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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#4804 Context submenu left arrow not working Bug Normal
#4805 Opera: flash preview doesn't work Opera Bug Normal
#4806 [Chrome] Flash preview not fully visible Chrome Bug Normal
#4807 Setting background/text color doesn't work Confirmed Bug Normal
#4808 A question about background image in fck or ckeditor Task Normal
#4811 IE8 Ckeditor Source View, css :hover Bug Normal
#4813 Bullets not applied on single line IBM Bug Normal CKEditor 3.1
#4814 add SCAYT plugin updates to CKEditor 3.1 release Task Normal CKEditor 3.1
#4816 add WSC plugin updates to CKEditor 3.1 release Task Normal CKEditor 3.1
#4817 FCK Editor Jump IE8 BUG IE Confirmed Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3
#4818 Opera: Cannot insert new row when clicking on an empty cell Opera Bug Normal
#4819 Flash dialog properties / advanced / allow configuration of defaults New Feature Normal
#4831 No table cell submenu when only one cell in a table Bug Normal
#4832 [Chrome] Template dialog hover layout issue WebKit Bug Normal
#4833 Dialog autosizing usability issue in RTL Bug Normal
#4834 [Chrome] In RTL DIV container typing on the end is broken Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3
#4837 Updated translations for CKEditor 3.0.1 New Feature Normal CKEditor 3.1
#4838 [FF2] Image dialog, link tab layout issue Firefox Bug Normal
#4839 [FF2] Combobox not focusable Firefox2 Bug Normal
#4840 [FF2] Special character dialog SHIFT+TAB not fully working Firefox Bug Normal
#4841 Context menu rendered outside of viewport Bug Normal
#4842 Radio and checkbox dialogs layout Firefox Bug Normal
#4843 [FF] Redo not working after viewing source IBM Bug Normal
#4845 HTML parser generates wrong HTML using <li> inside <table> Bug Normal
#4846 Opera: object becomes unselected when context menu is opened Opera Bug Normal
#4847 Opera: when opening context menu, an empty paragraph is added Opera Bug Normal
#4849 Opera: right-clicking with a mouse does not select an object Opera Bug Normal
#4850 Better Maths (Tex) editting on mediawiki version of FCKeditor New Feature Normal
#4852 [FF3] Hidden input dialog layout broken in V2 skin Firefox Bug Normal
#4853 [FF3] DIV Container dialog layout broken in Office2003 skin Firefox Bug Normal
#4864 [IE] Improper caret position after inserting HR at the very end Bug Normal
#4865 Typing in source area in IE stuck with long document IE Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3
#4866 [FF] Improper caret position after deleting horizontal line Bug Normal
#4867 Unable to delete horizontal line by BackSpace key Firefox IE Bug Normal
#4868 Unnecessary div after pasting from OpenOffice Bug Normal
#4869 Cannot Create Folder & Uploaded File does not appear Bug Normal
#4872 FF: N is null after clearing browser cache Bug Normal
#4873 IE: Cannot edit content inside of a div with fixed width IE Bug Normal
#4875 Line break v. paragraph New Feature Normal
#4876 Better support for pasting text with tabs New Feature Normal
#4879 Dutch translation for CKFinder CKFinder New Feature Normal
#4887 Paste: Font face and sizes not recognised on pasted content from word IBM Bug Normal
#4888 FF2: Horizontal line breaks caret movement Firefox Bug Normal
#4894 Paste: problems with custom styles IBM Bug Normal
#4897 [IE] Paste: Some lists with alpha numberings cause problems IBM Bug Normal
#4907 Shared status bar grip layout Bug Normal CKEditor 3.1
#4908 FF2: Shared toolbar sample broken Firefox2 Bug Normal
#4909 Editable area overflows editor space when status bar in shared space WebKit Bug Normal
#4912 Spell Check Freeze Bug Normal
#4913 Add word counter New Feature Normal
#4914 Fullpage is missing docType in output Bug Normal
#4915 Adding document stylesheet in fullpage sample Task Normal
#4922 Adapters are not available in released version of CKEditor Confirmed Review+ Bug Normal CKEditor 3.1
#4925 Spell checker dialog - problem with lists and tables Review? Bug Normal
#4928 Putting each textarea in its own form in the skins sample fails in Chrome for more than 2 editor instances Chrome Bug Normal
#4929 Opera: scrollbar in Text Color / Background Color window Opera Bug Normal
#4931 Performance enhancement of getHtml Task Normal
#4935 editor not showing if web server is running on port other than the defaut port 80 Pending Bug Normal
#4936 Welsh Translation Confirmed New Feature Normal CKEditor 3.2
#4937 Link to Niche Profit Classroom website Bug Normal
#4938 Link to Niche Profit Classroom website New Feature Normal
#4941 stylesCombo_stylesSet broken in IE 8 Bug Normal
#4942 Image dialog buttons don't work in IE6 Confirmed IE6 Bug Normal
#4943 can not change color of the text in a link Bug Normal
#4947 JavaScript errors when SCAYT is enabled and PRE tag is used Confirmed Bug Normal
#4949 Inserting table column results in wrong colspan Bug Normal
#4953 SCAYT: more suggestions partially hidden behind ad Confirmed Bug Normal
#4955 Pasting images from clipboard Pending New Feature Normal
#4956 IE7 chrashes Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#4960 Safari v4+ paste from keyboard broken in fckeditor 2.6.5 Safari Bug Normal
#4961 ckeditor lost current selection under safari Bug Normal
#4965 Hidden input is being shown as a text input in IE Bug Normal
#4966 Make the anchor image configurable New Feature Normal
#4969 Quote char changed inside PRE tag Pending Bug Normal
#4970 IE selection produces incorrect range when clicking to the right of a <br /> Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#4972 Pressing Shift+Enter at the end of <li> generates invalid HTML when shiftEnterMode != ENTER_BR Bug Normal
#4977 [IE] After inserting Text and Table Template we can't go back and Type in the Template IBM Bug Normal
#4978 Text formatting buttons broken in Chrome Bug Normal
#4979 Ensure all source files are in _source directory Discussion Bug Normal
#4982 Transparent background not working Doc Bug Normal
#4984 Some statements are comma separated Discussion Task Normal
#4985 Destroy and recreate editor with htmlEncodeOutput Bug Normal
#4986 IE image prevents clicks on the button Bug Normal
#4989 Unlink button is active before the editor is being focused Bug Normal
#4990 fckdtd2js failing Bug Normal
#4991 Can't change link text color Bug Normal
#4996 Make CKEDITOR readonly New Feature Normal
#4998 Odd height on URL field in add link dialog Pending Bug Normal
#5000 FF: unable to type plain text (close link) after inserting a link Bug Normal
#5001 Safari: image dialog cannot load image attributes Confirmed Safari Bug Normal
#5003 The anti-cache timestamp is not applied on a few critical files. Bug Normal
#5006 Dutch language updates Bug Normal CKEditor 3.2
#5007 IE Standards Mode: Incorrect selection & range produced when clicking to the right of a <br /> Bug Normal
#5010 [FF] Difficult to add content after a new horizontal line IBM Bug Normal
#5013 Need a way for CKEditor to configure name format of language files IBM New Feature Normal
#5016 [IE] Scrolling problem with tables IBM Bug Normal
#5017 cannot work with firebug Pending Bug Normal
#5019 Unintended tag generation Pending Bug Normal
#5020 Inserted image not being displayed correctly on IE6 Bug Normal
#5022 Suggestion: Move functions "is()" and "getName()" to node.js Discussion Task Normal
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