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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#8211 scayt span tags left in returned text with Firefox Bug Normal
#8212 data-scayt_word come automatic Bug Normal
#8214 Invalid table colspans break row insert Bug Normal
#8215 config.enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR cause error on ie7 Bug Normal
#8217 Turkish Translation of CKFinder CKFinder New Feature Normal
#8219 Copy pasting URL in FireFox Bug Normal
#8220 Renaming ckeditor.js file couse error Bug Normal
#8221 IE: Selection bug when opening dialog on certain content IBM Bug Normal
#8223 Disabling the Advanced tab for links causes "undefined" to be assigned to the name attribute Bug Normal
#8227 Problems with insertElement in IE7 Bug Normal
#8228 [Webkit] enter does not exit from pre blocks Bug Normal
#8229 Updating data in CKEditor on IE 8 blanks out the data Bug Normal
#8235 Removing some unused CKEditor langueage files Language Files Task Normal
#8236 specialchar plugin does not allow non-breakable space   Bug Normal
#8239 Don't break HTML comments out to separate lines New Feature Normal
#8240 Right click causes text to be highlighted Bug Normal
#8241 In Chrome, Safari and Opera a <br /> is inserted in an empty text area when using BR enter mode Bug Normal
#8245 Multiple tbody tags in IE 9 are re-ordered IE9 Bug Normal
#8250 Background test color does not scale with increased font size Bug Normal
#8251 Open Link functionality needed for IE9 New Feature Normal
#8254 Positioning Bug Normal
#8255 Patch adding functionality for having an list of urls to select from in link dialog HasPatch New Feature Normal
#8262 IE9 : When CK Editor accessed through https:// combos don't work after pasting image IBM IE9 Bug Normal
#8264 Inserting HTML into CKEditor causes NS_ERROR_FAILURE Firefox Bug Normal
#8265 First Word Backwards in IE Bug Normal
#8269 Opera : Copying and pasting tables not working properly (CORE-41467) IBM Opera Bug Normal
#8270 Inserting links sometimes doesn't work Bug Normal
#8272 Resize Editor Webkit Bug Normal
#8276 Opera: cursor goes to start of editor body when we apply text/background colour IBM Opera Bug Normal
#8282 IE : Numbered list can not be converted to bulleted list or vice versa IBM Bug Normal
#8283 IE: We can't insert a link with out focus in Editor body IBM Bug Normal
#8286 Opera: paste from right-click menu does nothing Opera Bug Normal
#8287 Internet explorer Frameset issue IE9 Bug Normal
#8289 Issue with apostrophe / single quote CKFinder Bug Normal
#8291 Load Tab on Image Button Task Normal
#8292 error ASP 0131 Bug Normal
#8296 focus event anomaly and safari/chrome crash Webkit Bug Normal
#8297 Extra Divs on every new instance of CKEditor Bug Normal
#8302 Jumping Scroll bar on IE8 Bug Normal
#8328 CKEDITOR not consequent when entering something after a link Bug Normal
#8329 Ability to support vbox layout for Radio buttons in dialogs New Feature Normal
#8336 Parser error? strong / span(style="font-size:xxx") problem? Bug Normal
#8340 Adding different images in different instances of ckeditor Bug Normal
#8347 adding UI elements to a dialog(dynamically) on clicking a button or image New Feature Normal
#8364 Error when opening Link-dialog in IE 9 Bug Normal
#8366 Cannot see the summary of table Bug Normal
#8368 Incorrect DOM structure after applying an anchor style to a selection that already contains a styled anchor IBM Bug Normal
#8369 Unable to unbold text that has inline style Bug Normal
#8372 Pasting Text and bulleting it causes all lines to be wrapped in single bullet instead of each line being bulleted Chrome Bug Normal
#8374 Improve link plugin New Feature Normal
#8376 CKEditor toolbar layout issue on Chrome/Ubuntu Bug Normal
#8377 Editing textarea contents in WYSIWYG is broken Firefox Bug Normal
#8380 Problem with opening insert special character tool bar Bug Normal
#8383 E.setCustomData is not a function with 2 editors in one page and custom image lib Bug Normal
#8384 Problem when switching between multiple instances of ckeditor Bug Normal
#8387 CKeditor area takes full size to acomodate large text Bug Normal
#8389 Editor expands <object /> to <object></object> and encloses trailing text Bug Normal
#8390 Setting pasteFromWordRemoveFontStyles to false not working properly CantFix Bug Normal
#8392 paste from word does not fire "isDirty" Bug Normal
#8394 Table Row deletion freezes IE9 IE9 Bug Normal
#8395 IE6-10: Clicking enter after selecting table, page-break or hr causes JS error IE Bug Normal
#8396 <p> inside <strong> inside <p> erases all the text beneath Bug Normal
#8397 Text alignment icons not working when 'justifyClasses' was used in the configuration Bug Normal
#8399 Resize table handles misplaced in RTL mode Firefox Bug Normal
#8401 Accessibility: Problems navigating radio buttons in a dialog using the keyboard IBM Bug Normal
#8403 IE: Pasting content from notepad which includes blank lines is not working correctly IBM CantFix Bug Normal
#8404 Paste as plain text not working correctly with content from Word that includes blank lines IBM Bug Normal
#8408 Text colors Bug Normal
#8409 Window scrolling on paste (cmd+v) Firefox Mac Bug Normal
#8410 Mac FF / Safari styles behaving incorrectly Bug Normal
#8414 Ticket #6178 reinduced Bug Normal
#8415 [IE] Undo when table is selected results in an error (still causing) Bug Normal
#8417 [IE] Table resize points are visible outside workspace Bug Normal
#8420 [IE8] Resize handles sometimes show up around paragraphs and bulleted lists IE CantFix Bug Normal
#8421 Language files not loading properly for the a11yhelp plugin IBM Bug Normal
#8422 Anchor name is uri escaped Bug Normal
#8423 Unclosed tags are vanished in source view when fullPage -true Mode Bug Normal
#8424 ContentEditable, Image and Chrome Bug Normal
#8430 Id attribute get lost when hit backspace IE Bug Normal
#8431 CKFinder thumbnail creation in sub-folders of a 2nd-level folder not working Bug Normal
#8434 Image resize bug Bug Normal
#8435 IE 7/8 Cannot get text selection for the first time Bug Normal
#8436 Redundant empty paragraph added after div elements Bug Normal
#8437 background of text run pasted from Word Bug Normal
#8442 Block (i.e. not inline) <a> tags New Feature Normal
#8443 Styles List not displaying when used in Ajax Modal Popup Bug Normal
#8444 FF - <a> tag href incorrectly encoded IBM Firefox Bug Normal
#8447 Conflicts with Graphviz Bug Normal
#8450 Pasting a list with sublists only indents first sub-list (3.6.1 and up) Bug Normal
#8451 Background-repeat: no-repeat - twice issue Bug Normal
#8452 Copy and Cut toolbar actions disabled in Chorme Bug Normal
#8454 Caret in wrong position after line break in opera Opera Bug Normal
#8456 blinking cursor causes null pointer Bug Normal
#8457 Unable to click left of an indented image. IE9 Bug Normal
#8460 Integrate file browser to Skydrive or Amazon or other Cloud storage services New Feature Normal
#8461 Paste image from clipboard New Feature Normal
#8464 Choose background color of table does not close dialog in IE Bug Normal
#8468 ckFinder integration, clicking the image server button opens blank page first Bug Normal
#8472 Image plugin bug Bug Normal
#8474 When I copy an image from MS-Word Image is not displaying Bug Normal
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