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#6940 editor.getSelection() not working in ie Bug Normal
#6943 Copy / paste french characters into editor Bug Normal
#6944 User created plugin buttons not showing in Internet Explorer (IE8) Bug Normal
#6947 CKEditor maximize firefox bug Bug Normal
#6950 Dialog for page-break-inside:avoid; in Tables New Feature Normal
#6951 Floating div element New Feature Normal
#6955 Attributes duplicated from current tag to new tag when inserting a new line Bug Normal
#6961 Creating a table with no borders creates table with top border line Bug Normal
#6962 Opera: problems with "small hard sign" in russian: ъ Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal CKEditor 3.6.1
#6968 Problem with edit objects [FF] Bug Normal
#6971 string "important" in content crash ckeditor loading interface Bug Normal
#6976 about override in styles Bug Normal
#6979 Applying style throws error when the selection ends inside a readonly element Bug Normal
#6981 New translation for en-gb Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#6983 Issue with CKEditor in IE - HTML table structure not displayed properly Bug Normal
#6984 Line breaks are lost when enter mode is br Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#6986 insertElement with partial list selection Bug Normal
#6989 Update copyrights Wiktor Walc Task Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#6990 Couldn't display plugins icons in IE7/IE8 Bug Normal
#6991 Updated the Finnish translation Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#6994 Sample page global css leak Sa'ar Zac Elias Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#6996 destroy() behaves incorrectly if called too soon after instance created Bug Normal
#6997 [IE8] <dt> tag breaks CKEDITOR, Stack Overflow 26 Bug Normal
#6999 IE: cursor jumps above horizontal line after clicking below it Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#7001 Cannot delete a line (paragraph) below the table Bug Normal
#7004 Allow to load plugin translations even if they aren't included in the plugin definition Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo New Feature Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7008 Clipboard toolbar status wrong Sa'ar Zac Elias Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#7011 Nested list with different direction Bug Normal
#7013 DIV is not used for BIDI in enterBR Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#7016 [enterBr] apply text direction to fully list selection Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#7021 insertElement fails with a few cells selected Bug Normal
#7026 Image with setting float:left, covering numbers/bullets in list Bug Normal
#7027 Safari, Mac: Placeholder - initial values are not loaded in the dialog Sa'ar Zac Elias Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#7028 Replace doesn't work and JavaScript error occurs Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#7029 fck_editorarea.css doesn't work in IE Bug Normal
#7030 creating custom heading in Format box Bug Normal
#7034 Insert special char into styled text Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7035 Inserting element when all contents of list is selected removes the list Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#7037 Incorrect remove preformatted block Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#7039 <UL> but no <LI>'s Bug Normal
#7044 Create a BBCode sample Garry Yao New Feature Normal CKEditor 3.6
#7045 Full set of special symbols, esp. Greek New Feature Normal
#7048 [enterBr] undesired paragraph appears when content is deleted Bug Normal
#7049 Find highlight not available on readonly elements. Bug Normal
#7050 Remove format doesn't exit from link Bug Normal
#7052 ckeditor 3.4 manage utf-8 on FF Bug Normal
#7055 Update Polish language file Task Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#7056 Integration in a VS user control with WebBrowser Bug Normal
#7057 [FF] Mixed dir list displayed wrong Bug Normal
#7068 Update German language file Task Normal
#7075 [enterBr] change text direction in one line out of multiple Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#7082 Demo page in quirks Bug Normal
#7083 Resizing a column makes an empty table invisible Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#7085 Defaults sking are "fugly" (here is better) New Feature Normal
#7087 Firefox: Unable to escape from the link inside of a list or a table Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#7088 Special Character dialog causes bug during for next CKEditor instances Sa'ar Zac Elias Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7092 Nested inline styling Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7093 ¿Cómo trabajo con los eventos javascript de un objeto input escrito dentro del documento de una instancia de FCKeditor? New Feature Normal
#7098 Creating an element over a selection that starts at text nodes throws an error Sa'ar Zac Elias Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#7099 Toolbar's "Insert Special Character" Option Issue Bug Normal
#7102 Divreplace sample sometimes does not work Sa'ar Zac Elias Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7104 Displayed active style is incomplete Bug Normal
#7105 Table moved to top of document when list is created on selection. Bug Normal
#7107 resetDirty after setData causes JavaScript error in IE8 Bug Normal
#7109 Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 49 bytes) in /wwwroot/libraries/joomla/registry/registry.php on line 364 Bug Normal
#7110 Double quotes inside internal link error Bug Normal
#7115 ASP.NET Page events not firing. Bug Normal
#7116 Image handling New Feature Normal
#7123 Is it possible for a non-editable content in CKEditor. New Feature Normal
#7124 Czech language file for CKEditor 3.5.1 Sa'ar Zac Elias Task Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7125 Single cell resize New Feature Normal
#7126 Update French language file Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7127 CKEditor should always be tested in languages other than English Task Normal
#7128 Open dialog is stored in history Bug Normal
#7134 Table borders Bug Normal
#7135 SelectionField Properties throwing Error Bug Normal
#7136 Non-breaking space disappears from the end of block Bug Normal
#7139 URL encoding for image path is lost in CKEditor 3.5 Bug Normal
#7140 Catalan translation update New Feature Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7151 StylesCombo doesn't honor the bodyId configuration option Bug Normal
#7155 pasteFromWordRemoveFontStyle broken in v3.5.1 Bug Normal
#7162 Link without <span> doesn't respond to single click in non-editable mode Bug Normal
#7164 Stack OverFlow at line 29 error in IE6 with 3.5.1 Bug Normal
#7171 Double click on an image in non-editable content opens editing dialog Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7172 cke basics Task Normal
#7177 Finnish translation for rel attribute in the Link dialog Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7183 Afrikaans translation is awful Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7185 Image URL broken at output Bug Normal
#7195 Source Code Highlight New Feature Normal
#7197 div replace <p> issue Bug Normal
#7198 FCKEditor and WikiEditor New Feature Normal
#7199 ckeditor does not honour the template.css / theme css properely Bug Normal
#7203 CKEditor Sample — Replace DIV Bug Normal
#7205 Flash Advanced - style params doesn't load Bug Normal
#7209 Ordered list with 3 levels not pasted from word correctly Marek Lewandowski Bug Normal CKEditor 4.6.0
#7211 Image URL bug - when using url for image Bug Normal
#7214 extra plugins Bug Normal
#7215 Updated Faroese Locale (fo.js) Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#7216 Create separate plugin for contentEditable=false Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Task Normal
#7218 ASP - Unable to find an image manipulation component Bug Normal
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