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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#909 Resource browser localization SF New Feature Normal
#910 Tables in IE and TAB key SF New Feature Normal
#912 cannot bypass buttons using left/right arrows Firefox Bug Normal
#914 Enable Buttons In Source Mode New Feature Normal
#917 disable the cancel button from the dialogs Confirmed New Feature Low
#918 Enter key handler causes placeholder plugin to behave strangely Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#919 SetUrl doesn't preserve height and width Bug Normal
#921 With respect to Ticket #95 (new Bug) Bug Normal
#924 Firefox bug; Picture alignment CantFix Bug Normal
#925 re-editing Bug Normal
#926 View source toggle adds empty para tag before & after the page-break tags Confirmed Bug Normal
#928 Hitting Enter in a <li>&nbsp;</li> creates a new <li> Discussion Pending SD-COE Bug Normal
#930 Need to hide the toolbar. Bug Normal
#931 FCKConfig.BodyClass not assigned to the preview window Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Bug Normal
#932 Bullet list can bullet the whole editor Bug Normal
#933 FCKDomRange.MoveToSelection() crashes in Internet Explorer when editor frame has never been selected Martin Kou Bug Normal
#935 Source View / About box Confirmed Martin Kou Bug Normal
#936 Bug fix for ie xml cacheing Bug Normal
#937 create toolbar(set) at runtime New Feature Normal
#938 create toolbar buttons at runtime Discussion New Feature Normal
#939 add toolbar buttons at runtime New Feature Normal
#940 Array prototype extensions breaks plugin code that uses "for(var i in <Array object>)" Bug Normal
#941 Error with Upload Folder Names Bug Normal
#946 Toolbar images doesn't show if path contains an space Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Bug Normal
#947 form elements are resizable in IE only running from the filesystem and path contains an space Confirmed IE Bug Normal
#948 lost text area focus Pending Expired Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal
#949 Advances File Manipulation New Feature Normal
#950 File permissions of created connector files insecure Discussion Bug Normal
#951 fck_strip.gif loaded many times on IE 6 - slower load editor Pending Expired Bug Normal
#952 Plone version : wrong links to folders if Plone instance not "Root" Bug Normal
#953 Shared toolbar doesn't reflect state of the editor Bug Normal
#954 Toolbar cutted to one row in sample 10 Bug Normal
#955 Toolbar Format Dropdown formatting more than just selected text Bug Normal
#956 Animated gifs don't work in Firefox for Mac CantFix Bug Normal
#959 Upload problem in browser.html due to IE security updates Pending Expired Bug Normal
#961 Show Details Task Normal
#964 Cannot set focus in editor without click in 'Source' first (Firefox only) Pending Expired Bug Normal
#966 Full URL Option for Inserting Files/Images New Feature Normal
#967 nightly page for browser compatibility test gives 404 Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#968 Adding new document browser for link the documents Frederico Caldeira Knabben Task Normal
#971 "scr" and "alt" link tags are always reversed Bug Normal
#972 Rename fck_contextmenu.js and fck_othercommands Confirmed Task Low
#973 Tab no longer moves between table cells Martin Kou Bug Normal
#974 Form validation with coldfusion and fckeditor. Bug Normal
#976 in firefox links is not end input when it's end import link Bug Normal
#980 API - I want a value to be able to tell me if the SpellChecker has been run or not. New Feature Normal
#985 plugin update is not correct in floating div Confirmed IE Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Bug Normal
#986 Window not stopped WorksForMe Bug Normal
#987 Support keyboard navigation for context menus implemented by FCKeditor New Feature Normal
#988 Need interface on FCK editor to set tabindex server side. New Feature Normal
#993 Preserve formatting of ProtectedSource elements HasPatch New Feature Normal
#995 what is the changes Bug Normal
#997 Wrong position of panel on fixed positioned toolbar Bug Normal
#998 check whether ajax call ended successfully New Feature Normal
#999 Untagged links should not be retrieved as tags Bug Normal
#1000 Ajax search in dialog box - additional features New Feature Normal
#1001 Untagged links should not be retrieved as tags Bug Normal
#1002 ! at the beginning in table cell Bug Normal
#1003 WikiSyntax - lists and special characters: ;:#* Pending Bug Normal
#1004 Make tables sortable New Feature Normal
#1006 Special page "version" issues several PHP warnings / errors for the extension Bug Normal
#1007 Article categories get truncated when editing with FCK Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#1008 Magic words implementation not finished Bug Normal
#1009 Redirects get changed into numbered list Confirmed Bug Normal
#1010 FCK should support MW custom tags Confirmed New Feature Normal
#1011 Button for signature Confirmed Review+ Artur Formella New Feature Low
#1012 FCK moves around Templates inside tables Bug Normal
#1013 Dynamic link look-up should skip pages that are redirects New Feature Normal
#1014 Support for label resources in resx New Feature Normal
#1015 Badly nested italic/bold markup can cause round-trip problems from MediaWiki markup to FCK and back to MediaWiki HasPatch Bug Normal
#1016 Links followed immediately by unlinked text can create round-trip problems from FCK to MediaWiki markup and back again Bug Normal
#1017 Problem with changing toolbars when they are outside the editor Bug Normal
#1018 HTML-type tags are converted into escape codes for MediaWiki+FCKeditor Bug Normal
#1020 MediaWiki+FCKeditor - Template codes bug Bug Normal
#1021 preformatted text gets an extra <br> when switching to wikitext Bug Normal
#1022 FitWindow and editable area problem Bug Normal
#1023 Create a Magic Word to disable FCKeditor Discussion New Feature Must have (possibly next milestone)
#1024 Add support for table headers "<th>" New Feature Normal
#1025 Idea for an improvement for FitWindow New Feature Normal
#1027 Warning: Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated Bug Normal
#1028 Do not use "ForcePasteAsPlainText" in the MediaWiki integration New Feature Normal
#1029 link insertion not OK with postgres Bug Normal
#1030 Activating File / Image Manager in CF8 Task Normal
#1031 Support MW built-in tags (includeonly, noinclude and nowiki) Confirmed New Feature Normal
#1035 MediaWiki+FCKeditor HTML comments missing Confirmed Bug Normal
#1036 IE uploading problem in different encoding environments Pending Bug Normal
#1037 [IE] Proportional image resize by control point IE New Feature Normal
#1038 RemoveExtension() in PHP, function is being redeclared Bug Normal
#1039 Font name will only stay in the Font window for less than 10 seconds. WorksForMe Pending Bug Normal
#1041 In FCKeditor, after Removing a Link, type a space and the Link will return. Confirmed IE Bug Normal
#1045 Thumbnails expanded to full size images on save Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#1046 Templates and stripped new lines Bug Low
#1047 no way to add external links Bug Low
#1048 wysiwyg rendering quite different than our rendering for thumbnails Bug Low
#1049 Uneditable tags New Feature Normal
#1052 Semantic MediaWiki Bug Normal
#1057 MediaWiki 1.10.1 + FCKeditor 2.4.3 + MS Windows 2003 Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#1058 replace LCASE with LOWER in SQL HasPatch Bug Normal
#1065 capture cursor position New Feature Normal
#1068 Templates do not load MediaWiki FCKeditor Templates Bug Normal
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