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#8775 CKeditor custom templates Task Normal
#8776 config.width = '100%' not working on IE7 and IE8 Bug Normal
#8777 Change focus to Editor not work Bug Normal
#8778 Selection field doesn't allow to select item in Firefox 10.2 Bug Normal
#8779 Chrome - Zooming and Unzooming - CkEditor is deformed Bug Normal
#8781 Problems with copy/paste HTML lists. Bug Normal CKEditor 4.6.0
#8782 html parser removes empty spans with attributes Bug Normal
#8784 Allow for external mechanisms to work on the dataprocessor New Feature Normal
#8786 Image Alt Tags and "Curly" Apostrophe / Quotes Bug Normal
#8789 CKEditor for ASP.NET. UpdatePanel and problem partial page updates Bug Normal
#8790 webpage css overrides ckeditor 3 style Bug Normal
#8792 Image dialog doesn't display properties set to 0. Bug Normal
#8797 Infinite loop with malformed select tag Bug Normal
#8803 CKFinder parameter passed with double ampersand in querystring Bug Normal
#8804 Disable HTML correction Bug Normal
#8805 Image Uploading Problem Bug Normal
#8806 Image url not being escaped Bug Normal
#8810 lost selection in ie9 when open floatpanel Bug Normal
#8814 CKEditor not displaying properly within JQuery ui dialog on google chrome Bug Normal
#8816 making filebrowser in iframe dialog New Feature Normal
#8818 bbcode plugin ignores newlines Bug Normal
#8819 InsertHtml in chrome not working to replace first or last words within a paragraph Bug Normal
#8820 Cannot find ckfinder_config.php in ckfinder folder Bug Normal
#8823 CKEditor ASP.Net control does not handle ReadOnly attribute kaga Bug Normal
#8826 'lang.contextmenu.options' is null or not an object Bug Normal
#8827 Filemanager is not displaying in FF 11and FF 12 in MAC OS Bug Normal
#8828 CkEditor is opening slow / CKEditor is loading slow Bug Normal
#8833 Font Color is dropped!!! Bug Normal
#8834 Use HTML paste bin for Paste as Plain Text New Feature Normal
#8838 Breaking Markup Bug Normal
#8839 Cursor jump on the top with IE Bug Normal
#8840 Making 'HTML validation and correcting' optional New Feature Normal
#8841 Spell check Permission denied Window.fakeOpener Bug Normal
#8842 Urgent - Anchor tags get removed. Bug Normal
#8845 Invalid character in CHANGES.html Bug Normal CKEditor 3.6.3
#8846 "Magic Box" to help moving the caret to hard/impossible to reach spaces New Feature Normal
#8848 Script error occurs when we add images and read those Bug Normal
#8851 Changing Paragraph Format after Font Size Bug Normal
#8853 Config through API fails for multiple instances / only works first time Bug Normal
#8856 Google Chrome Not opens Browse popup Bug Normal
#8857 wrong variable "name" used instead of "tagName" Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Bug Normal CKEditor 3.6.4
#8859 Remove Image alignment styles Task Normal
#8862 Tabbing into CKEditor in Safari not working right Bug Normal
#8863 File browser window not work correctly on Chrome Bug Normal
#8870 Content from table within <pre> tag is removed. Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.6.3
#8874 Shift+tab causes errors and incorrect caret and focus movements Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.6.3
#8875 CK Editor Purchase Task Normal
#8879 Move styling of labels to dialog.css Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Bug Normal CKEditor 3.6.4
#8882 [[chrome]] Delete, typing over and Backspace on high-lighted text in the bullet list does not delete the text the first time. Bug Normal
#8885 make ckeditor_php4.php and ckeditor_php5.php independent of hardcoded filenames Bug Normal
#8890 Buttons, Dropdown lists and color selection not working with IE7&IE8 with Internet Security level set to High. Bug Normal
#8895 File link.js has bug in release version Bug Normal CKEditor 3.6.3
#8898 CKeditor IE 9 compatibility view issue with text area. Bug Normal
#8899 Links in the About dialog should open in a new window Jakub Ś Bug Normal CKEditor 4.3.3
#8900 a11yhelp pluign is not using the correct language Bug Normal
#8901 Integrate CKEditor 3.6.2 with CKFinder, not work in Chrome Bug Normal
#8902 target attribute on mailto and internal links Bug Normal
#8903 fckeditor Bug Normal
#8904 Capitalization changes on IE8/WIN XP Bug Normal
#8909 Up and Down arrow do not move after hiding and showing again element that contain the editor Bug Normal
#8911 pasting text seems inconsistent Bug Normal
#8912 Image Upload in ck editor not woking in google chrome 18 Bug Normal
#8914 SourcePopup not available in CKEditor New Feature Normal
#8917 some html tags display as text in ckeditor with hebrew (rtl language) Bug Normal
#8927 Embed code is encoded if properties/attributes contain double quote (") Bug Normal
#8930 Maximize does not work Bug Normal
#8931 Focus editor with content in FF not consistent with other browsers (sets caret at end of document) Bug Normal
#8932 Copy/paste from CKEditor to CKEditor inserts extra divs Bug Normal
#8933 Floated image is not floated, when added a link Bug Normal
#8935 Editing a JS code Bug Normal
#8937 CKEDITOR.replace(id, config) fails in Firefox 12 Bug Normal
#8938 Introduce center alignment option for images New Feature Normal
#8948 Scripts getting executed in preview mode. Bug Normal
#8952 getData() does not work properly for specific instances of CKEditor Bug Normal
#8953 not working on wamp server Bug Normal
#8954 not working on wamp server Bug Normal
#8959 How to make particular custom buttons/command enabled in readonly mode Task Normal
#8962 cursor jumps back Bug Normal
#8963 Linking Bug Bug Normal
#8965 creating ckeditor via PHP through AJAX to load an error Bug Normal
#8966 IE8 causing issue when trying to create a link inside a table Bug Normal
#8969 Using style for image clears size parameters Bug Normal
#8972 Problem with text screen loading blank in safari when on slower download speeds Bug Normal
#8973 Problem with text screen loading blank in safari when on slower download speeds Bug Normal
#8974 Problem with text screen loading blank in safari when on slower download speeds Bug Normal
#8975 Problem with text screen loading blank in safari when on slower download speeds Bug Normal
#8976 Problem with text screen loading blank in safari when on slower download speeds Bug Normal
#8981 Error in Translation (LT) Anna Tomanek Bug Normal
#8991 Managed pipeline mode IIS 7.5 Bug Normal
#8993 changed in editor.css is not seems in IE browser Bug Normal
#8995 Link gets destroyed in bbcode when you modify it Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.6.5
#8998 JSON support for CKEditor JavaScript files New Feature Normal
#9005 WYSIWYG Area won't initialize correctly inside a jQuery UI Dialog (Webkit & Firefox) Bug Normal
#9006 Blank line added when using meta tag Bug Normal
#9007 Body tag disappears Bug Normal
#9010 SCAYT doesn't work in IE9 Bug Normal
#9012 Link plugin does not work with image Bug Normal
#9014 PHP tags inside CKEditor Bug Normal
#9018 Unlink button not working Bug Normal
#9019 jQuery Adapter .val() replaced handles .val(undefined) inconsistently Piotr Jasiun Bug Normal CKEditor 4.2
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