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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#4352 Ommiting the traling slash for a custom skin or plugin path results into unwanted behavior Bug Normal
#4353 XHTML 1.1 compliant New Feature Normal
#4356 Block move button New Feature Normal
#4357 Paste dialog might hang in IIS Review+ Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.6.5
#4359 Wiki table: row with multiple line Bug Normal
#4364 Hebrew Langage - complete Bug Normal CKEditor 3.1
#4366 Menu icon for Split Cell Vertically should have a different image from Split Cell Horizontally Bug Normal
#4370 hebrew translation Task Normal
#4372 Page scrolls to CKeditor in firefox Bug Normal
#4374 Setting config.height to 100% does not work Bug Normal
#4378 V3 : Feature Alignment Umbrella Confirmed Task Normal CKEditor 3.1
#4379 V3 : Paste System Umbrella Paste New Feature Normal CKEditor 3.1
#4381 Show style in dropdown as blank when selecting multiple styles in editor New Feature Normal
#4382 Misspellings in polish version Confirmed Bug Normal CKEditor 3.1
#4383 Google chrome ck finder Bug Normal
#4386 [IE] Source button label mispositioned when in toolbar group IE Bug Normal
#4388 table colors New Feature Normal
#4389 Anchor integration in a wiki article New Feature Normal
#4390 'Paste as plain text' should convert line breaks to paragraphs Bug Normal
#4396 How to integrate CKEditor 3.0 in 3.5 New Feature Normal
#4400 iframedialog not working correctly Bug Normal
#4404 Opera 10: extra\nested <P> Opera Bug Normal
#4405 samples pages base href Pending Bug Normal CKEditor 3.1
#4406 CKEDITOR consumes the enter key for dialog textareas Bug Normal
#4407 Backspace Key when used to delete image sends user backwards in web history Bug Normal
#4408 Image Resizing Inconsistencies Bug Normal
#4409 FCKeditor + MediaWiki 1.15.1 Bug Normal
#4410 FCKeditor + MediaWiki 1.15.1 Bug Normal
#4411 Bad configuration options for SCAYT Confirmed Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3
#4412 SCAYT dialog is in English Confirmed New Feature Normal CKEditor 3.3
#4414 Sample Plugin New Feature Normal
#4416 XHTML error in _tests/dom/range.html Bug Normal
#4440 SCAYT context menu incorrect behavior HasPatch Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.6.5
#4441 Support for copying table from MS-Word New Feature Normal CKEditor 3.1
#4442 Stop creating new instance of IE Toolbar on new Tab in IE7. Bug Normal
#4443 Stop creating new instance of IE Toolbar on new Tab in IE7. Bug Normal
#4446 Implement ieSpell and Speller Pages New Feature Normal
#4447 Strange Happenings(Embed Tags) Bug Normal
#4448 Sessions Internet explorer Bug Normal
#4449 Bug in IE: <P> inside <P> Bug Normal
#4453 FF: No context menu when right clicking a select component Bug Normal
#4457 Position & size file browser window on its parent New Feature Normal
#4458 FCK 3: Unable to upload image to the server in Chrome 3.0 Pending Bug Normal
#4462 fck mediawiki extension is broken under php 5.3.0 Bug Normal
#4464 Czech Language File for FCK Editor 2.6.5 Bug Normal
#4465 Czech Language File for FCK Editor 2.6.5 Czech Language File Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.6.6
#4466 Czech Languane File for CK Editor 3.0 Bug Normal CKEditor 3.1
#4468 Image reverts back to uploaded size Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#4471 FCKEditor Value does not save when using URL Rewrite Bug Normal
#4482 bad guidelines regarding usage of fckeditor_config.js Bug Normal
#4484 How to add "Insert/Edit image" custom dialog. FCKEditor 2,4.3 Bug Normal
#4485 where do i can set default target in editarea? New Feature Normal
#4486 Please Change Bold and Italic to STRONG and EM New Feature Normal
#4490 Fail to load site using it's html source code... Bug Normal
#4491 Text Style/Size - make single select Bug Normal
#4492 IE6 Image Dialog positioning Bug Normal
#4493 php tag is not working Bug Normal
#4499 Broken drop shadow on Office2003 and v2 theme Bug Normal
#4501 jQuery-UI dialog does not work with CKEditor Bug Normal
#4503 Applying the indentationChars and lineBreakChars as config properties New Feature Normal
#4506 Adding a new 'save' event Bug Normal
#4515 IE image inside DIV bug still not resolved? Bug Normal
#4520 Need an ID on iFrame Bug Normal
#4524 Inconsistent processing of custom styles IBM Pending Bug Normal
#4525 [IE6] setData problem with custom plugin IBM Bug Normal CKEditor 3.1
#4526 "Text and table" - unable to edit table Confirmed Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3
#4531 Opera: Tab key issues in dialog Opera Bug Normal
#4532 Opera: hidden field is invisible Opera Bug Normal
#4535 Opera: Check Spelling button is disabled Confirmed Opera Bug Normal
#4537 Undo unavailable after replacing content with template Confirmed IBM Bug Normal
#4538 Remove formatting not working on headers Bug Normal CKEditor 3.1
#4539 [FF] No context menu for some form elements Firefox Bug Normal CKEditor 3.1
#4541 Maximize adds extra space on non-Kama skins Bug Normal
#4544 [IE] Backspace handler on table/floated element doesn't work IE Bug Normal CKEditor 3.1
#4545 Positioning of images IE6 Bug Normal
#4550 Image thumbnails lost after loading article in the FCKeditor Bug Normal
#4551 all checked radio buttons with the same names shows checked Bug Normal
#4554 What is the ETA of dragresizetable plugin for CKEDITOR 3.x ? New Feature Normal
#4557 Ability to change a tag from the bread crumb menu New Feature Normal
#4558 Selection not picked up in dialog Bug Normal
#4559 Menus buttons width Discussion Bug Normal
#4560 Trac is really a bad system Task Normal
#4561 [IE] Unable to edit link when select the entire <a> IE Bug Normal
#4563 Context menu too small for some options and languages Bug Normal
#4564 Unable to select and change values from some form elements with Firefox Bug Normal
#4565 Unable to edit input hidden values (forms-plugin) forms Bug Normal
#4566 IE7 - setData yields this.$.innerHTML is null or not an object Pending Bug Normal
#4569 Running FCKEditor 2.6.5 on a Mac Book Pro (Leopard) Bug Normal
#4571 FCK editor wraps everything in a <p></p> tag New Feature Normal
#4572 Two page break bugs of ckeditor Bug Normal
#4578 Source editor not focused when changed to Bug Normal
#4579 CKEditor IE 7 scrollbar issue Pending Bug Normal
#4580 Hungarian language Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3
#4581 CKEditor does not work in IE 7/8 for textareas containing a bullet character · in the ID Pending Bug Normal CKEditor 3.2
#4585 Adding template does not save an undo snapshot.. IBM Bug Normal CKEditor 3.1
#4588 Implement document properties plugin Confirmed New Feature Normal
#4590 Small Clickable Area in IE7 and IE8 Bug Normal
#4591 Small Clickable Area in IE7 and IE8 Bug Normal
#4592 [IE6 IE7] Can not delete selected table cell contents. IBM Bug Normal
#4598 CKEditor rewrites expanded individual border styles incorrectly Bug Normal CKEditor 3.1
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