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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#802 Replace bug in editor SF Martin Kou Bug Normal
#803 IE: Bold text bleeds over when applying Custom Italic style SF Bug Normal
#804 Auto changed to english typing after closed any dialgog SF Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#806 Format text changes entire page not just highlighted text in IE. Bug Normal
#807 Firefox spell check launches only during source view not WYSIWYG view Bug Normal
#811 Optional way of controlling table/cell width SF New Feature Normal
#812 BBCode support SF New Feature Normal
#819 XML Doctype SF New Feature Normal
#820 does not honour size widget argument SF New Feature Normal
#821 use references, not URLs SF New Feature Normal
#824 Automatically resize images over a configurable dimensions SF New Feature Normal
#825 table class SF New Feature Normal
#826 Locked/Editable Region Support SF New Feature Normal
#828 Introduce configurable, non-editable, wrapping XHTML SF New Feature Normal
#830 KHTML Compatibility? SF Confirmed New Feature Normal
#835 use connectors FileUpload command for quick-upload function SF New Feature Normal
#836 non file based (dynamic) toolbar configuration SF Pending New Feature Normal
#837 merged add/edit link with delete link SF New Feature Normal
#838 rename "smiley" to "icon" SF Discussion New Feature Normal
#841 Documentation inside the Package SF New Feature Normal
#843 Quick link creation SF New Feature Normal
#846 Want width units preserved after dragging table/div borders SF New Feature Normal
#847 Drag and Drop as plaintext SF New Feature Normal
#848 Implement Marquee For Scrolling Text SF New Feature Normal
#856 Provision for a custom onPaste code cleanup function SF New Feature Normal
#857 tab index as a html form element SF HasPatch New Feature Normal
#858 TrackChanges and show invisible elements SF New Feature Normal
#860 Support for AJAX spellchecking SF New Feature Normal
#861 Background color for tables SF New Feature Normal
#862 SpellerPages for PHP while Safe Mode is On (solution within) SF HasPatch New Feature Normal
#865 filemanager: configuration of subfolders SF New Feature Normal
#866 Better documentation for paths SF Task Normal
#867 blockquote toolbar item SF New Feature Normal
#868 small image preview and large image in popup SF New Feature Normal
#869 Storing Images In DB and Inserting from db SF New Feature Normal
#870 Images resized by control points, less pixelated SF HasPatch New Feature Normal
#871 Table Auto Format SF New Feature Normal
#872 Way to show toobar button text SF New Feature Normal
#875 Make editor detectable on server side SF HasPatch New Feature Normal
#876 Select last line SF New Feature Normal
#878 Autosave New Feature Normal
#882 Equation SF New Feature Normal
#883 FTP upload for picturs with the PHP connector SF HasPatch New Feature Normal
#885 File/image upload SF Pending WorksForMe New Feature Normal
#886 custom css - a tag not using css defs in firefox CantFix Bug Normal
#887 custom styles w/ white txt Bug Normal
#889 Custom Configuration Bug Normal
#890 Formating options in context-menu SF Pending New Feature Normal
#891 Use Tab key to navigate tables (Next/Previous cell) SF New Feature Normal
#892 content pasted outside the editor aea Bug Normal
#893 Target required for forms SF New Feature Normal
#895 Anti spam e-mail encryption SF New Feature Normal
#896 Support for the "dfn" tag SF New Feature Normal
#897 Centralise configuration SF New Feature Normal
#900 onChange event SF Confirmed New Feature Normal
#903 Allow for "reveal codes" SF New Feature Normal
#904 Lotus Notes Domino Connector upload parameter SF HasPatch New Feature Normal
#905 Quick Image Upload SF New Feature Normal
#907 Setting Image as Background for HTML SF New Feature Normal
#908 Make TabSpaces work with FF SF New Feature Normal
#909 Resource browser localization SF New Feature Normal
#910 Tables in IE and TAB key SF New Feature Normal
#912 cannot bypass buttons using left/right arrows Firefox Bug Normal
#914 Enable Buttons In Source Mode New Feature Normal
#917 disable the cancel button from the dialogs Confirmed New Feature Low
#918 Enter key handler causes placeholder plugin to behave strangely Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#919 SetUrl doesn't preserve height and width Bug Normal
#921 With respect to Ticket #95 (new Bug) Bug Normal
#924 Firefox bug; Picture alignment CantFix Bug Normal
#925 re-editing Bug Normal
#926 View source toggle adds empty para tag before & after the page-break tags Confirmed Bug Normal
#928 Hitting Enter in a <li>&nbsp;</li> creates a new <li> Discussion Pending SD-COE Bug Normal
#930 Need to hide the toolbar. Bug Normal
#931 FCKConfig.BodyClass not assigned to the preview window Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Bug Normal
#932 Bullet list can bullet the whole editor Bug Normal
#933 FCKDomRange.MoveToSelection() crashes in Internet Explorer when editor frame has never been selected Martin Kou Bug Normal
#935 Source View / About box Confirmed Martin Kou Bug Normal
#936 Bug fix for ie xml cacheing Bug Normal
#937 create toolbar(set) at runtime New Feature Normal
#938 create toolbar buttons at runtime Discussion New Feature Normal
#939 add toolbar buttons at runtime New Feature Normal
#940 Array prototype extensions breaks plugin code that uses "for(var i in <Array object>)" Bug Normal
#941 Error with Upload Folder Names Bug Normal
#946 Toolbar images doesn't show if path contains an space Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Bug Normal
#947 form elements are resizable in IE only running from the filesystem and path contains an space Confirmed IE Bug Normal
#948 lost text area focus Pending Expired Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal
#949 Advances File Manipulation New Feature Normal
#950 File permissions of created connector files insecure Discussion Bug Normal
#951 fck_strip.gif loaded many times on IE 6 - slower load editor Pending Expired Bug Normal
#952 Plone version : wrong links to folders if Plone instance not "Root" Bug Normal
#953 Shared toolbar doesn't reflect state of the editor Bug Normal
#954 Toolbar cutted to one row in sample 10 Bug Normal
#955 Toolbar Format Dropdown formatting more than just selected text Bug Normal
#956 Animated gifs don't work in Firefox for Mac CantFix Bug Normal
#959 Upload problem in browser.html due to IE security updates Pending Expired Bug Normal
#961 Show Details Task Normal
#964 Cannot set focus in editor without click in 'Source' first (Firefox only) Pending Expired Bug Normal
#966 Full URL Option for Inserting Files/Images New Feature Normal
#967 nightly page for browser compatibility test gives 404 Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#968 Adding new document browser for link the documents Frederico Caldeira Knabben Task Normal
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