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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#6683 Extra line breaks added when saving the content on fckeditor 2.6.4 Bug Normal
#6704 FCK autocorrect incorrect/incomplete tags FCK Task Normal
#6716 FCKEditor 2.6.5 adds span tags when viewing source Bug Normal
#6717 fckeditor doesn't show up with chrome 9 chrome9 Bug Normal
#6727 Problem in Large File upload in asp .net using asp connector Bug Normal
#6760 Multiple File Uploads CKFinder New Feature Normal
#6761 Update Documentation CKFinder New Feature Normal
#6763 addRichCombo chrome (webkit?) custom plugin bug addRichCombo chrome webkit plugin Bug Normal
#6770 [PATCH] switch SCAYT plug-in to use SCAYT core 2.6 HasPatch, Review? Task Normal
#6780 FckEditor.js only is loaded, when in focus Bug Normal
#6878 FCK Editor Not working with IE 8 on my website (Version Bug Normal
#6899 FCKEditor with UsabilityInitiative/WikiEditor Bug Normal
#6943 Copy / paste french characters into editor Bug Normal
#6950 Dialog for page-break-inside:avoid; in Tables New Feature Normal
#6996 destroy() behaves incorrectly if called too soon after instance created Bug Normal
#6997 [IE8] <dt> tag breaks CKEDITOR, Stack Overflow 26 Bug Normal
#7052 ckeditor 3.4 manage utf-8 on FF Bug Normal
#7085 Defaults sking are "fugly" (here is better) New Feature Normal
#7110 Double quotes inside internal link error Bug Normal
#7115 ASP.NET Page events not firing. Bug Normal
#7139 URL encoding for image path is lost in CKEditor 3.5 Bug Normal
#7147 Editor not allowing to enter anything (Firefox v 3.5.16 or 3.5.x) Firefox3 Bug Normal
#7151 StylesCombo doesn't honor the bodyId configuration option Bug Normal
#7164 Stack OverFlow at line 29 error in IE6 with 3.5.1 Bug Normal
#7195 Source Code Highlight New Feature Normal
#7198 FCKEditor and WikiEditor New Feature Normal
#7199 ckeditor does not honour the template.css / theme css properely Bug Normal
#7228 fck editor image browse not working on subdomain Bug Normal
#7237 ForcePasteAsPlainText doesn't seem to work for Mac users. Firefox Mac Bug Normal
#7291 Wrong aligned tables from Word Tade0 Bug Normal
#7318 Removing underline of a linked text is not working in CKEditor version 3.2 (in Firefox)) New Feature Normal
#7401 CKFinder translation files CKFinder New Feature Normal
#7402 CKFinder translation files New Feature Normal
#7565 external skinPath New Feature Normal
#7568 JAWS not reading instructions on Accessibility Instructions dialog IBM Bug Normal
#7569 JAWS not reading updated label of Unlock/Lock ratio icon on Image Properties dialog IBM Garry Yao Bug Normal
#7580 div contenteditable + removeFormatCmd + insertHtml Bug Normal
#7582 IE: Cannot select items from the context menu when a table is selected IBM IE Bug Normal
#7583 Opera: can not enter text after inserting Page Break or Horizontal Line IBM Bug Normal
#7585 Get Plain Text New Feature Normal
#7586 BiDi: IE8: Bulleted list dialog not displaying with RTL Bulleted list IBM IE8 Bug Normal
#7587 BIDI: IE8: Unspecified webpage error is thrown when using the UNDO function IBM IE8 Bug Normal
#7589 BIDI: IE8: Difficulties using backspace to delete RTL paragraphs. IE8 IBM CantFix Bug Normal
#7593 Opera: we can't paste Numbered/Bulleted list with list styles. IBM Bug Normal
#7595 Remove format should work for selected table IBM Bug Normal
#7606 Editor remains grayed (frozen) after closing a dialog Bug Normal
#7607 Style attribute is deleted from the sourcecode while switching from Source to WYSIWYG CantFix Bug Normal
#7608 ckeditor 3.5.3 have problems paste Bug Normal
#7609 Unable to bold then apply color to a hyperlink IBM Bug Normal
#7610 FF & IE Pasting multi level Numbered list from word not working properly . IBM Bug Normal
#7611 Opera: Text remains highlighted unnecessarily when font colour is applied IBM Opera Bug Normal
#7612 Opera: Indented bullets do not have circle or square styled bullets (CORE-41465) IBM Opera Bug Normal
#7618 Unwanted bullet added to a list containing different paragraph formats. IBM FF Safari Bug Normal
#7622 Paste from notepad inconsistencies between browsers, formatting issue in IE8 CantFix Bug Normal
#7623 IE8 - SCAYT long running script error on large amounts of text IE8 Bug Normal
#7645 Lists not deleted properly using backspace IE WebKit IBM Garry Yao Bug Normal
#7658 Kama editor.css is missing cke_top and cke_bottom Bug Normal
#7696 IE6: Throwing an error when we open Table dialog on Pasted tables from word IBM Bug Normal
#7699 problem with list bullet list Bug Normal
#7701 Problem with Opera 11.10 Opera Bug Normal
#7715 OPERA Bug Javascript errors when unlinking (it unlinks though) Bug Normal
#7718 Typo in CodingStyle wiki page Bug Low
#7729 Copy of style and setup failed when paste tab from anywhere (excel or word...) Bug Normal
#7736 Horizontal list changed to vertical when click in it Bug Normal
#7738 chrome not showing default alignment when we type text or keep cursor in editor body IBM Bug Normal
#7739 [[safari/chrome]] deleting a list creates an empty div instead of paragraph IBM Bug Normal
#7741 [[safari/chrome]] not possible to apply paragraph format with out focus in editor body IBM Bug Normal
#7743 Chrome: Flash dialog preview does not display when the dialog is positioned over the editing area IBM Chrome Bug Normal
#7747 Indented bullet list not pasting correctly from Word IBM IE Bug Normal
#7753 Provide custom toolbar labels without modifying CKEDITOR.lang.toolbarGroupss IBM New Feature Normal
#7755 WYSIWYG: missing closing body tag in generated HTML Bug Normal
#7756 Linked image lost position Bug Normal
#7758 imagesPath for templates has always editor path Bug Normal
#7773 CKFinder Google Chrome Issue CKFinder Bug Normal
#7774 Inserting image in IE8 at end of content disables ability to jump to end of content IE8 Bug Normal
#7776 I'm facing the issue in CK Editor. Context menu not working in firefox. Bug Normal
#7777 [FF4] Place cursor between text, apply any style: cursor drops Firefox Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal
#7796 Paste as Plain Text Behavior - FF vs. IE IBM Discussion Bug Normal
#7797 Paste from Word does not recognize fonts IBM Bug Normal
#7802 Opera: unable to turnoff single formatting IBM Bug Normal
#7808 PHP FTP Connector for CKFinder 2.x New Feature Normal
#7809 IE6: setData fails when event handler attached via jQuery IE6 Bug Normal
#7822 Fake image for protectedSource New Feature Normal
#7826 Source protection dosen't work for textarea tag Bug Normal
#7829 Source mode unavailable Bug Normal
#7833 IE: Unable to scroll the editor, if the image in the editor is selected IBM IE Bug Normal
#7838 Editing tables in editor causes rows to move or the tables to disappear Webkit Bug Normal
#7849 Can not be served with XHTML mime type Bug Normal
#7850 OnTextChanged event required for CKEditor ASP.NET control kaga New Feature Normal
#7854 IE 6&7 Getting handlers when we navigate to first paragraph(non-editable) in editor body. IBM Bug Normal
#7856 Built-in contextMenu doesn't behave correctly Firefox Bug Normal
#7857 BIDI: Copying & Pasting RTL lists from Word not working properly in IE7 IBM IE7 Bug Normal
#7858 IE 6 & 7: @ symbol is displayed in the editor when 0 is entered in the start text field in Numbered List dialog IBM IE Bug Normal
#7859 Editor area without iFrames v4 New Feature Normal
#7861 IE7 - E-Mail Link Dialog Goes off screen IE7 Bug Normal
#7866 Safari & Chrome : On V2 Skin when we Zoom in/Zoom out drop down lists getting distorted IBM Bug Normal
#7871 Error thrown when we try to paste the date from Word. IBM Bug Normal
#7874 Opera: Link Target to open in New window/Topmost Window not working IBM Opera Bug Normal
#7877 Opera: Toolbar drop down menus are not displaying IBM Opera Bug Normal
#7880 Focus going back to Editor body when we activate dialogs from Context menu IBM Bug Normal
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