works fine on a windows test server but uploaded to a linux it error You don't have permission to access /webadmins/fckeditor/editor/filemanager/browser/default/browser.html on this server. Bug Normal
#5383 java: create userfilepath according to chosen directory New Feature Normal
#5384 java: create userfilepath according to chosen directory New Feature Normal
#5387 [CKEditor 3.2] Creation of div with id cke_pastebin multiple in chrome Bug Normal
#5388 [IE][Chrome] Strange behavior on copy & paste <span> Bug Normal
#5391 Img alignment New Feature Normal
#5393 Bold/Italics/Underline ruins the page Bug Normal
#5394 chrome: copying from one instance to another creates unnecessary inline css Bug Normal
#5398 fckeditors toolbar not showing properly in IE8 only Bug Normal
#5399 Lists pasted from Word do not maintain their nesting Paweł Horzela Bug Normal
#5400 P tags are automatically added when text is inserted into Editor boxes Bug Normal
#5404 FillEmptyBlocks in CKEditor 3.x Garry Yao New Feature Normal CKEditor 3.5
#5407 Introduce a setting to keep using deprecated attributes New Feature Normal
#5408 Style plugin not working as expected. Bug Normal
#5410 Resize object leaves markers Bug Normal
#5413 Browser error after pasting html table in ckeditor Tobiasz Cudnik Bug Normal
#5417 Spell checker window doesn't close after correcting words Bug Normal
#5420 Destroying editor on replaced textarea inserts <br /> to originally empty input Bug Normal
#5421 xhtml code generation problem &nbsp; instead of &#160; (htmlentities, entities,entities_additional,..., configuration) Tobiasz Cudnik Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.1
#5427 Initial Value of CkEditor interprets non-html text as html. Bug Normal
#5428 Object styles not working for links (a tag) in browsers other than Firefox Bug Normal
#5432 Dutch language updates Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3
#5437 HTML5 new semantics for <i> and <em> New Feature Low
#5439 Unable to align selected text in a table Sa'ar Zac Elias Bug Normal
#5443 Infinite loop possible in wfSajaxSearchCategoryChildrenFCKeditor() Bug Normal
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