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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#2085 Error in JS with unknown function at time of unload. Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#2086 [FF3 ]scrolling behaviour not correct Confirmed Firefox Bug Normal
#2087 Error loadig fckstyles.xml Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#2088 Curly Braces save with tweaking but are lost on next edit. Bug Normal
#2089 bold button & single quotes problem Confirmed Bug Normal
#2090 Speller Pages: Integration for Java WebContainer (JSP) New Feature Normal
#2091 'undefined' is null or not an object - specific string Bug Normal
#2092 Styles system should support removal of block styles Bug Normal
#2093 Inconsistent ability to remove basic styles depending on selection Bug Normal
#2094 Insert/Edit Link Dialog does not change protocol type after browser from server Bug Normal
#2095 Define default view-mode Confirmed New Feature Normal
#2097 JS error when rightclicking table with thead tag Confirmed Bug Normal
#2098 Problem Toggling Editor in FireFox Firefox Bug Normal
#2099 Image Search returns full HTML in search results Bug Normal
#2100 fckeditor/_samples/html/sampleposteddata.asp' is not allowed. Bug Normal
#2101 Iam getting XML request error:OK(200) .please suggest to resolve. Bug Normal
#2103 [FF] Unstable editing with blockquote and formatted text Firefox Bug Normal
#2104 [FF] Drag and drop placeholder starts a new colored span in the dropped line Firefox Bug Normal
#2105 Protecting tags (e.g. placeholders) to avoid modifying the content Confirmed New Feature Normal
#2106 unwanted backslash is inserted whenever I use apostrophe or quotation marks Pending Bug Normal
#2107 "?" character is inserted when I try to add a line space manually. Pending Bug Normal
#2108 text characters appear too crowded (poorly kerned). Could you provide better text rendering or basic kerning when needed? Pending New Feature Normal
#2109 After using "insert horiz line" function, there doesn't appear any way to remove/delete horizontal line. Bug Normal
#2110 White text, gray background New Feature Normal
#2111 File upload problem when using tilde in path Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#2112 Can't close the modal template window in Firefox Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#2116 MediaWiki and file links Bug Normal
#2118 Uploading images from image dialog (quick) does not work in ie with php connector Bug Normal
#2119 Opera 9.50 beta does not load editfield Bug Normal
#2120 Opera 9.50 beta does not load editfield Bug Normal
#2121 problem on category fixed Bug Normal
#2122 Category problem on mediawiki 1.10 Bug Normal
#2123 Category problem on mediawiki 1.10 Bug Normal
#2128 fck editor+ media wiki not working in firefox WorksForMe Bug Normal
#2129 character"&" will be "&" when turn on "wikitext" Confirmed Bug Normal
#2130 Repeated addition of square brackets on editing external file links Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#2131 [FF] Some image aligment types aren't populated correctly Firefox Bug Normal
#2132 Flating panels loose content Bug Normal
#2137 string convert error "<span class=" fixed Bug Normal
#2138 Folder creation with PHP will fail with set UserFilesAbsolutePath on Windows ... Bug Normal
#2139 Javascript error in loading FCK editor in IE7 WorksForMe Bug Normal
#2140 Firefox (MacOSX): Invalid capturing of enter-key event HasPatch Bug Normal
#2141 FLV file not displaying on page Task Normal
#2143 FCKEditor.GetInstance and Dynamically loaded Web/User Controls. Bug Normal
#2145 Target & title on the same tab as URL and Hyperlink Relationship Discussion New Feature Normal
#2146 Styles for TABLE, TD, TR Confirmed New Feature Normal
#2147 Template information on tables dropped when switching from Wikitext to WYSIWYG Confirmed Bug Normal
#2148 Image losing selection in IE after opening the image dialog. IE Bug Normal
#2151 Contextmenu mispositioned when editor in div with scrollbar Firefox HasPatch Bug Normal
#2152 [FF] When deleting table resize handles don't disappear Confirmed Firefox CantFix Bug Normal
#2153 add web.config to avoid errors in themed aspnet pages Discussion HasPatch New Feature Normal
#2154 Empty editor submits "<p>&#160;</p>" when ProcessHTMLEntities is false Confirmed Bug Normal
#2157 editor strips off image comments containing wikitext Bug Normal
#2158 Links cause spellerpages to go out of sync and not complete, ending with error. HasPatch Bug Normal
#2161 mediawiki 1.10 v4 Have problem with centering in mediawiki. Bug Normal
#2164 Color Formatting Pending New Feature Normal
#2165 IE: Dropdown lists and buttons are not refreshed in IE after any change issued from a floating dialog Bug Normal
#2166 [IE] Link isn't displayed when image is placed inside <fieldset> Confirmed IE Bug Normal
#2167 [IE] Foucs isn't placed on floating dialogs. Confirmed IE Review+ Artur Formella Bug Normal
#2169 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#2172 Uploading Image to MediaWiki Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#2174 FCKLang Pending Bug Normal
#2175 Blank page when Integrating FCKeditor Bug Normal
#2177 Inserting special characters inside some inline tags in Firefox incorrectly splits the inline tag into two Firefox Bug Normal
#2178 Pasting contents in Safari outputs <span class="Apple-style-span"> tags Safari Bug Normal
#2179 Identical adjacent styles are not merged Bug Normal
#2180 Display simple textarea if javascript is disabled Confirmed New Feature Normal
#2181 Premature preview/save bug Bug Normal
#2182 Want to know how to set path for images Bug Normal
#2183 Extended file management HasPatch New Feature Normal
#2186 Allow content to be reset on first focus New Feature Low
#2187 Existing image links are smashed when saving Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#2190 MediaWiki Edit Toolbar visible when in Wikitext mode New Feature Normal
#2191 A button to activate/deactivate Confirmed Review+ New Feature Normal
#2192 Change Default to "Disable rich editor" New Feature Normal
#2194 Opera: Caret doesn't move on right click [CORE-33108] Opera Bug Normal
#2196 Opera: Dialog dragging flicks Opera Bug Normal
#2197 Opera: style="null" after image dialog Opera Bug Normal
#2198 Opera: Focus is out of text on Undo/Redo Opera Bug Normal
#2200 Html entity problem Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#2202 Opera: Form elements are a bit active Opera Bug Normal
#2203 Multiple span problem HasPatch IBM Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal
#2204 Opera: paste from right-click menu creates unformatted text even inside formatted blocks [CORE-35090] Opera Bug Normal
#2205 Double indent of first paragraph when selectAll is used Firefox Bug Normal
#2207 check discontinous selections in Firefox3 Firefox Task Normal
#2209 Configure DefaultFontLabel does not change default used font WorksForMe Bug Normal
#2211 error in page FCKdialog is undefined Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#2212 Can not save edits Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#2213 Multiple Editors not fireing onload event. Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#2214 Javascript loading errors when loading FCK in Firefox Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#2216 Find & Replace is not JavaScript-friendly New Feature Normal
#2219 Background-image and width problems in IE when using custom stylesheet (EditorAreaCSS) Pending Bug Normal
#2221 Constant "database is locked" error on the dev site Confirmed DevSite Bug Normal
#2222 EditTools do not work with FCK Confirmed Bug Normal
#2223 Unnecessary link piping fixed Bug Normal
#2224 page not found error for specific string Confirmed Bug Normal
#2225 Problem with angle brackets Bug Normal
#2226 Font Mismatch Problem Pending Bug Normal
#2227 Spacing issues Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#2228 Open FCK Editor with call to stored HTML as CLOB data in database New Feature Normal
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