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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#173 Error when both instances share the same toolbar SF WorksForMe Pending Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal
#176 Unterminated A tags sometimes break paragraphs on save SF IE Confirmed Bug Normal
#177 ProtectedSource content is not printed Bug Normal
#178 Right-click in table cell messing up in Firefox SF WorksForMe Bug Normal
#181 Comments before <html> tag lead to source display on IE SF Pending Expired Bug Normal
#185 .Value property vs .Text property SF New Feature Normal
#186 Font & bg colorpickers display cut when ToolbarLocation=out SF WorksForMe Pending Expired Bug Normal
#189 Flash integration : align center -> tag broken SF Bug Normal
#195 installation failure with the following text at the top of the screen: Bug Normal
#196 Ver 2.4: 'FCKlang' is not defined ... Editor not appear in IE Bug Normal
#198 Loading 'fck_editorarea.css' two times per instances Discussion Bug Normal
#200 Self-closing XHTML tags parse wrongly Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#201 HR in input "source" completely destroys document structure SF IE Confirmed Bug Normal
#203 Instert Template FireFox WorksForMe Pending Bug Normal
#204 JS error: adding hyperlinks with '%' Bug Normal
#208 IE remove <br /> after any ending tag Bug Normal
#210 More Flexible Upload Directory Control HasPatch New Feature Normal
#215 Insert Smiley does not include required alt attribute WorksForMe Bug Normal
#216 js error in fckeditorcode_ie.js WorksForMe Pending Bug Normal
#221 Background color tool does not work for table cells Bug Normal
#224 Use pictures from another domain Task Normal
#226 <cf tags are not removed by the editor, neither are ASP (<%) or (<asp:) tags removed Bug Normal
#227 Problem with Filemanager in PHP Bug Normal
#230 Change the default <br> when pasting plain txt with CRLF HasPatch New Feature Normal
#232 New code for PHP classe of FCKeditor HasPatch New Feature Normal
#233 JScript implementation of FCKEditor HasPatch New Feature Normal
#235 FF: Toolbar icons are now displayed correctly on Mac OS X SF Firefox Mac WorksForMe Pending Bug Normal
#237 BaseHref doesn't appear to be working as expected (allowing full URL instead of relative) New Feature Normal
#240 "Remove Format" doesn't remove styles Confirmed IE SD-COE Bug Normal
#242 standard attribute positions New Feature Low
#244 ID in form fields for validation, or an alternative method New Feature Normal
#249 Normalize the order of tags' attributes SF New Feature Normal
#250 ignoreSpaceTextOnly ignored? Task Normal
#251 Inconsistent Tab behavior Confirmed Bug Normal
#256 inputting complete web page Pending Bug Normal
#259 Easy way to change upload/browse fold New Feature Normal
#260 Friendlier Errors on Image Upload New Feature Normal
#262 EnterMode br doesn't work right with lists Bug Normal
#263 error using the editor in internet explorer Bug Normal
#266 Rowspan function SD-COE Bug Normal
#270 Delete Files Option New Feature Normal
#274 Upload inconsitancy in naming Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Bug Normal
#275 My solution for images automatic resizing HasPatch New Feature Normal
#276 server didn't send back a proper XML response browsing server Bug Normal
#278 ColdFusion Tags Wrongly & Automatically Closed Bug Normal
#280 The server didn't send back a proper XML respons Bug Normal
#282 Assign a "title" to a hyperlink. Pending New Feature Normal
#285 Disappearing <br /> in a block tag (p or div) SD-COE Bug Normal
#286 special characters inserted before editor from nowhere -  Bug Normal
#287 IE Ignores StartupFocus property Bug Normal
#288 Modify linker to allow internal CMS links. HasPatch New Feature Normal
#292 Uyghur Language And FCK New Feature Normal
#296 Can't Remove Formatting in IE Bug Normal
#297 Missing alt="" with Smiley WorksForMe Bug Normal
#301 When FCKConfig.EnterMode is set to 'br' ordered and unordered list do not function as expected in IE Bug Normal
#302 Firefox automatic hyperlink creation SF Confirmed CantFix New Feature Normal
#303 Stylesheet link styles not applied in Firefox Confirmed SF CantFix Bug Normal
#305 ToolbarSets cannot be set via script interface ToolbarSets Bug Normal
#306 Patch (diff and zip) to implement subdirectory, regex, overwriting configurability in PHP connector Frederico Caldeira Knabben New Feature Normal
#307 Links that contain a question mark are corrupted Pending Bug Normal
#308 FCKConfig.ProcessHTMLEntities didn't work Bug Normal
#310 Most files of Version 2.4.1 are corrupted Bug Normal
#312 FATA ERROR: PHP Files contain bad characters Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal
#313 File Manager Connector for Perl connector.cgi Bug Normal
#314 javascript inside html Pending Bug Normal
#317 Bug in browser/upload Bug Normal
#319 EditorMode br results in truncation Bug Normal
#320 Firefox Flash Error Pending Bug Normal
#322 Google-bar & forms CantFix Bug Normal
#323 why is there so much extra added for inline styling? Bug Normal
#324 linefeed and horizontal line within font tags crashes editor Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#325 API: GetXHTML() temporarily distorts rendering Bug Normal
#326 Firefox: Lists + formatted text = undesired behavior WorksForMe Pending Bug Normal
#329 New tool: Paragraph mode New Feature Normal
#331 PHP pages output to browser Bug Normal
#334 loading fckeditor in firefox in frameset never stops "loading" CantFix Bug Normal
#335 Bulleted List ul type="disc" and type="square" are rendered the same in IE Pending Bug Normal
#337 Bring back FCKConfig.EnableXHTML and FCKConfig.EnableSourceXHTML New Feature Normal
#340 Bug About the EnterMode='div' or 'br' Bug Normal
#341 Issues with Spell Checker Pending Bug Normal
#342 Spell Checker errors WorksForMe Pending Bug Normal
#343 Image Properties - Preview --> Needed English Bug Normal
#344 Werd character at the beginning of files Bug Normal
#345 FckEditor inserts extra &nbsp; or <p>&nbsp;</p> Bug Normal
#348 Style span tags do not behave as expected after breaks (Happens in online demo too) WorksForMe Pending Expired Bug Normal
#353 Editor in ModalPopupExtender throws error in Firefox Pending Bug Normal
#354 Filebrowser : Delete files and folders New Feature Normal
#355 Filemanager shows no files Bug Normal
#358 CDATA processing adds extra CRLF in IE Bug Normal
#364 Alignment of textarea for right to left locales Pending Bug Normal
#365 Alignment of textarea for right to left locales Bug Normal
#366 right to left locales align Bug Normal
#367 Remove uploaded images New Feature Normal
#368 No drag 'n drop into or out the editor area Opera CantFix Bug Normal
#382 Extra <p> using embeds in Firefox Firefox Bug Normal
#383 Problem with toolbar css Bug Normal
#384 Tab Key using Internet Explorer New Feature Normal
#385 To locate the cursor in source mode Confirmed New Feature Normal
#392 "Stack overflow" exception on specific content Bug Normal
#394 another bug in the solved bug #318: Multiple linked images are getting merged in a single Pending Bug Normal
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