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#14835 Conflict with NOTIFICATION and AUTOGROW plugin Bug Normal
#14839 Could not use some long hexadecimal code to have the name of the color in the tooltip styling Bug Normal
#14840 Custom Color List could not use custom color names Bug Normal
#14841 How to add WooCommerce shortcodes in CKEditor wordpress plugin Bug Normal
#14842 [IE8] Failing plugins/link/link test Bug Normal
#14843 Cannot use over SSL Bug Normal
#14846 ckeditor inserts hidden characters into HTML when using soft return (shift-return). Hex codes: E2 80 8B Bug Normal
#14850 eventProcessors for radio and checkbox UI element definitions overwritten Bug Normal
#14852 Captioned Image drop near list items (ul, ol) Bug Normal
#14853 Redesigning link and image menus for simplicity New Feature Normal
#14854 [Chrome] Error when using Chrome, Undo Plugin, inline mode Bug Normal
#14855 Uploading Task Normal
#14857 Adding hyperlink to the text in IE-11 Bug Normal
#14858 drag drop does not allow undo Bug Normal
#14859 Captioned Image Title With Caption New Feature Normal
#14861 In Chrome HTML comments are copied in protected form Bug Normal
#14863 Image Upload Not Found Issue Bug Normal
#14864 Chrome copy/paste issue Bug Normal
#14865 In Internet explorer, if the container that holds the ckeditor is draggable, you cannot select text within ckeditor. Bug Normal
#14868 Jquery effects not working when using ckeditor Bug Normal
#14870 The image2 plugin does not support to add custom css classes to images New Feature Normal
#14871 The Stylesheet classes textfield is disabled for the image caption link in the advanced tab Bug Normal
#14873 Lost focus in ckeditor, while typing of Bold,Italic, Underline in toolbar(Scayt enabled) Bug Normal
#14874 Submit on save does'nt work Bug Normal
#14875 Changing the font also changes the size I have selected Bug Normal
#14879 <aside> tag is incorrectly parsed and duplicated when pasted in the Source view of CK Editor Bug Normal
#14881 Basic styles are not applied in CKEditor Task Normal
#14882 I want to escape Placeholder while selecting Font Style for CKEditor Contents Task Normal
#14885 Special characters are being altered when the language is set to arabic Bug Normal
#14888 Editor removing some tags when html content is copied and pasted in source button. Bug Normal
#14890 Voice recorder New Feature Normal
#14891 CKFinder 2.6.1 for multiple ckfinder instance configuration in java and javascript CKFINDER 2.6.1 Task Normal
#14893 Text Color and styles buttons are visible but stops working after post back in other styles like Bold, Italic works fine Bug Normal
#14898 When in a bootstrap modal, input of type text can not be focused Bug Normal
#14903 Autolink regexp is not accurate Bug Normal
#14904 When we place the cursor on CKEDITOR text, it is showing wrong font size. Bug Normal
#14908 Styling is not working in microsoft edge browser Bug Normal
#14909 Styles combo disabled when a style using multiple classes has them arranged in a non lexicographical order Tade0 Bug Normal
#14910 Special Characters New Feature Normal
#14912 Paste should match style of target context when forcePasteAsPlainText is enabled Bug Normal
#14913 Tags are stripped even with "Full HTML" (i.e. without ACF) Tade0 Bug Normal
#14914 Meta tags not populating with existing data Bug Normal
#14915 Default font is not taking Bug Normal
#14916 equation editor Task Normal
#14917 "generateToken()": IE11 support + potential bug Safari 5- Bug Normal
#14918 inline CKEditor with extraPlugins: 'autogrow' Bug Normal
#14920 Strikethrough didn't show correctly when font size is changed Bug Normal
#14928 Undo button remains disabled if resizing an already loaded image as first action Bug Normal
#14931 AVT: Title for all buttons in CK Editor Toolbar not displayed for Keyboard only User IBM Marek Lewandowski Bug Normal
#16339 Can't copy and paste in IE Bug Normal
#16373 AVT: Title for all icons in CK Editor dialogs not displayed for Keyboard only User IBM Marek Lewandowski Bug Normal
#16395 minified build missing widgetcommon/icons folder thus showing blank toolbar buttons Bug Normal
#16410 Images loaded in text is not responsive Bug Normal
#16436 Undo doesn't work properly undo Bug Normal
#16468 Remove Format not working Properly Bug Normal
#16469 All applied formatting (e.g. Font Size/Font Name) back to default when user removes all content. Bug Normal
#16473 Cannot position cursor with mouse using Edge browser if CKEdit instance is contained inside a draggable DIV Bug Normal
#16506 Notification plugin - move notifications to status bar Bug Normal
#16582 Video detector to add you tube video Bug Normal
#16587 [Safari] Failing test in plugins/font/font Bug Normal
#16588 [Safari] Failing test in core/dom/element and plugins/font due to vendor issue CantFix VendorFix kkrzton Bug Normal
#16592 jQuery adapter is not included in the built "Source (Big N’Slow) " zips Wiktor Walc Bug Normal
#16602 Colors copy paste not working Bug Normal
#16623 Contents in source modal window diappears Bug Normal
#16626 [PFW] Add support for config.coreStyles_* properties Bug Normal
#16647 No response from CKSource Task Normal
#16661 CKEditor 4 browser Context Menu On Ctrl not working with Firefox browser Bug Normal
#16678 format of pasted text from word is not showed correctly in the toolbar Bug Normal
#16679 Form saving problem on SSL Bug Normal
#16685 writer.setRules Not Defined In 4.5 Bug Normal
#16686 autolink ckeditor 4.6 not work firefox and chrome only IE Bug Normal
#16688 open_basedir restriction in effect Bug Normal
#16692 Is Image Editor is Compatible for CKEditor 4.5 version Task Normal
#16693 CKEDITOR.disableAutoInline does not work Bug Normal
#16698 undo still working after resetUndo() in source mode Bug Normal
#16699 Toolbar button status on touch devices Bug Normal
#16701 Copy text with left or right alignment from one ck editor instance to another does not preserve alignment Bug Normal
#16703 Numbered List formatting Problem Bug Normal
#16709 CKEditor 4.6 text selection doesn't work in IE11 when specific css is applied Bug Normal
#16711 Ckeditor changes attribute (and creates new attribute) when an attribute contains &quot; ... occurs on load Bug Normal
#16712 Remove/Alter MagicLine's use of Task Normal
#16713 Enhance the config by supporting height_outer New Feature Normal
#16715 CKEDITOR replacing span tags with font tags Bug Normal
#16717 Added span when paste any text Bug Normal
#16729 On copy + paste from Microsoft word doc( having text and image) , it doenot paste image Bug Normal
#16730 [Bidi][iOS] Lack of scrollbar in the RTL text direction iOS, Safari Bug Normal
#16731 [iOS] Failing file tests due to "FileConstructor is not a constructor" error. iOS, Safari Bug Normal
#16732 Error 404 in Copy Formatting when downloaded with Bower Bug Normal
#16736 Text format is not retained for copy+paste text from excel Bug Normal
#16737 Issue in pasting big table from excel document as bitmap image in ck-editor using simplupload. Bug Normal
#16738 Edge issue: script error on editor.applyStyle() "Unable to get property 'compare' of undefined or null reference" Bug Normal
#16741 Cannot publish my post Bug Normal
#16742 How to identify end of the document ? scroll, document end, pagination Task Normal
#16746 config.forceSimpleAmpersand does not work Support Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it)
#16747 Unable to save cursor position on page refresh (i.e. after saving data) Bug Normal
#16748 Duplicate html tags are generated when a user toggles between the Source and WYSIWYG view in CKEditor keeptextselection Bug Normal
#16749 CK Editor deletes code it does not understand Bug Normal
#16750 Background gets lost while pasting tables from MS PowerPoint or MS Excel in CKEditor Bug Normal
#16751 Edge Paste issue: Pasting a hyperlink with Mailto href removes the "href" attribute in Microsoft Edge CantFix VendorFix Bug Normal
#16754 Consider changes in New Feature Normal
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