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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1546 Wrong connector paths WorksForMe Bug Normal
#1547 Unwanted BR and   tags in IE6 Bug Normal
#1553 error after inserting pagebreak Pending Bug Normal
#1555 FF3 : Content "flashing" on load WorksForMe Bug Normal
#1560 Authentication in filebrowser Pending Bug Normal
#1565 Plugin language the same, as user's prefered language fixed New Feature Normal
#1566 Polish language file Bug Low
#1567 MediaWiki plugin localization New Feature Normal
#1568 MediaWiki plugin localization New Feature Normal
#1569 MediaWiki plugin localization Fixed New Feature Normal
#1574 PaddingNode causes Permission Denied error in IE Pending Bug Normal
#1575 Firefox: Empty paragraph added if an object tag occurs as first element in the body Confirmed Firefox Martin Kou Bug Normal
#1576 Editor height is always =300px Pending WorksForMe HasPatch Bug Normal
#1577 Fatal error using some skins Confirmed Bug Normal
#1579 Table property dialog too narrow Bug Low
#1581 IE7: responseText is null or is not an object (0 things found) Pending Bug Normal
#1582 Image border is lost after reediting Confirmed Bug Normal
#1585 IE 6 SP1 crashes on edit Bug Normal
#1586 [IE] JavaScript error on edit Confirmed IE Bug Normal
#1588 Cursor doesn't show up Pending Bug Normal
#1589 Getting full working embed videos (flash plugin) feature New Feature Normal
#1590 PHP fatal error "Cannot redeclare class fckeditor" Bug Normal
#1595 Safari : Panel and button are not fused for color selectors in RTL Safari Bug Normal
#1605 [Firefox] Unnecessary <p> tags are inserted in InsertHtml function of FCKEditor Object Firefox Bug Normal
#1606 ProtectedSource - ProtectedTags enhancement request New Feature Normal
#1610 IsCompatible Function and Pocket IE HasPatch Bug Normal
#1611 use JS to "detect" browser-JS-capability HasPatch New Feature Normal
#1612 Reproduction of Ticket #959, IE stuck while trying upload images IE6 Bug Normal
#1615 Deleting Table Columns Bug Normal
#1616 Spelling is always done in English Confirmed Bug Normal
#1618 Wrong version of Opera in the integration files Bug Normal
#1619 "tight" control from Microsoft Word New Feature Normal
#1620 semicolon added before finally keyword Bug Normal
#1621 Format combo normal option produces P tag even if in BR mode only! Bug Normal
#1623 Removing Bold, Italic, Underline, Striketrough and maybe more is buggy/counterintuitive in Firefox FireFox Bug Normal
#1624 A new <br> appears aftrer saving Bug Normal
#1625 Relative links (Subpage feature) are translated when loaded in the editor Confirmed Bug Normal
#1628 FireFox JavaScript Alert With External Config File WorksForMe Pending Bug Normal
#1629 2 suggestions for tabs or buttons Pending New Feature Normal
#1631 Source view: ctrl+l shortcut should be deactivated Bug Normal
#1634 Next element corrupted when delete key triggers removal of empty <P> tag. Bug Normal
#1635 Find button report "The specified text was not found" even if text is in editor Bug Normal
#1636 iframe displays 404 error Bug Normal
#1637 inline style from office word gives javascript error, editor doesn't work Pending Bug Normal
#1638 fckstyles.xml: Non-classed div gets all div-styles Bug Normal
#1639 Attribute change with Overrides New Feature Normal
#1640 Support for Nintendo Wii New Feature Normal
#1649 Editor will not change the category Discussion New Feature Normal
#1650 Patch for FCKeditor 2.5 to implement upload filename regexp checking HasPatch Bug Normal
#1651 Patch for FCKeditor 2.5 to implement upload filename clash behaviour control HasPatch Bug Normal
#1652 Change file/image browser startup folder programmatically New Feature Normal
#1653 span colors switching from HEX to RGB Confirmed Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Bug Normal
#1655 FF: Bulleted point dissaperas when changing the indetation FireFox Bug Normal
#1656 The Following HTML Codes will crash FCK2.5 Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#1657 security issue Bug Normal
#1658 XSS Injection with img tag Pending Bug Normal
#1660 <br type="_moz"> and <p>&#160;</p> in empty source FireFox Bug Normal
#1661 "Insert/Edit Link"-dialogue Bug Normal
#1662 HTTP MSIE Multiple Style Tags Code Exec Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#1663 HTTP MSIE Multiple Style Tags Code Exec Bug Normal
#1665 Link Fields Disappearing Bug Normal
#1668 IsDirty giving false positive with no content. Bug Normal
#1669 sample13 failed on ie7 IE7 Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#1672 Problem with FCKEditor and AJAX Bug Normal
#1673 Syntax error found in fckstyles.xml file Bug Normal
#1674 Double Click Select link in Firefox does not register as a link selected Bug Normal
#1675 Has Problems with Semantic MediaWiki Bug Normal
#1676 Provide a way to switch beetwen FCKeditor and Textarea Confirmed New Feature Normal
#1677 Save/cancel button in the toolbars Discussion New Feature Normal
#1678 Font , font size and style refresh to default when stealing focus Bug Normal
#1679 No Tooltip on Combos Bug Normal
#1680 Editor unusable when wrapped in an invisible div having a fixed width Bug Normal
#1681 Error: -2147024809, Invalid Arguement when opening a 2nd editor in a popup Pending Bug Normal
#1683 Context menu still "shows" even if containing zero items HasPatch Bug Normal
#1684 SpellChecker having 1-off errors after skipping over links Bug Normal
#1685 Quick Upload bug ? Bug Normal
#1686 Bug with Blockqoute on a List Pending Bug Normal
#1688 Unable to upload pictures using IE Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#1689 Deactivate XHTML validation Discussion New Feature Normal
#1690 Linking to same page sub-header fails HasPatch Bug Normal
#1696 img with float: left hard to move Bug Normal
#1697 OnSelectionChange event in certain Controls don't fire when using Firefox. Confirmed FireFox Bug Normal
#1698 Phantom scrollbar problem experienced when switching between normal and expanded editor views Firefox Mac Bug Normal
#1699 New FCKeditor have errors! Problem with FileBrowser WorksForMe Pending Bug Normal
#1700 Absolute URLs not working in IE7 Bug Normal
#1703 PHP integration Bug Normal
#1704 FCKStyles is not defined WorksForMe Pending Bug Normal
#1705 Translations for the CKFinder and/or integrated upload and serverbrowser New Feature Normal
#1706 CKFinder: When will the ASP version be ready??? Task Normal
#1708 JSP tag library does not support Safari 3 Bug Normal
#1709 IE: Missing semicolon for last declaration in style attributes Discussion Bug Normal
#1710 Copy and paste differences with Safari Mac Safari Mac CantFix Bug Normal
#1711 error using the asp version Bug Normal
#1712 AddItem - Execute with plugin Bug Normal
#1713 FF: unknown text in templates paramter Confirmed FireFox Bug Normal
#1714 cursor jumps from beginning of text area to the end Bug Normal
#1716 FCK Selection IE + Flashing cut and copy toolbar icons + optimisation IE Bug Normal
#1718 IE: Spellchecker throws js error IE Bug Normal
#1719 Can't do unbold / unitalicize Confirmed Firefox Bug Normal
#1720 Problems with HTML encoding of some text New Feature Normal
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