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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#649 file manager bugs SF Bug Normal
#650 ColdFusion 'config' Struct Attributes Not Parsed Correctly SF Bug Normal
#652 not working with zwiki in plone SF Pending Bug Normal
#655 Using Ampersand with files or directories causes JS error SF Pending Bug Normal
#656 [SS] IE: Styles and RemoveFormat SF Bug Normal
#657 [EK] UseBROnCarriageReturn: Bulleted and Numbered Lists (IE) SF Bug Normal
#658 Half text-lines when resizing (IE) SF IE Bug Normal
#659 [SS] Style is not applied in empty selection SF Bug Normal
#660 Problems with smartNavigation=True SF WorksForMe Bug Normal
#661 [SS] Remove Format does not remove styles SF Bug Normal
#664 Error in image upload SF Pending Bug Normal
#665 CF: CustomConfigurationsPath won't load on Windows/IIS Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#666 ASP.Net 2.0: Not working on FormView SF Bug Normal
#668 [SS] Apply predefined styles to ul/ol SF Bug Normal
#669 Newlines in <pre> tags are not preserved SF Bug Normal
#671 Can't undo a pasting operations SF Pending Expired Bug Normal
#672 Extra lines inserted during save SF Bug Normal
#673 File INPUT outside of control breaks submission SF Bug Normal
#677 Char no usable in url can be use in filemanager (like é or ù) SF Pending Bug Normal
#679 [SS] IE RemoveFormat ignores span tags SF Bug Normal
#680 No context menu for checkbox in a table cell in Firefox SF Firefox Bug Normal
#682 IE paste from Word problem SF Bug Normal
#683 Not able to edit/delete horizontal rules SF Pending Bug Normal
#684 [EK] Internet Explorer & Line Break Formatting SF Bug Normal
#685 Missing TemplatesXmlPath Property in FCKeditor.cs SF HasPatch Bug Normal
#686 FCKeditor.Net: UserFilesPath SF Discussion Bug Normal
#689 ProtectedSource: "Stack overflow at line 23" SF Bug Normal
#691 Default foreground colour not set SF Bug Normal
#694 Upload ignore File type Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal
#698 Anchors do not work in Firefox preview window SF CantFix Bug Normal
#699 Problem width positioning of DIV's in IE SF Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#700 Perl Integration - Assigning a text value during the editor SF Bug Normal
#702 ColdFusion: not changing default "UserFiles" settings SF Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#704 Strange copy & paste bug SF Pending Bug Normal
#705 unbold doesn't work in IE SF Bug Normal
#706 IE - Display issue with table select SF CantFix Bug Normal
#708 IE Display Issues With DPI Set To Large Sizes SF Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#709 CustomConfigurationPath doesn't support virtual root ~ SF HasPatch Bug Normal
#711 Paste from Word broken in Firefox for Mac SF CantFix Bug Normal
#712 No javascript alert in Firefox when uploading images fails SF Pending Bug Normal
#714 IE add <p>&nbsp</p> when perform 'View Source' or 'Submit' SF Pending Bug Normal
#715 Apostrophes broken in FCKeditor.Java SF Bug Normal
#718 FCKeditor formats text with different paragraph spacing CantFix Bug Normal
#722 Custom FontColor in Toolbar? Discussion New Feature Normal
#723 Passing Javascript to FCK via oFCKeditor.Value Bug Normal
#724 Apostrophes broken in FCKeditor.Java SF Bug Normal
#725 "browse server" Ya1ProblM SF Bug Normal
#728 Upload don't check for errors SF Bug Normal
#730 Resource Browser does not display files SF Pending Expired Bug Normal
#733 P Tags added when all content is removed SF Bug Normal
#734 Bug width tables SF Bug Normal
#735 Detached toolbars will not listen to new edit areas SF Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#737 FCK editor out-of-focus Mozilla 1.7.12 SF None Bug Normal
#739 FF: Button caption is editable with arrow keys SF Confirmed Firefox Bug Normal
#741 Nested Paragraphs Inside Form Destroy Form SF Bug Normal
#742 define EditorAreaCSS in hidden field SF Bug Normal
#744 Anchors do not work in Firefox. FCKEditor version 2.2.1 SF Bug Normal
#745 AutoGrow feature bug SF Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#746 Comments inside SELECT and OPTION tags. SF Confirmed IE CantFix Bug Normal
#748 [IE] Contents of div with styled width wrap incorrectly IE Bug Normal
#749 Extra paragraph break after Tables within fixed-height cells IE Bug Normal
#750 Comment tags around inline styles disable styles Bug Normal
#756 FF: ForcePasteAsPlainText doesn't work in all cases Firefox Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#757 where will these ' to ´ indications replace? SF Bug Normal
#758 Filemanager upload images freezes (Firefox 1.5 + Mac Os X) SF Pending Bug Normal
#759 "Paste from Word". References become absolute. SF IE Bug Normal
#760 Computer Locks up on paste IE Bug Normal
#762 Outside Flash goes over the maximized editor SF Firefox Bug Normal
#763 Editor window disappears after spellcheck finishes SF Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#764 Detached Toolbar should be disabled on load SF Bug Normal
#765 Detached toolbar sometimes fails to resize properly SF Bug Normal
#766 Detach toolbar from iframe SF Pending Bug Normal
#767 Text Align does unexpected things when <br /> is used SF Bug Normal
#769 connector.aspx not works with masterpage at root web.config SF Bug Normal
#770 Font Format combo doesn't reflect selection in IE SF Pending Expired Bug Normal
#771 Spellerpages, spellcheck dialog not showing SF Pending Bug Normal
#772 Toolbar sharing source-view SF Bug Normal
#773 Wrong HTML-Code using IE and a Div with "height:100%;" IE SF Bug Normal
#774 IE 5.5: JS error loading form SF Pending Bug Normal
#775 Adding table rows using tab-key doesn't preserve attributes SF FireFox Bug Normal
#776 Firefox: focus problem SF Bug Normal
#777 Uploading problem SF Pending Expired Bug Normal
#779 Duplicate toolbars when posting to the same file SF IE Bug Normal
#781 Justification not working SF Bug Normal
#782 ProtectedSource: Stack overflow at line 23 SF Bug Normal
#786 forcepastaspaintext ie 6 bug SF Bug Normal
#787 toolbarLocation : Out - memory issue SF Bug Normal
#788 Adding extra tags to FCKeditor.php (<accesscontrol>) Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal
#789 OutOfMemoryError in StringBuffer object WorksForMe Michael Osipov Bug Normal
#790 IE: too many CRs xor problems in lists SF Bug Normal
#791 FireFox: Can't delete table column when column is marked SF Bug Normal
#792 Turkish Char Problem SF Bug Normal
#793 Editor not displayed in MasterPage/IE7 SF WorksForMe Bug Normal
#794 EditorAreaCSS - Multiple stylesheet urls concatenated SF Bug Normal
#795 FCKeditor breaks encoding in Plone SF Bug Normal
#796 Toolbar is not visible SF Bug Normal
#797 File upload problem when using tilde in path SF Pending Bug Normal
#799 FF: Drag and drop (move) table does not work SF CantFix Confirmed FireFox Bug Normal
#800 Wrong Toolbar Height on Multiple Instances in IE7 SF Bug Normal
#801 Folder browsing SF Bug Normal
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