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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#398 config in instanciation New Feature Normal
#399 Changing visual styles of toolbar elements Bug Normal
#401 links have target="undefined" Pending WorksForMe fredck@… Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#402 FCKEditor appears to add <br /> tags in Firefox Bug Normal
#406 ff hided editor cnt get the focus Bug Normal
#407 The editor edits the page HTML (outside the editor region) Bug Normal
#408 Overwrite Uploaded Files HasPatch New Feature Normal
#409 Thumbnail preview for Uploaded Pictures HasPatch New Feature Normal
#412 Custom names for folders when UseFileType is activated (php) New Feature Normal
#413 clearing the text editor New Feature Normal
#416 PHP Upload assumes to much Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Bug Normal
#417 content box focus problem Bug Normal
#418 FLV and AS extentions as a standard in upload file New Feature Normal
#420 Bug with the in undo FireFox with the style combo Bug Normal
#421 Error 12152 when uploading images Pending Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal
#422 JavaScript integration: "CreateHtml is not a function" WorksForMe Pending Bug Normal
#423 Drag and drop rich text with firefox with plaintext=true Bug Normal
#426 Spell Check fails with html tags containing spelling errors Bug Normal
#429 Upload.php issues after 2.4 update: wrong path, folder does not exist, file not uploading. Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal
#430 Remove link issue when class attribute is defined Confirmed Firefox Bug Normal
#432 Using Anchors in Firefox Pending Bug Normal
#433 Vanishing toolbar in full screen mode WorksForMe Firefox Pending Bug Normal
#434 Firefox: EnterMode ignored if set in CustomConfigurationsPath file Bug Normal
#437 Images toggle alt="" between each parse WorksForMe Pending Bug Normal
#438 Reconstituting &gt; entity when re-parsing output Bug Normal
#441 writing near a hyperlinked word in firefox Bug Normal
#443 insert picture button Bug Normal
#446 phpbb session nightmare with FCKeditor Bug Normal
#447 phpbb session nightmare with FCKeditor Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal
#448 FCKSelection.GetSelectedElement() for IE should return null Bug Low
#449 New File/image dialog New Feature Normal
#450 right click bug near a text contains a P tag in firefox Bug Normal
#451 Image stylesheet classes not immediately reflected in IE Bug Normal
#452 Safari: Doesn't Display Toolbar Bug Normal
#456 Can you point fckeditor to an apache server to use FCKEditor, I am using AIX as the operating system? Task Normal
#457 Chinese characters Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#458 Upload dirs creation with $Config['UseFileType'] enabled Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal
#459 javascript error in ie7 Bug Normal
#460 when putting style="border:1px solid black; border-top:0px" in an elemint, it puts a mozilla specific CSS attribute for one of the values Firefox Confirmed CantFix Martin Kou Bug Normal
#461 putting ampersands in an onclick even changes to apostrophe Bug Normal
#463 toolbar Format influenced by $oFCKeditor->Config["EditorAreaCSS"] Pending Bug Normal
#464 Table border color New Feature Normal
#465 upload images Bug Normal
#466 FCKEditor 2.4 Backward Compatibility Bug Normal
#467 sometimes the InsertHtml() doesn't work in IE(6.0/7.0) Bug Normal
#468 If BaseHref which ends with slash is specified, then browser must return relative url Bug Normal
#469 Backward Compatibility for FCKEditor2.4 Bug Normal
#470 Move fckconfig.js to a .dist Pending New Feature Normal
#472 Editor locks up on page load (sometimes) WorksForMe Pending Bug Normal
#473 scripts are removed if it is the only text in the editor Bug Normal
#474 Table Properties is not working in Fire Fox Bug Normal
#476 The "More" button in Wordpress Bug Normal
#477 Change translation in placeholder Task Normal
#478 PHP Smarty issue Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal
#480 Delete Image Function New Feature Normal
#482 FCKConfig.DisableObjectResizing only effective in the main editor's window Bug Normal
#483 image preview does'nt display in firefox Bug Normal
#484 SetHTML changes lost in IE Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#485 Need thumbnail viewer in image browser. New Feature Normal
#489 JavaScript error when add a link to a piece of text Pending Bug Normal
#490 encoding in IE Pending Expired Bug Normal
#491 Want to customize the Print button Task Normal
#492 <hr/> elements inside <p></p> with ie6 still occuring in 2.4.2 Bug Normal
#496 editor fails to load content with <script> tags in "inline" mode, textarea replace OK Bug Normal
#498 Resource Type directory being created when option is set to false in config.php for upload in File Browser Bug Normal
#499 ColdFusion Image Handler in v2.4.2 Bug Normal
#500 create() echo instead of return Bug Normal
#502 Firefox and Multiple FCKeditors Bug Normal
#503 Unordered list paste: doesn't work correctly in IE Martin Kou Bug Normal
#506 FCKeditor stopped displaying Bug Normal
#507 Helvetica font is needed since our mainframe applications use it 99%. New Feature Normal
#509 userFilespath not being set correctly in file browser with coldfusion Bug Normal
#512 Incorrect width display with few browsers Bug Normal
#514 Helvetica font needed for FCK editor New Feature Normal
#516 er Bug Normal
#518 Ability to use colours by user logged on when typing text New Feature Normal
#521 Make the Find/Replace Button work in Source mode New Feature Normal
#522 The file manager doesn't upload files properly in the demo Pending WorksForMe Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal
#526 @import in css files do not work for editor area styles Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#528 "Strange" characters at the head of the compiled version of FCKeditor Bug Normal
#529 Editor wrapping code in P tags Bug Normal
#530 Source code formatting (coloring) New Feature Normal
#531 Current style name is set to null on keypress in IE Bug Normal
#533 ProtectedTags not working for custom FontFormats tag Bug Normal
#537 Image representation disappears when height or width attributes are not set. Bug Normal
#540 Problems with XML within HTML Bug Normal
#541 Can not see the style drop down in IE Bug Normal
#542 Can not see the style drop down in IE Bug Normal
#543 IE7 does not understand the page-break tag IE7 Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#544 Firefox: fckeditor not enabled when created in display:none element Bug Normal
#546 The editor creates &nbsp; inside p after an enter key Bug Normal
#548 Context menu should recursively allow user to edit parent's Tags HasPatch New Feature Normal
#556 Big problem with img tags and fckeditor2.4.2 Bug Normal
#557 Problems with Bulleted List Bug Normal
#558 Make it possible to use brackets in the instance name New Feature Normal
#559 removing <p> and using <br> Bug Normal
#562 FCKeditor not working in Netscape 7.0 on Solaris SunOS 5.8 Bug Normal
#568 remote images are getting style display value of none. Bug Normal
#572 Opera & Safari: The xml output of the connectors isn't show in the tests Safari Opera Bug Low
#573 Differences between svn tagged version and released version Task Normal
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