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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#7884 Cursor Persistence into Sourcec view New Feature Normal
#7887 Pasted HTML in "Source View" freeze editor Bug Normal
#7889 Error deleting rows in IE Bug Normal
#7891 Safari & Chrome : Nested block while pasting paragraphs IBM Bug Normal
#7892 Remove Html Entities Bug Normal
#7896 IE: table cell properties giving error undefined (table tools, onshow invalid selection) when enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR IE IBM Garry Yao Bug Normal
#7897 [FF4] first execCommand (enterMode:ENTER_DIV) shows cursor in second line instead of first line Firefox4 Bug Normal
#7899 not working in CKEditor 3.6 Bug Normal
#7901 Images can be inserted as Flash objects IBM Bug Normal
#7906 Elements path bar is empty when we select font name/font size/text or background color with out focus in editor body IBM Bug Normal
#7909 Permission Denied to get property Window.document Bug Normal
#7910 If forcePasteAsPlainText paste (ctrl + v) doesn't work properly in webkit env Webkit Bug Normal
#7913 setReadOnly does the reverse of what it says it does Bug Normal
#7917 Regression in fix for #6629 Bug Normal
#7918 some of list items in Multilevel lists are pasted as separate lists IBM Bug Normal
#7924 Safari: Edit Link & Unlink options are not available in the context menu IBM Safari Bug Normal
#7926 BIDI: Safari: Dialog drop down list items are left aligned in RTL languages IBM Safari Bug Normal
#7927 bbcode and js event problem Bug Normal
#7930 getSelectedText() function is missing Bug Normal
#7938 in enterMode BR pasting text (ctrl + V) produces the page scrolling up or down Bug Normal
#7951 Dialog pop-up style error Bug Normal
#7956 [[IE & Opera]] issues with PageUp & PageDown when Auto grow plugin(with it's default configuration) is loaded IBM Bug Normal
#7965 FCK is not defined fckeditor/2.6/editor/js/fckeditorcode_gecko.js Line: 31 Bug Normal
#7967 Problems with table elemet - HOW TO DISABLE Bug Normal
#7970 Cannot copy from native context menu in IE9/8 ie, native context menu Bug Normal
#7971 Script Does Not Work Bug Normal
#7979 iframe body height causes problem with right click menu. Bug Normal
#7986 Form Results to e-mail address Task Normal
#7996 Invalid table code creates error Bug Normal
#7997 FF3.6: text don't show in WYSIWYG mode, but in Source all ok Firefox3 Bug Normal
#7998 Editor keeps adding OR stripping HTML tags Bug Normal
#8005 CKEditor.NET 3.5.3/CKEditor 3.6: editor not displayed after postback in DynamicData site kaga Bug Normal
#8006 FF4 Ubuntu: right click between tables in wysiwyg mode results in an error Firefox4 Bug Normal
#8013 FF4 : Focus not shown when we tab to combo boxes & check boxes on all dialogs IBM Firefox4 Bug Normal
#8022 Paste of relative path image with baseHref set results in wrong urls in IE CantFix Bug Normal
#8032 Insert block element between block elements IBM Bug Normal
#8033 Fake element get to many paragraphs Bug Normal
#8034 Fake elements config for "Unknown Object" New Feature Normal
#8054 IE7 Cell properties - window does not close when clicking [OK] Cell properties Bug Normal
#8056 [IE] Cursor jumps to the top when clicking at the bottom of the editing area IE Bug Normal
#8071 Demo editors don't resize horizontally Webkit Bug Normal
#8073 insertHtml() causes dangling p tag Bug Normal
#8081 Safari on Mac : Cursor goes out of editor body when auto grow kicks in IBM Bug Normal
#8085 language direction applied to list item removed after indentation IBM Bug Normal
#8088 IE8: Changing font size does not work with two bytes character IE8 Bug Normal
#8090 Getting a blank page when editing Bug Normal
#8093 InsertHTML does not insert at the cursor position in IE6 Bug Normal
#8095 Chrome pastes insert a meta tag Bug Normal
#8098 IE9 : Pasting of lists not working properly. IBM Bug Normal
#8099 RichCombo without css shows nothing Bug Normal
#8100 IE - &nbsp not honored in table cells IBM Bug Normal
#8101 Image Resizing by mouse Bug Normal
#8102 Copy paste of text from external source into a editable div with editor non-editable throws error. Bug Normal
#8104 Radio buttons cannot be given a vertical layout IBM Bug Normal
#8107 Radio buttons on dialogs cause an error in IE quirks mode IE IBM Bug Normal
#8108 IE & Safari : Can't remove empty paragraph first in document that's followed by a table IBM Bug Normal
#8110 Default text size Task Normal
#8111 Text disappears when clicking outside editing box. IE Bug Normal
#8112 Page jumps on click Bug Normal
#8113 Position of dialogs when CKEditor is in an iframe Bug Normal
#8115 Getting issue with jquery Task Normal
#8116 [IE9] SSL Security Warning when using SSL Bug Normal
#8119 HTML5 / Add support for source and track elements HTML5 New Feature Normal
#8120 Blank newpage_html doesn't work with full page plugin Bug Normal
#8122 Insert a new line between a list and another line (internet explorer) IE Bug Normal
#8127 Opera: Undo not restoring the deleted empty paragraphs IBM Bug Normal
#8130 FCKEditor 2.6.6- Popup windows (Insert/Edit Link, Image, Table..etc)are not displayed in IE8 IE8 Bug Normal
#8139 After inserting a table in IE8/9, can not move cursor below in ENTER_BR IE Bug Normal
#8142 Application landmark taking focus to Tool bar instead of Editor body after visiting toolbar. IBM VendorFix Bug Normal
#8143 Opera: incorrect basic styles toolbar behaviour Bug Normal
#8146 Creating link continues onto second line Bug Normal
#8147 getting the cursor position... Task Normal
#8150 IE9 toolbar offset bug IE9 Bug Normal
#8152 'Paragraph Format' can not be removed by 'remove format' Bug Normal
#8153 tab-key should increase indention of lists New Feature Normal
#8158 Adding a link to an image via toolbar fails if HTML comment is in image's DOM parent chain Bug Normal
#8165 Context Menu not allways closing IBM Bug Normal
#8167 CKEditor crashes on simple html code Bug Normal
#8168 CKEditor is not showing Bug Normal
#8170 Mouse wheel New Feature Normal
#8173 disableObjectResizing on tables only New Feature Normal
#8174 need ability to change the 'target' of a link New Feature Normal
#8176 Ckeditor reformats HTML in its own way! Bug Normal
#8178 CKEditor toolbar should float on a page and be dynamically attached to any selected HTML / DOM element New Feature Normal
#8182 Table context menu does not display in final row with TH enabled Bug Normal
#8183 Find does not highlight found words for contentEditable=false IBM Bug Normal
#8185 Delete Table Context Menu not working Bug Normal
#8187 Move icon shows only in Firefox Bug Normal
#8188 Internet Explorer 9 inserts sab="#" tags IE9 Bug Normal
#8190 Ckeditor in Small IFrame Bug Normal
#8192 CKEditor dow not work properly if editor.js loaded indirectly Bug Normal
#8194 Tab Order broken with radio buttons inside a dialog IBM Bug Normal
#8196 Upload media within text New Feature Normal
#8197 Folders pane too small in CKFinder File Browser in Internet Explorer CKFinder Bug Normal
#8199 ASP.NET & CKeditor failed! Bug Normal
#8202 [IE] Pasting or typing a textual link auto-hyperlinks it IE Bug Normal
#8203 [Chrome] ALT+S for submitting a post in IPB and vBulletin does not work Webkit Bug Normal
#8204 table resize issue New Feature Normal
#8208 Disable data URIs when pasting images Firefox New Feature Normal
#8210 CKEditor not showing up in Drupal boxes Bug Normal
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