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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#6292 [IE9] SCAYT: Invalid set operation on read-only property. Bug Normal
#6293 shared_spaces_iframe.patch with error em dialogs plugins Bug Normal
#6295 [[IE]] Deleting a Nested Table inside Table cell is deleting the whole cell IBM IE Bug Normal
#6296 Webkit doesn't focus on CKEditor when tabbing tab tabindex webkit Bug Normal
#6297 Unexpected behavior when toggling bulleted/numbered list with a floating element IBM Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.3
#6298 Receiving unusal error when compiling new project with FCKeditor Bug Normal
#6299 use ‘insertHtml’ failed in Firefox 3.6.9! Bug Normal
#6300 'focus' and 'blur' events will not fire in Chrome 6.0.472.55 Bug Normal
#6301 Handler function for 'focus' event firing infinitely in Firefox Firefox Tobiasz Cudnik Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.2
#6304 Div dialog action error Bug Normal
#6306 When all cells are deleted, all table is deleted IE Bug Normal
#6308 "vertical" resize_dir still sets width CSS Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.6.3
#6310 Cursor starts at the beginning of the line when Bold is selected IE Bug Normal
#6311 Table properties dialog throws an error when opened by clicking on a caption Bug Normal
#6312 Image button properties not available in the context menu Mac Safari Bug Normal
#6313 List number\bullet point don`t move with text align Bug Normal
#6314 Checkbox Properties not available in the context menu Safari Mac Bug Normal
#6315 DIV plugin TT #2885 regression Tobiasz Cudnik Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.1
#6316 List indent fix structure Bug Normal
#6318 [Safari, Chrome] Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'startContainer' of undefined Bug Normal
#6319 FF - Right click causes involuntary paragraph selection Bug Normal
#6320 Firefox Makes Image Path Relative when Dragging/Copying and Pasting Firefox Bug Normal
#6321 Scripts are stripped out of the content [FF 3.6.10] Firefox Bug Normal
#6322 IE9 is breaking FCKTools.RegisterDollarFunction Bug Normal
#6323 flash preview error in chrome 7.0.517.8 chrome Bug Normal
#6324 IE9 Inheritance of doctype breaks FCKeditor Bug Normal
#6325 should disable drag for fakeobject image Bug Normal
#6326 Table Resizing by drag table border not working in Chrome Webkit Bug Normal
#6327 [FF4] Unable to use the scrollbar Firefox4 Garry Yao Bug Normal
#6328 'lang.contextmenu.options' is null or not an object Bug Normal
#6329 indent on list is not appropriate Bug Normal
#6330 Roman list style are not pasted properly from Word IBM Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.3
#6332 IE: V2 skin bottom dialog's border broken IE Paweł Horzela Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.2
#6333 [3.4.x] Font and font size combos has the arrow on the wrong side on RTL Sa'ar Zac Elias Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.1
#6334 Use data-* attributes for custom attributes Sa'ar Zac Elias Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5
#6335 iframe width is reset to 100 Bug Normal
#6336 IE: Input type="submit" submits the form when clicking the button IE Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#6337 No undo on drag'n'drop content Bug Normal
#6338 extra tags being added on ckeditor javascript api Bug Normal
#6339 Plugin autogrow and Maximize Sa'ar Zac Elias Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.2
#6340 Google Chrome hangs when CKEditor parses malformed HTML Chrome Bug Normal
#6341 Mouse cursor on the editor area does not change to "insert icon". Oracle Sa'ar Zac Elias Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.2
#6342 Paste from Word fails to transform into a custom style with an attribute Bug Normal CKEditor 4.6.0
#6343 FCK not working very well with and ajax Bug Normal
#6345 Cursor is visible in the editor but the editor has not got focus IBM Martin Bug Normal
#6346 Wrong documentation about colorButton_enableMore Bug Normal
#6347 Double request to sprite image files when timestamp enabled Bug Normal
#6349 Some SCAYT's contextmenu options are not displayed if MooTools framework is used HasPatch Tobiasz Cudnik Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.2
#6350 button functionality not working Bug Normal
#6352 Editor leaves new-line char when the document is empty Sa'ar Zac Elias Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.2
#6353 [IE] Resize is broken with office2003 and v2 skins IE Sa'ar Zac Elias Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.2
#6355 base href (homepage) appearing in ckeditor textarea base href Bug Normal
#6358 Creating and inserting a new element fails in Webkit if editor not focused Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.2
#6359 IE selectable area in blank wysiwyg editor is very small IE Discussion Bug Normal CKEditor 3.6.3
#6360 Table Properties dialog is not populated with data from selected table IBM Martin Bug Normal
#6361 IE: Inline style not removed IE Paweł Horzela Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.2
#6362 [FF] Pasting lists from Word document doesn't work Firefox Bug Normal
#6363 FF - High CPU in code view Firefox Bug Normal
#6364 Incorrect behavior when adding template without replacing content Bug Normal
#6365 Field is narrowed in 3.4.1 Bug Normal
#6366 [Webkit] adds inline styles on drag and drop operation Webkit Bug Normal
#6367 Adding/removing rows/cells works incorrect with merged cells IBM Bug Normal
#6369 Issues with Pre Paragraph formatting option IBM Bug Normal
#6370 FireFox deleting last character from a line deletes the EOL rather than the character Firefox Bug Normal
#6372 [IE] changes span tags to font tags and font size on copying/pasting IE Bug Normal
#6373 IE6: Menu items with long labels have broken layout in quirks IE Bug Normal
#6375 [IE] Exception thrown when hiding editor in some cases IBM HasPatch Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.2
#6376 BIDI: BIDI buttons should not toggle the base language direction IBM Tobiasz Cudnik Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.2
#6377 FF width and height are not shown for smiley in Image properties dialog IBM Martin Bug Normal
#6378 Label for smiley can not be changed using Image properties dialog IBM Martin Bug Normal
#6379 Invisible items in the Styles drop-down Bug Normal
#6380 FireFox: Holding ctrl+v produces odd cursor behavior and line breaks Firefox Bug Normal
#6382 Holding ctrl+v produces odd cursor behavior and line break Chrome Bug Normal
#6384 After editing twice, adds a sharp at the href of every link Bug Normal
#6385 IE throws Javascript error when using anchor Bug Normal
#6386 Selected text is removed when setting an anchor Bug Normal
#6387 autogrow setTimeout causes problems Sa'ar Zac Elias Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.3
#6388 sharedSpaces don't disable maximize Bug Normal
#6389 Crash if destroyed too soon after creation Bug Normal
#6390 Multiple clicks on toolbar buttons cause dialogs to fail Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1
#6392 Can't move cursor after block element IE8 Bug Normal
#6393 FF: resize handles cause scrollbars to appear Bug Normal
#6394 Redundant space added when format set before text entered IE Bug Normal
#6398 ShowBorders not working in ie8 Bug Normal
#6399 contenteditable="false" regions can be deleted? Bug Normal
#6400 CKEditor cannot manage <strong> or <em> tags when style=color is set. Bug Normal
#6401 Paste: Outline Numbered lists do not copy correctly IBM Bug Normal
#6402 Opera: Focus goes out of Editor after selecting an option in one of combo boxes IBM Opera Martin Bug Normal
#6403 Opera: selected Font name option not shown in Font Name combo when we typed the text IBM Opera Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.2
#6404 Contextual menu doesn't disappear when switch in HTML source view IBM Martin Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.3
#6405 Font changing, for typed text does not work as expected Bug Normal
#6406 [Webkit] Cursor jumps to the new line after pasting WebKit Bug Normal
#6407 Table width 100% causes 1px overflow in IE7 Bug Normal
#6408 AutoGrow 24px too high on IE IE Sa'ar Zac Elias Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.2
#6409 ForcePasteAsPlainText doesn't work properly when SCAYT is Set to Auto-Start in Firefox Bug Normal
#6410 SCAYT contextmenu isn't displayed if word has no suggestions HasPatch, Review? Bug Normal CKEditor 3.6.6
#6411 Cell Properties dialogbox Choose button not properly displaye IE IBM Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.3
#6412 BIDI: FF 3.6 Incorrect behaviour of LTR/RTL when used with Numbered/Bulleted Lists containing a single list item IBM Paweł Horzela Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.2
#6413 Extra indent in the <pre> tag Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.2
#6414 Differences in sorting of default styles in dropdown between IE9 and other browsers IE Opera Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Bug Normal
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