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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1290 unneeded <p> tags added to source Bug Normal
#1293 FCKeditor Breaks All Images in MW 1.11.0 Images MediaWiki FCKeditor Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#1294 Patch for Image parsing and dialog preview Bug Normal
#1295 incompatibility with maintenance/rebuildImages.php --missing Bug Normal
#1296 MediaWiki+FCKeditor : shared images not working shared tables interwiki Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#1297 Multi line Formatted blocks get put on one line after edit Formated text Bug Normal
#1305 Unwantend <br /> Bug Normal
#1306 'Undo' doesn't realize each step formatting the text Martin Kou Bug Normal
#1310 <pre> in Fckeditor + MediaWiki Bug Normal
#1311 Undo puts the cursor home undoing Insert Special chars Martin Kou Bug Normal
#1312 After 'Paste as plain text' cursor goes home Martin Kou Bug Normal
#1314 WebKit : Browser spell checker is always enabled WebKit Bug Normal
#1321 FCKeditor.Net: Allow ~ paths in CustomConfigurationsPath and others New Feature Normal
#1322 Speed up load by eliminating document.write New Feature Normal
#1326 Justificacion breaks Internet Explorer 6 Pending Bug Normal
#1327 FCKEditor+Mediawiki munges media: links Bug Normal
#1329 Adding border to an image causes image not to show up on the page Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#1330 Permission Error Uploading to a directory created with CKFinder CKFinder Bug Normal
#1337 AutoGrow does not account for horizontal scrollbars Bug Normal
#1338 Avoid hardcoding border width for Gecko browsers HasPatch Pending Bug Normal
#1342 Editor is not shown in Firefox 3.0a9pre Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#1343 Support for conditional compilation comments Confirmed Review+ Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal
#1345 FF: Styles are not applied to multi-cell selections Firefox Bug Normal
#1348 SVN Enter Bug in 'br' mode, with <p style="background: #somecolor"> Bug Normal
#1349 Mozilla style="-moz-style: -moz-initial" HasPatch Bug Normal
#1354 FCKEditor does not appear on Joomla admin page Pending Bug Normal
#1358 FF/Linux : Browser crash on "Browse Server" Bug Normal
#1360 need a Server:Perl component Task Normal
#1362 Fix link generated when image uploaded on server SF HasPatch Bug Normal
#1363 Ruby implementation New Feature Normal
#1364 ASP.NET control TextChanged event SF HasPatch New Feature Normal
#1365 Add hotkey info to the tool tip popups SF New Feature Normal
#1367 Cancel button SF New Feature Normal
#1368 Configurable width of Font Face combo New Feature Normal
#1369 Meta Placeholder SF New Feature Normal
#1370 Firefox 2.0 - Spell Checking - Add to Dictionary SF CantFix Firefox New Feature Normal
#1371 Getting InstanceName though iframe ID SF HasPatch New Feature Normal
#1372 [SS] Possibility to switch styles instead of combining them SF New Feature Normal
#1375 Overwrite mode in FireFox SF CantFix New Feature Normal
#1377 mediawiki + fckeditor - anchor Bug Normal
#1378 Unpredictable behaviour using Styles Pending Bug Normal
#1380 remove special characters in uploaded file URL HasPatch New Feature Normal
#1382 Links not auto-created on entermode 'br' Bug Normal
#1384 PATCH: FCKDomRange CheckStartOfBlock() Bug Normal
#1385 FCKeditor Converts to HTML on "Edit Conflict" Confirmed HasPatch Bug Normal
#1386 Linking to internal page sub-header fails Bug Normal
#1387 Create Selenium automatic test cases for list creation, removal and indentation Martin Kou Task Normal
#1394 Pasting from MS Word doesn't work in IE7 Pending Bug Normal
#1395 Problem with customizing upload folder Bug Normal
#1396 remove the Unicode Byte-Order Mark (BOM) Bug Normal
#1397 Fx formatting lost when using enter and backspace Firefox Bug Normal
#1404 Replace the this pointer with a local var for denser packing New Feature Normal
#1407 Dynamically setting link / vlink / alink doesn't work in Firefox firefox Bug Normal
#1408 connector.cgi (perl) throws xml error with dos style CR-LF newlines Confirmed Bug Normal
#1410 Category Management within FCKeditor Confirmed HasPatch Deimon New Feature Normal
#1413 perl connector quick upload does not work Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#1417 <gallery> tag is getting broken Confirmed Bug Normal
#1421 An option in config to switch on or off word wrap when viewing source New Feature Normal
#1422 Rename variables declared in single var statement Confirmed Review+ Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal
#1423 Possible Optimisation in fckeditorapi.js Bug Normal
#1425 Image parsing and dialog preview Bug Normal
#1428 immortal tags? Bug Normal
#1430 Remove the "Media" type in the filemanager Discussion Task Normal
#1432 Patch for template: line breaks in IE and documentation preview HasPatch Bug Normal
#1433 Resource types are "hard coded" for Browser ConfigAllowedTypes, Resource types, Alias Bug Normal
#1434 Resource types are "hard coded" for Browser New Feature Normal
#1437 Patch to properly handle MW Special Tags HasPatch Bug Normal
#1438 Combo Menus Don't Reposition with FitWindow Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#1439 BASE HREF tag results in _base_href attributes in other tags Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#1440 Inconsistent drag-and-drop behavior Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#1442 Make DIVs dragable New Feature Normal
#1443 Paragraphs on toggle source WorksForMe Bug Normal
#1444 Style and tags New Feature Normal
#1445 Mediawiki and FCKeditor Pending Bug Normal
#1446 Content inside TextArea disappear when switching between 2 tabs each contains fckeditor Bug Normal
#1447 Dialogs in extra browser windows not wide enough to display controls in Firefox Bug Normal
#1450 FCK API - FCKDomRange / CheckStartOfBlock & CheckEndOfBlock null pointer Bug Normal
#1453 formula function problem in mediawiki. Bug Normal
#1454 Latest update gives Fatal Error (FCKeditor::$nsToggles) Bug Normal
#1456 Cyrillic characters being corrputed Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#1457 paste from word a 3-level list Bug Normal
#1458 Mediawiki: Safari 3.0.3 preview problems Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#1459 troubleshooting with '<strong>' and '<em>' tags Bug Normal
#1460 Safari: Bug Normal
#1461 Safari: Â appears when pasting from Word Pending Bug Normal
#1463 FCKConfig.EnterMode doesn't work properly Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#1464 Unable to create <p> inside <div> (the return) Confirmed Bug Normal
#1465 corestyles/stylelabel applied on div entermode Discussion Pending New Feature Normal
#1466 SpellerPages and CGI error Pending WorksForMe Bug Normal
#1467 HTML 4.01 Strict / XHTML 1.0 Strict support lacking in regard to attributes New Feature Normal
#1468 MediaWiki+FCKeditor doesn't play nicely with HTML lists Bug Normal
#1469 MediaWiki+FCKeditor breaks repeated *'s, :'s, and #'s used for indenting Confirmed Bug Normal
#1470 A <br> is inserted when saving or hittng ENTER in summary field WorksForMe Bug Normal
#1471 Add preferences setting for "Edit Wikitext by default", while still allowing access to FCKeditor Confirmed New Feature Normal
#1473 Unable to select table cells and apply Font Size or Font Style to selected cells Bug Normal
#1476 [Firefox] Deselecting by mouse click inside of selection does not trigger GetState function of buttons. Firefox Bug Normal
#1477 In fullscreen mode, pop-up menu position relative to "content div FireFox Bug Normal
#1479 FCKeditor for MediaWiki 1.6? Bug Normal
#1480 Support for CSS text-shadow New Feature Normal
#1481 Problems with Image Alignment in Internet Explorer in Plone/Python - FCKEditor-Plone-2.4.6 Bug Normal
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