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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Priority Milestone
#5745 iframedialog plugin HasPatch New Feature Normal
#5748 Textarea value editing Confirmed Bug Normal
#5749 Hierarchical Bullets unable to clear in the FCKeditor Bug Normal
#5750 Not all bullets seem to copy from word document Bug Normal
#5751 Paste As Plain Text does not behave consistently Bug Normal
#5752 Maximize with multiple editors breaks UI in Firefox 3.6 Bug Normal
#5756 Pasting block element in inline element breaks html and causes cursor panic IE Bug Normal
#5758 Aligning is buggy with enterMode BR Bug Normal
#5759 [IE] Clicking on the scrollbar and then on the host page causes a JS error Confirmed IE Review+ Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3.1
#5760 [IE] Selection is not visible when floating menus are opened IE Bug Normal
#5763 It's impossible to move under a table with enterMode br Bug Normal
#5764 Link button puts URL to left of selected text Bug Normal
#5765 Anchor with self closing tag not working Bug Normal
#5770 Bullets button may be frozen Bug Normal
#5771 IE-7 & IE-8 browse server diaolog bug Pending Bug Normal
#5776 Hebrew traslation for CKFinder 2.0 CKFinder New Feature Normal
#5779 can't edit fields in jQuery UI modal dialog HasPatch Bug Normal
#5784 Cursor dissapears after maximizing in Firefox 3.6.3 Bug Normal
#5785 Upgrading to the latest version of fckeditor Task Normal
#5786 "fckLR" inserted in reference templates breaks citations Bug Normal
#5787 liststyle plugin isn't packed Confirmed Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3.1
#5791 Cursor position after an inserted smiley Bug Normal
#5792 Setting target causes link to be inserted before selected text Bug Normal
#5793 Multi-Cell selection in IE IBM Discussion New Feature Normal
#5795 External Image URLs broken when switching between Rich and Wiki text Bug Normal
#5797 Turkish Language Task Normal CKEditor 3.4
#5798 Turkish Language Task Normal
#5800 Link-dialog bug: selected text is ignored and link is inserted before sel.text Bug Normal
#5802 Text unselecting when anchor dialog box is opened Pending Bug Normal
#5803 Inserting images in CKEditor 3.2.1 not working Bug Normal
#5805 CKEditor 3.3 shows broken image in fake elements Bug Normal
#5806 Spell Check dialog looks ugly Bug Normal
#5807 Scayt causing serious problems in Firefox 2 Confirmed Firefox Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3.1
#5808 Pasting from Word does not work (sometimes) in IE IE Bug Normal
#5813 Issue with dialog boxes in Arabic Language Oracle Bug Normal
#5814 Pasting large content in editor area freezes browser Oracle Bug Normal
#5815 JAWS is not reading the toolbar controls while navigating through arrow keys Oracle Bug Normal
#5816 don't show images in IE wrong baseHref IE Bug Normal
#5818 Editor strips the last <div> Bug Normal
#5820 Empty string appears before horizontal line Bug Normal
#5821 Cursor jumps. Actual for format 'formatted' in IE 8 Bug Normal
#5823 IE 8 reports a javascript error in editor.js IE Bug Normal
#5824 Up/down arrows stop working in editing area IBM Bug Normal
#5826 [ContentEditable] SCAYT should be disabled inside non editable elements Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.2
#5831 [ContentEditable] List creation is broken on specific situation Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4
#5835 Select-boxes not editable with Firefox 3.6.3 Bug Normal
#5837 [ContentEditable][IE] Wrong cursor position at the end of readonly element IE Bug Normal
#5838 [ContentEditable] Context menu modify readonly elements Confirmed Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4
#5840 Clicking CTRL+A inside the URL input in the Image dialog moves to the next input Confirmed Review+ Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4
#5844 config.contentsCss breaks kama skin font-size select Bug Normal
#5848 No way to add custom buttons at the bottom of the dialog when using iframedialog plugin Bug Normal
#5849 Inserting Images in IE7 Bug Normal
#5851 Get Value from CK Editor Task Normal
#5852 Image is not pasted in the FCK ediotr 2.6 when copied from word Bug Normal
#5856 CKeditor inserts blank ul's when exiting out of nested lists Bug Normal
#5857 CKEditor very slow with large content; crashes as well if SCAYT is enabled. Bug Normal
#5858 Error on ScrollIntoView HasPatch Bug Normal
#5859 Non HTML Tags will be sort next by next Pending Bug Normal
#5861 [FF] Error when double clicking on table for first time. IBM Firefox Bug Normal
#5862 SCAYT plugin removes selection in table Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.2
#5864 config.disableNativeSpellChecker = true not working in Google Chrome Bug Normal
#5865 MediaWiki FCKEditor Edit Window Frame Height New Feature Normal
#5866 IE Cursor positioning for Language:RTL style behaves differently to other browsers IBM CantFix Bug Normal
#5867 CKEditor automatically adds <br /> Bug Normal
#5868 Turning bullets on and off adds new lines to the text Bug Normal
#5869 Content in editing area overflow to edges of editor IE Bug Normal
#5870 Add ability to hide anchors in editor content (patch) HasPatch New Feature Normal
#5871 Adding new line doesn't keep format in Safari and Chrome Confirmed WebKit Bug Normal
#5872 Scrollbars on color pallet in Office 2003 skin Bug Normal
#5873 Inconsistent behavior of insertHtml in IE and FF Bug Normal
#5874 Adding anchor tag deletes related content selection Bug Normal
#5875 Java Script in source view breaking the editor while loading.. Bug Normal
#5878 Enter backspace deletes the first line in Normal <DIV> format Bug Normal
#5879 Deletion problem for parent lists Bug Normal
#5881 [FF] Up arrow at top of document inserts a paragraph Bug Normal
#5883 event.editor undefined for "keyup" event Bug Normal
#5884 switching edit view to source view and back or submitting: fckeditor eats up <p></p> Bug Normal
#5885 Disable editor in Iphone and Ipad Bug Normal
#5888 Need to add document link feature also Pending New Feature Normal
#5889 new option on "Insert Link" pop-up dialog: Rel attribute New Feature Normal
#5892 Table tab behavior interfering with customized tab behavior IBM Pending Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4
#5893 Copy/Paste in Opera displays chinese text Opera Bug Normal
#5895 ckeditor only takes dynamic default value Bug Normal
#5896 dialogDefinition.resizable not working Bug Must have (possibly next milestone)
#5898 Fullscreen bug - Firefox HasPatch Bug Normal
#5899 Already added ms word text gives issues Bug Normal
#5900 [IE7] CKEditor looses content when Google toolbar spell check button used. IBM Confirmed CantFix Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4
#5901 Firefox 3.6.4 Breaking background-image:url('foo/bar.png'); with &quot; Firefox Bug Normal
#5903 Resizing flash object causes selection display to be incorrect CantFix Bug Normal
#5904 dataReady event fires before data is actually ready Bug Normal
#5905 SCAYT Spellchecker & Dojo Toolkit Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.2
#5906 Editor is flickering when we click the Format/Font/Size control Oracle Confirmed Bug Normal
#5907 Indentation should be done with CSS2 text-indent property to support a11y IBM Bug Normal
#5908 Docs Enhancement: Plugins with dynamic URLs New Feature Normal
#5913 Wrong text updated in firefox 3.6.6 / CKEditor 3.0.1 (revision 4391) Bug Normal
#5916 Make the special character dialog extendable Confirmed New Feature Normal
#5917 How to put custom image browser?? Task Normal
#5918 BIDI: [IE8] Paragraphs with dir="rtl" display with resize handles IBM Confirmed CantFix Bug Normal
#5919 Table tab behavior and accessibility IBM Bug Normal
#5920 Prevent parsing of Custom Tags (protect tags but render anyways) Pending Task Normal
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